Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1017

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Chapter 1017: 1017

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Tianming immediately made two judgments. The first was that nobody else could track him like Huiyue Hai, for this was a totem's ability. Second, as long as Huiyue Hai was alive, Tianming would never have peace on the Divine Moon Realm, nor would he be able to return to the Flameyellow Continent. Most importantly, the longer he was on the run, the more pursuers he would have. Tianming wouldn't be able to escape if Huiyue Hai could call for help quickly enough. Most importantly, Huiyue Hai was already standing before him, so Tianming would hardly have a chance to run like last time.

"You two vile lovers actually dared to mess with a girl of the Huiyue Clan. I'll keep you alive, Li Tianming, but I'll slay that vixen on Shishi's behalf!"

That was hardly surprising. Huiyue Hai had disliked them from the very beginning. It didn't have anything to do with Tianming's genius; it was just his hubris for his perceived superiority as a member of the divine moonrace. Tianming was a huge target, especially after destroying Huiyue Jie's bane-ring. Given Huiyue Hai's claim as Huiye Shi's guardian, he had all the more reason to win back her honor. As for Tianming taking revenge once he grew powerful, he wasn't concerned about that at all, for Tianming was as good as dead now. He wasn't a member of the clan leader's branch, after all, so he didn't have any connections with the likes of Sovereign Xi's faction.

Huiyue Hai immediately struck, one hand heading for Tianming's neck and the other slapping toward Feiling's head without holding back in the slightest. Her head would be obliterated if the slap connected.

Tianming furrowed his brow and made his decision in a fraction of an instant. I'll kill him! There was simply no other way. If he couldn't escape now, things would only get worse. Not only would he be forced to remain because of his talent, but Feiling wouldn't be safe either. Not to mention, the moment the divine moonrace found out the true extent of his talent, he would be killed for sure.

He hadn't expected Huiyue Hai would have such a tracking method at his disposal. Otherwise, Yuehe wouldn't have trusted him to monitor Tianming in the first place. If he didn't act now, Feiling would be in a dire situation. Since nobody else was in the surroundings, Tianming could go all out. The only reason he was able to reach such heights now was that he had never squandered any of his potential and took deathly risks.

First, he pushed Feiling behind him and summoned all of his lifebound beasts. Xian Xian quickly spread its roots through the battlefield as the other three manifested. Though Meow Meow had been sleeping, it immediately raged and turned into the Regal Chaosfiend upon hearing that someone was trying to kill Feiling, and used Chaos Disaster as Huiyue Hai approached. A gigantic bolt of black lightning filled with the power of bane text struck Huiyue Hai's body.

"How arrogant. Do you think you stand a chance against me? I've fought more battles than the days you've been alive!" Huiyue Hai said with an arrogant smile. He had been holding back since the day Tianming defeated his son. Now that Tianming was resisting him, he let his rage fuel him, not worried in the least that he would be chewed out for using his full power against a junior. He had never thought himself inferior to Huiyue Du, whose totems were primalsea fiends. He was just younger and hadn't trained as long. Not to mention, his primalblitz fiends were powerful as well.

When Chaos Disaster came blasting toward him, five primalblitz fiends manifested from his totems. The electric purple giants all stood two hundred meters tall. They resembled primalsea fiends, but had much larger arms that each held a whip-like lightning bolt around five hundred meters long. Any strike from those lightning whips would result in an explosion!

One of the primalblitz fiends came charging toward Feiling. Though it was much larger than Meow Meow, the feline beast was filled with confidence. When the fiend attempted to open its mouth to blast purple lightning at the cat’s Chaos Disaster, Blitzbane, Worldbolt Blast activated, causing the lightning from Meow Meow's attack to explode and damage the fiend. Lifebound beast abilities were rather effective on totems, as was evident by the arm the fiend lost in the exchange.

Huiyue Hai was quite surprised at the result, but that wasn’t too far off from Tianming's strength, thanks to his Aeonic Grandbane. Ying Huo, Lan Huang, and Xian Xian had also proven themselves more than capable of fighting totems. Ying Huo excelled at penetration and Xian Xian excelled at draining, both of which were effective ways of dealing damage. As for Lan Huang, it could take a lot of punishment and barely break a sweat; almost nothing could harm it. Yet when Meow Meow's Blitzbane finally activated, even someone at the Hexaunity Sky level, like Huiyue Hai, had to be wary.

