Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 105

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Chapter 105: - Not Bad At All, Huh?

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Sadly, Wei Lingxuan’s words fell on deaf ears, as Wei Guohao had already channeled his Devilblue Incantation. The flow of his blood reversed, and his veins turned from red to a dark blue. The change had not only empowered his aura, but also shrouded him in a devilish ki.

“What on earth is that?” Li Tianming could tell that it was some kind of a special technique, unlike any battle arts or cultivation technique he had seen before. In fact, it reminded him of his own Godsouled Canon.

“It’s the Devilblue Incantation, a taboo technique. Stop him, it‘ll harm him greatly when he uses it!” Wei Lingxuan screamed in tears. Even Wei Qingyi was ignorant of what was happening; clearly, only the siblings knew about this.

Li Tianming had no idea how to stop it. He had heard of taboo techniques though, and they were a type of forbidden special techniques known to be extremely cruel or had unforgiving side-effects. Clearly, it shouldn’t have been used since it was forbidden, but Wei Guohao had used it anyway. As a member of a reputable clan, he shouldn’t have possessed such a technique in the first place. What the Devilblue Incantation did was to strengthen Wei Guohao, like how Ling’er strengthened others with her Spiritual Attachment. But unlike the attachment, Wei Guohao would suffer from the aftermath of using this technique.

Li Tianming could sense that with Wei Guohao’s skin turning dark blue, his killing intent had increased by an entire order of magnitude!

“Haha, Li Tianming. Today, you die!” Wei Guohao’s blue face wrenched into a distorted laughter.

“For what? Losing is part of life, and it’s not like I have any animosity with you. If you choose to destroy yourself just to defeat me today, it only goes to show that you are not worthy of this victory!” Li Tianming frowned. Wei Guohao’s actions only made Li Tianming scorn him even further. He was twenty years old, yet he had no idea how to be responsible for himself? It was no wonder why Wei Tiancang felt that the junior generation was inadequate. Cultivation levels aside, their mentality and their attitude just didn’t make the cut.

“I just want you dead.” Wei Guohao grinned. He was no doubt aiming to kill! Under the influence of the Devilblue Incantation, the devilish ki that Wei Guohao was now exuding was unlike Li Tianming had ever felt before. If they were to engage directly, then Li Tianming might even die from this battle. Wei Guohao was as strong as a ninth level Spiritsource right now!

“Die!” Wei Guohao struck towards him once again as the stone bridge trembled, almost shattering under the tremendous force!

But at the very next second, Wei Guohao collapsed onto the floor, a stone-faced elder in white robes appearing right behind him. Li Tianming heaved a sigh of relief. The elder was giving off a powerful aura, and his icy-cold expressions couldn’t hide the stubborn look he was showing. He was Li Tianming’s grandfather, the Potentate of Heaven’s Sanctum, Wei Tiancang! Who would have thought that the fight right outside the Wei Manor had caused him to intervene? He hadn’t spoken a single word, but his expression was enough to make Wei Lingxuan and the other Wei disciples kneel on the floor, while trembling the whole time.

“Grandpa, please save third brother. He obtained the Devilblue Incantation in the Abyssal Battlefield, and he told me not to tell anyone about it…” Wei Lingxuan was in tears, knowing that they were in trouble.

Wei Tiancang didn’t utter a word. He picked up Wei Guohao, propping him against the pillar of the bridge as he began to channel his own power. A mysterious power made up of countless white threads began to flow into Wei Guohao’s body from his hand. The seething devilish power began to still, and the blue colour on Wei Guohao’s skin also began to fade gradually, although quite some time would be needed before the ominous blue would recede entirely.

“What’s going on?!” Just then, another group of people emerged from the Wei Manor, which included the Flameyellow Chancellor Wei Tianxiong, the Hall Overseer Wei Zikun and the Guardian of Sanctions Wei Qing. Evidently, the outburst of devilish ki had caught everyone’s attention.

The first thing they saw was a gravely injured Wei Guohao, a bleeding and crying Wei Lingxuan, and a bunch of traumatised juniors.

“Guohao, what happened to Guohao!”

“Devilblue Incantation? But how would he know that?”

Wei Tianxiong was taken aback too. He dared not disturb his father, so he could only look towards Wei Lingxuan. He had just arrived and didn't know about the events that had just transpired. That was true for Wei Qing and Wei Zikun as well. The latter had also spotted Li Tianming and Jiang Feiling, who had ended the spiritual attachment and was looking on nervously. The Wei Clan weren’t exactly looking all that friendly, and she was afraid they might punish Li Tianming.

On the other side of the stone bridge, many supernal mentors had been startled by the commotion and arrived as well. Vice-Potentate Mu Yang was the fastest of them all, as he had just sent off Sage Chen when he noticed the events here. There were seven supernal mentors here, including Qin Shi, Liu Xueyao, Zhao Tianchen, and Feng Wuguang. Out of them, Zhao Tianchen was Wei Guohao’s mentor, and his expression had changed the moment he saw Wei Guohao’s injuries. However, after realising that Wei Tiancang was tending to his disciple, he could only stand at one side.

“Lingxuan, what happened?” Mu Yang knew that they were waiting for Li Tianming here, but it was normal for juniors to get into fights anyway. However, he didn’t expect Wei Guohao to make such a mistake.

“I…” With everyone’s sight on her, Wei Lingxuan tensed up.

