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Chapter 536: Chapter 536: I Don’t Remember Either

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Chapter 536: I Don’t Remember Either

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The bunch of them only wanted to quickly lie on their desks and sleep.

Fortunately, the lesson ended very quickly.

The moment Huo Jinyan stepped out of the door, they all plopped down on their desks.

The other students who did not understand were stunned.

Lu Ning was the only one who seemed more normal.

“Sister Ning, where did you all go last night? Did you get into a fight with someone?”

Lu Ning smiled helplessly. “That’s not it, we went to a gathering after rehearsal and had some drinks.’

“Just how much did you all drink? Why are they like this?”

They looked at the fallen group in disbelief.

Lu Ning smiled in embarrassment. “1 don’t remember either. I also drank too much.’

“But you look the most normal among them.”

Before Lu Ning could say anything, the bell rang.

Everyone returned to their seats, and most of the people in Class 9 were like zombies. They struggled to sit up and stared blankly at their own desks.

Teacher Shen was shocked when she entered.

“What’s wrong? Did you all stay up late?”

They shook their heads and took out their textbooks slowly.

Teacher Shen shook her head helplessly and smiled. “Can the class rep come and write these questions up for me?”

Fortunately, the math class representative did not participate in the ‘Drinking Operation’. She was in good spirits, so she got up and went over.

He was copying the questions on the podium, and the students below had already begun to take notes.

The group from the ‘Drinking Operation’ were slower to react. They peered around to their left and right before taking out their notebooks, looking at the blackboard, and taking notes sluggishly.

However, every time they wrote, they would pause for a long time, as if their minds could not catch up.

Lin Ci felt her arms hurt, so she was unwilling to raise them. She held the pen in her hand and scrawled on the notebook like a zombie.

Lu Ning took a few glances and really could not understand what she was writing. It only seemed like she was drawing a bunch of caterpillars.

Seeing that she was really hopeless, Lu Ning took her pen away. “Forget about it, copy my notes when you feel better. Don’t force yourself. It’s fine if you just pay attention in class.”

Lin Ci nodded. When she looked at her, she was so touched that she was about to cry.

Lu Ning smiled and patted her shoulder. “Alright, listen to the class.”

Lin Ci looked up at the blackboard. The class representative had already copied all the questions on the blackboard.

“I’m done, Teacher.’

“Okay, go back to your seat.”

Teacher Shen glanced down and rapped on the blackboard with her textbook. “Everyone, pay attention and remember these. They’re all compulsory questions for the exam. You have to completely understand them!”

Lu Ning had already noted them down. When she did, she realized that these questions were all on the test papers which Teacher Shen had given her.

After saying that, Teacher Shen suddenly turned to look at Lu Ning. “Lu Ning, you do them.”

After a start, Lu Ning stood up.

“Come to the podium.”

The surrounding students were puzzled. Lu Ning walked out and stood in front of Teacher Shen.

“Why don’t you explain these questions?”

Lu Ning:

Why did she call for me?

Teacher Shen looked at her with a much gentler expression.

“l saw your homework. Your steps were very clear and well presented, so I just want you to share how you did it with your classmates. Here.”

Teacher Shen walked down and asked her to step up.

Lu Ning felt her head begin to hurt again.

She walked up and took a stick of chalk from the teacher. She raised her hand to the blackboard, and really began to explain the solutions.

Teacher Shen nodded repeatedly as she watched from the side.

Huo Jinyan had arrived at some point and was standing outside the door, listening..

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