Tianming was pleasantly surprised by Meow Meow's capabilities. It was the progenitor of all lightning beasts, and primalblitz fiends also shared the same element. There was no way the purple lightning bolts could be stronger than Chaos Disaster. The first exchange really boosted Tianming's confidence.

He started off with the four cardinal godswords as his beasts made their assault. Standing at the front, Tianming waved the Grand-Orient Sword and guided the Eastdivinity Acme, Westvoid Progenifiend, Southsky Chaospit, and Northapex Perpetuity to attack Huiyue Hai.

At the same time, Feiling hid inside Xian Xian's Radiant Daffodil. Though she was safe and protected there, she didn't just sit there doing nothing. Her abilities could still be utilized from a distance. Almost immediately, Temporal Fields layered on Huiyue Hai and a Temporal Lock manifested on him. Not to mention, Millennium Fort also started forming around him.

While she could no longer use Spiritual Attachment, she had gained many new tricks. She wasn't any less helpful than she used to be, especially with Xian Xian in the picture. The two of them were able to achieve impressively fine control over the battlefield, which heavily pressured Huiyue Hai from the start. Though he had a lot of power, his attacks seemed to land in pits of mud. In fact, he noticed that Tianming was much faster than him, something he wouldn't have believed if he hadn't experienced it himself.

There's another person that wants Feiling's life! Why are you people all so messed up? Is it so hard to treat a pretty girl like her nicely?! Tianming just didn't understand. She was perfect in his eyes. The fact that she ended up a target every time because of him made him even madder. Strong as a sixth-level ascendant was, he wouldn't go down without a fight thanks to his rage.

"Gooo!!" Tianming roared and charged in with his lifebound beasts. He cared not how many totems his enemy had, but merely fought. Xian Xian's roots came bursting out of the ground toward the primalblitz fiends as countless Radiant Vines came raining down on them from the sky. The vines also had a power to weaken totems. At the same time, countless Bloodrain Swords showered down on them and exploded. As for Evernight Curse, its use was more limited on hardy totems like these.

On top of that, Feiling even used her Trilife Mirror on Huiyue Hai, limiting his abilities even more. Huiyue Hai took out a spear called the Ninering Blitzdragon. It was a long spear with nine rings, each one exploding with lightning. In terms of power, it looked no weaker than the Kilostar Photondragon.

Feeling intensely annoyed, he roared as Tianming and Ying Huo came charging toward him from front and back. Up in the air, Meow Meow avoided the whips of the primalblitz fiends and got into position, gathering countless lightning bolts on its body using its Ninefold Chaos Thunderscape. It also used Misty Hellthunder and Myriad Thundernet to trap one of the enemy totems. Then it used Soulchasing Hellthunder, allowing the attack to conduct through the fiend straight toward Huiyue Hai. The fiend howled and struggled with rage. If it weren’t for Blitzbane, Worldbolt Blast, Meow Meow's abilities wouldn't be able to have that kind of effect on enemies five levels above it.

"Cat Bro is so badass!" Lan Huang said, looking on with his blood boiling. In comparison, its moves were far simpler than the flashy moves of its siblings. It merely charged and slammed its claw toward Huiyue Hai before seeking out another fiend. No matter how many bolts of lightning the fiend had, Lan Huang bit it and began clawing at it. With Xian Xian's Radiant Vines and Meow Meow's abilities, it didn't have to worry about attacks from the rear, either. Not to mention, with how tough its defenses were, the primalblitz fiends posed far less of a threat than the bloomoon skyfiends had.

Tianming, Feiling, and his four beasts had too many tricks up their sleeves. Huiyue Hai was pummeled so badly that he was almost vomiting blood from rage, and even then it would be useless against Tianming's Hadean Reincarnation when executed together with his four cardinal godswords. All four twenty-meter-long swords came thrusting toward him. Amidst all that chaos, Ying Huo hitched a ride on the Eastdivinity Acme and came slashing toward the divine moonrace stalker. 

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