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Chapter 535: Chapter 535: I Know Everything

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Chapter 535: I Know Everything

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Lu Ning turned around and sat down. “It’s nothing.”

As soon as she finished speaking, she took out her phone and sent a message.

Lu Qing glanced at her and could not help but frown in confusion.

When they arrived at the school gate, Lu Ning got out of the car. Only then did Lu Qing notice that there were a few people on the other side of the road, cameras in hand and taking photos when they saw Lu Ning. They were laughing as they took the photos.

Stunned, he subconsciously frowned and called out to Lu Ning.

“Ningning, come here,”

Lu Ning was slightly taken aback She sat over and looked at him.

Lu Qing pointed at the people opposite.

Lu Ning looked over.

Sensing Lu Nings gaze, they even waved at her.

Seeing this, Lu Qing immediately asked, “You know them?”

“No, I don’t.’

Lu Qing: ?

“But they’re saying hello to you.”

Lu Ning raised her hand and waved in greeting.

The other parties immediately laughed excitedly.

“They’re fans, don’t worry about it. They can take whatever photos they want.”

As soon as she finished speaking, she turned around and walked into the school. Lu Qing glanced at the few people on the opposite side of the road— they simply smiled happily while taking photos of her. They did not do much and did not even walk over.

Lu Qing did not care about it anymore.

In fact, these people were Lu Nings fan club and the custodian sister.

They had been taking photos for a few days. Interestingly, for celebrities it was photos of them going to work, whereas for Lu Ning it was photos of her going to school.

When Lu Ning found out about this, the fan club had also sent her a private message to ask if she minded. They also promised not to disturb her and to only take photos.

Lu Ning did not mind and agreed.

They meant what they said and took photos without disturbing her.

When Lu Ning walked into the classroom, she realized that most of her classmates were lying on their desks or holding their foreheads. They all looked uncomfortable.

Upon closer inspection, they were all members of the stage play. They all looked tipsy and unwilling to get up at this moment.

Lin Ci was sprawled on her desk weakly.

Lu Ning walked in. She was feeling much better.

Lin Ci moved slightly and glanced at her. “You’re here.”

Lu Ning could not help but laugh when she heard her hopeless tone.

Lu Ning also leaned on the table and looked at her.

“Do you remember what I did yesterday?”

Lin Ci tried her best to roll her eyes. “l don’t even know what I did.”

Lu Ning looked at her exasperated expression, smiled, and stopped asking.

“Are you feeling bad? I’ll go get some medicine for you from Gu Chen.”

Lin Ci sighed. “No need. Let’s go together after class.”

Lu Ning turned around and looked at the fallen people. She could not help but find it funny.

Fortunately, the entire class was not wiped out.

When Huo Jinyan walked in and saw this scene, he was shocked.

When they felt Huo Jinyan walk in, they forced themselves to sit up and took out their textbooks.

Looking at Lin CVs condition, Lu Ning turned over to help her take out her textbook and turn the pages.

Lin Ci wanted to give her a thumbs up, but after trying for a long time, she only raised a hand. Lu Ning hurriedly pressed it down. “Alright, I understand,

I understand.’

Lin Ci raised her eyebrows in thanks.

She really looked like she had it worse than everyone else.

The main reason was because she moved the most last night, rolling and bouncing around. Even on the way back, in Lu Qings car, she did not stop.

However, Lin Ci had forgotten all these. She could only feel the pain exploding in her body.

Huo Jinyan glanced at them. The class was going even slower than usual, probably to give these people who were not feeling too well time to digest the material.

However, even if he spoke slowly, they really could not take it in. They could not even take notes properly..

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