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Chapter 533: Chapter 533: The Iron Tree Blooms

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Chapter 533: The Iron Tree Blooms

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He stopped smirking and asked in earnest, “What’s wrong? You’re Huo Jinyan. Is there ever a time when you’re troubled?”

Huo Jinyan was silent for a moment before he finally said, “There’s something I can’t decide.’

Xia Yu’an was curious. How could someone like Huo Jinyan, who can readily make important decisions in a snap, have something he couldn’t decide on?

“Why? Is this about the company? About the family? Or about you?”

“About me.’

Huo Jinyan said in a low voice.

Xia Yu’an became even more curious.

Something related to himself, of which he couldn’t make a decision—could it be…

“Holy sh*t! You’re not thinking of committing suicide, are you!?”

Huo Jinyan:

After a while, when he heard his lack of reaction, Xia Yu e an was relieved to realize that was not it.

“Huo Jinyan, is there something you want?” Xia Yu’an made a guess.

Huo Jinyan exhaled slowly before saying, “Yes.”

Xia Yu’an felt that it was fascinating. There’s actually something which Huo Jinyan could not get his hands on?

However, he still comforted him. “Huo Jinyan, do you remember what you said to me?”

Huo Jinyan thought for a moment. “Get lost.”

Xia Yu’an: ” . . . No, not that one, though that phrase is probably the most common.”

Huo Jinyan did not speak, but Xia Yu’an spoke softly.

“You told me that there are some things which, if you don’t fight for them, then people will really think you don’t care for them.”

Huo Jinyan was stunned and was hit hard by these words.

Xia Yu’an continued, “l don’t know what exactly it is that you desire, but you were the one who told me this. I did as you said and fought for it, and now I’ve succeeded. Huo Jinyan, why don’t you give it a shot?”

Huo Jinyan lowered his eyes and looked at the bracelet on his wrist.

Giving it a shot…

Hearing the silence on the other end, Xia Yu’an had a thought. He was astounded and inadvertently blurted out, “President Huo, don’t tell me you’re afraid?”

Xia Yu’an was really shocked. When had he ever seen Huo Jinyan afraid? After all, his entire presence seemed to emanate unwavering poise!

However, this time, he actually heard Huo Jinyan speak. He only uttered a single word very, very softly, “Yes.”

Xia Yu’an:

He was so stunned that he forgot how to speak. He gaped his mouth a few times, unable to say anything.

Hearing that he was not saying anything else, Huo Jinyan prepared to hang up.

However, he heard Xia Yu e an suddenly yell, “Huo Jinyan, charge!’

Huo Jinyan:

Smack—the call ended.

However, this time, Xia Yu’an did not call back. Instead, he paced around the room very uneasily.

He kept repeating, “F*ck! F*ck! F*ck!”

“What is it that Huo Jinyan is afraid of? What can possibly unsettle that Huo


He muttered to himself in the room.

“Plus, it’s not related to the company, but to himself! F*ck, what can it be?!”

In a flash, he thought of a certain possibility.

“F*ck! No way! Could that bastard Huo Jinyan be…

“He must be in love!”

Thinking of this, he became even more excited.

“Oh my god, oh my god! This is big news! Isn’t this f*cking big news?! That ten-thousand-year-old iron tree is about to bloom???”

“What kind of girl is she, to be able to even move someone as cold as Huo Jinyan! F*ck! I have to go back and take a look! I have to go back! I have to go back now! F*ck, I really can’t wait!”

He muttered to himself, as if he was the one falling in love.

He was hopping up and down and did not seem calm at all..

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