“Third brother got the Devilblue Incantation from the Abyssal Battlefield, and he said he would only use it in life-threatening situations. He didn’t let me tell anyone… wah…” Wei Lingxuan broke down in tears towards the end, but it was enough for the onlookers to know that the devilish ki came from Wei Guohao’s Devilblue Incantation.

“The Devilblue Incantation is a forbidden technique that brings no one any good, and it is the last thing anyone should be using,” Mu Yang said.

“Why would Guohao use the Devilblue Incantation here?” The chancellor was puzzled, especially seeing that both his son and daughter were injured.

“Third brother… third brother was defeated by him, and he also insulted third brother. Therefore, third brother couldn’t tolerate him…” Wei Lingxuan pointed in Li Tianming’s direction, but dared not look towards him.

“Are you out of your mind?” Wei Tianxiong spat. Wei Guohao defeated by Li Tianming, and even resorted to the Devilblue Incantation? Were they all hallucinating en masse?

“Lingxuan, what are you even talking about? Li Tianming can only bully fifteen-year-old kids, how could he possibly overcome Guohao?” Wei Zikun frowned. He was already in a bad mood recently since Mu Wan had just rejected his proposal. If Mu Yang wasn’t the vice-potentate, then he could probably be more forceful about it, but...

Anyway, Li Tianming was no longer within his jurisdiction ever since he entered the sanctum. Even if the boy had perfect synchronization, Wei Zikun knew what Li Tianming was capable of and what he wasn’t.

“No, father. His lifebound beast took down sis Xuan, and when brother Hao tried to intervene, he defeated brother Hao as well. Brother Hao had no choice but to use the Devilblue Incantation...” Wei Qingyi added.

“What rubbish...” Wei Zikun was taken aback.

“Uncle Kun, Qingyi speaks the truth.”

“We don’t know how he managed to defeat brother Guohao either.”

“It must be because of Princess Ling’s Spiritual Attachment...”

Even if no one would believe Wei Lingxuan at first, when all of the juniors validated her point, the bridge fell into a dead silence. Li Tianming could feel the pressure as all the seniors turned their eyes to him.

“You can’t blame me for that. It's his fault that he's too weak. Besides, it’s not like he showed me any chance when he was laughing at me, and how was I supposed to know he had that whatever Devilblue Incantation thing?” Li Tianming pouted as he insisted his innocence. However, he did not deny the part about him defeating Wei Guohao.

“How did you do that?” Zhao Tianchen, who was Wei Guohao’s mentor, asked.

“Not me, it was my brother who did it. Oh, and also Ling’er, since without her I would be beaten to a pulp. If you wanna seek the culprit, look for the two of them…” Li Tianming pointed at Jiang Feiling and the little chick.

“Ha, even you got sold out this time.” The little chick threw a pitiful look at Jiang Feiling, before it turned its angry gaze to Li Tianming.

Everyone knew that Jiang Feiling’s Spiritual Attachment could make Li Tianming stronger, but even that had its limits. To defeat Wei Guohao, who was eighth level Spiritsource with a seven-star beast, Li Tianming needed to be at least seventh level even with the help of Spiritual Attachment!

But just half a month ago, when he had first entered Heaven’s Sanctum, wasn’t he on par with Lin Xiaoxiao? Wasn’t this a bit too overblown for a miracle?

“Don’t listen to his bullshit, the Flameyellow Rock gave him an opportunity today and he improved by two levels,” Mu Yang said calmly. But as he looked towards Li Tianming, Li Tianming could see the wink and the thumbs-up covered by his sleeve.
That's a good sign. Mu Yang should settle the rest for him, and at least the Wei Clan shouldn’t be looking for trouble with him. But what he didn’t expect was the seniors’ change of attitudes towards him.

“This Li Tianming really improved a lot.”

“Remember when no one wanted him back at the Hall of Ancestry? Looks like he really is going to become the Vice-Potentate’s disciple now.”

The sulkiest of them all was still Zhao Tianchen. He even mocked Li Tianming back then when he found out about Li Tianming’s perfect synchronization, and Li Tianming had promised to make him take back his words. Now, just half a month later, his prided disciple was defeated.

“Supernal Mentor Zhao, who was it that called my bloodline trash and unworthy? Guess your own disciple isn’t much better.” The little chick did not resist the urge to chip in.

Zhao Tianchen didn’t know how to retaliate to that, so he could only stare at Li Tianming and say, “Mind your own lifebound beast.”

“Haha, sure.” Li Tianming replied with a cold smile.

Other than the moody Zhao Tianchen, Wei Zikun was equally sullen. Ever since he found out Li Tianming was Wei Jing’s son, he had regretted bringing Li Tianming into Heaven’s Sanctum. Now he just felt like he had shot himself in the feet.

As for the crowd, they just stared on in disbelief. “Why would the Flameyellow Rock bless him with such an opportunity?”

Wei Guohao’s father, Wei Tianxiong, took a deep breath. “Not bad, Li Tianming.”

“Not bad at all, huh?” Li Tianming smiled, evoking further grunts from the juniors, a clear indication that they no longer dared to provoke him now.

“You now have abilities that match up to your age, and to our Wei Clan bloodline.” Wei Tianxiong squinted his eyes.

Was this supposed to be a compliment? Everyone here, the supernal mentors included, knew that Li Tianming was Wei Jing’s son. What could Wei Tianxiong’s words imply?

Mu Yang glanced at the side. While everyone was talking about Li Tianming, the Potentate Wei Tiancang was still healing Wei Guohao with his head lowered.

“Did he hear all of that?” Mu Yang knew this was Li Tianming’s best chance.

The best chance for Wei Jing to live.

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