Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1035

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Chapter 1035: 1035

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A five-centuries old crone who had countless other men in her harem.... Putting aside whether or not Feiling would be fine with that, even Tianming felt a little gross at the mere notion. However, he had no choice, considering that Ye Lingfeng and Huiye Shi's matters depended on it. He had to take that dangerous path. Not to mention, based on what had happened to Huiyue Jie, it was no longer a simple matter of his personal integrity.

"If I'm alone, I'll be able to enter the Prime Tower as a last-ditch effort to keep myself safe. It's a divine artifact from Perpetia, so even Sovereign Xi should have a hard time breaking it. While I couldn't really train in Prime Tower back then, now I can use the wondersky gate to train on Violetglory Star instead. The Prime Tower can also absorb the necessary stellunar source I need. That way, I can just hide away if anything goes wrong." After more thought, Tianming made his decision. This was the safest choice he had.

"Don't worry, Ling'er. If Little Li ever does something to disappoint you, I'll mobilize my brothers to beat him up!" Xian Xian said, haughtily standing above Tianming's head.

"That's easy. If that old witch wants to defile him, we'll retreat into the Prime Tower like a tortoise. If she's that desperate, she can satisfy herself using the tip of the tower," Ying Huo joked.

It was too insulting, even for it. With Ying Huo and the rest around, Feiling wasn't too worried. After all, their relationship was a pure and plain one. She was only concerned that Tianming would be forced to do what Sovereign Xi wanted. As long as Tianming went away, she wouldn't be there to watch him, and that was always worrying. However, she didn't want her worry to dampen Tianming's enthusiasm for saving Ye Lingfeng. All she could do was trust him, so they came to a decision after a short discussion.

"Ling'er, trust me." He held her hand tight in his.

"Of course I will. However, it's going to be dangerous either way. You must always be prepared."

"Okay." He could only embark on this path alone. "After I head to Divine Moon Skycity, bring Huiye Shi to the Flameyellow Continent and don't come back for now, lest she gets into trouble again."


He didn't want to leave anything for his enemies to take advantage of. "Let's go to Huiyue City first."

Soon, they reached the outskirts of the city; it was about time for them to part. Once he went in, there was no saying when he would return. Though he stepped forward, he still turned back. The last time he had infiltrated the Huiyue Clan, he only wanted to use them to further his own cultivation. Not to mention, Feiling was by his side then. But this time around, there was no saying whether he'd live or die. Nobody could predict what the sovereign would do, so Feiling wouldn't be accompanying him. It would be just like the time he entered the Kilostar Domain. All she could do was wait for him. Tianming believed that she was definitely feigning how relaxed she looked.

"Big Brother, what's wrong?" she pretended to ask.

"Come, give me a hug." He opened his arms wide.

"Okay!" She ran straight into his arms and they enjoyed each other's presence as much as they could. "You have to stay safe, you hear me?"

"Of course. I haven't been through all I have for nothing."

"You can't be corrupted, either. Never let her touch you."

"Nonsense. Do you think a five-hundred-year-old crone can possibly take me down? Even you, someone whose age seems to be infinite, haven't taken me yet."

"Idiot! You're infinitely old!" Feiling was laughing so hard tears came out.

Tianming stroked her hair and pinched her face. "You're the real idiot. Don't you know that I'm a picky eater? There's only one dish in this world I'll eat, and it's called Jiang Feiling."

"That's right! I won't let you eat any soggy ancient spinach. I'll beat her up if I have a chance," she said, gritting her teeth.

Hearing her vent, Tianming felt much better. Love was always selfish, to some degree, so mutual respect was important. No matter how seductive or beautiful someone was, they could never hope to match up against someone who had gone through bliss and hardship with them.

"See you, seventeen-year-old brat," she said, waving him away as her long hair fluttered in the wind.

"See you, infinitely old crone!" Tianming said from afar before finally disappearing in the glow of the moon.

Feiling stood there for a long, melancholic moment after he was out of sight.

"Ling'er, do we leave right after Huiye Shi comes out?" Lin Xiaoxiao asked.

"I don't really want to go back. You should take her back for me," Feiling said, biting her lip.

"What about you?"

"I want to go to the Divine Moon Skycity. Even if I'm just waiting outside, I want to be as close to him as possible. That way I can help him when he needs me the most," she said resolutely with her hands tightly clenched.

"You have my support!" Lin Xiaoxiao said passionately.

"What kind of support?"

"We'll beat up those vixens that dare to steal a taken man!"


Underneath the moonlight, Tianming waved toward Huiyue City, causing an uproar almost immediately.

"Quick, let him in!"

"Inform Granny Yuehe and Prince Fengyue immediately!"

Tianming was immediately guided inside by a large group of people. The divine moonrace that used to look down on him a lot suddenly took on a respectful tone. Many even bowed, fearful of offending him even the slightest bit, and all of that was due to the fact that he had caught the attention of Sovereign Xi.

How much must their empress like him if she even spread the word all across the Divine Moon Realm for his sake alone? Even though it was said that pets of the sovereign usually stopped showing up in public after joining the harem, they would at least have public appearances with the sovereign before they hit the age of fifty. Their mistress's power and authority also rubbed off on them.

Once he was back, the first one to receive him was Yuehe.

"How’s Huiye Shi doing?" Tianming asked.

"She's fine! She's doing well, in fact!" Yuehe answered. Based on her tone of voice, Tianming could tell that she didn't suspect him to be behind Huiyue Jie's death at all.

"To be honest, whether she lives or not isn't my concern. However, I've already caused her a lot of grief once, so I think she's suffered enough. Release her immediately now that I'm back," he said expressionlessly.

"I’ll arrange for her freedom to be restored immediately!"


"Please, come this way." Though she wanted to take him to Prince Fengyue immediately, he had already come over himself.

"So you’re Li Tianming?" Prince Fengyue said, looking him up and down.

"Yes, I am."

"Did you kill Huiyue Hai, a sixth-level ascendant?"

"He wanted to kill me, so I returned the favor. Is there a problem with that?"

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