Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1181

Published at 22nd of February 2022 06:39:00 AM

Chapter 1181

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Chapter 1181 - Save The Little Fish


As part of a superior race on the sun, Weisheng Moran was naturally a cut above the Weisheng clan in the chaos skyjail. She would be a god in the eyes of all beings in the chaos skyjail. Having decided on developing in the Myriad Solar Sects, Tianming certainly knew which was the Weisheng clan’s most powerful force. 

Of the Myriad Solar Sects, six thousand were structured like a sect, about three thousand like a dynasty, and around a thousand like a great clan. The top ten on the myriad sect ranking was dominated by forces that were established as a sect, but the Dreamless Celestial Nation, which ranked first, was a dynasty. 

The dreamless celestial emperor was the ruler of the Dreamless Celestial Nation. Rumor had it that the dreamless celestials were one of the top three powerhouses on the sun, rivaling most members of the Sky Palace. The main race that made up the nation was the dreamless celestials, and Weisheng Moran, who temporarily ranked first on the imperial star ranking, was one of them. 

Tianming didn’t understand the Dreamless Celestial Nation, much less the dreamless celestials. But he knew that the gorgeous woman in front of him was Weisheng Moran—his top competitor and a popular candidate of the Sky Palace. 

“Won’t you be honest? Is your heart pounding? Few men are calm in the face of a woman like her. Stop lying to yourself," Yu Ziqian snickered. They were rushing toward the tomb, yet this guy was prattling on. 

"Why are you so annoying?" Tianming glared at him. 

“You’re serious!" Yu Ziqian suddenly burst into laughter. 


"You really don't know! That young lady might be beautiful but if she whips it out from her skirt, she might be bigger than you." Yu Ziqian convulsed with laughter. 

"What do you mean?" Tianming glanced back. The woman dressed in green had an exquisite figure and bewitching curves. Just a glance was enough to know her body would feel good to touch. How could she have a third leg? 

“The dreamless celestials are the most incredible race I have ever come across. They’re all both male and female. She might look female from the front, but underneath their hair is a man’s face. If she confronts you with that face, her physical characteristics become male. Do you know what I mean? If you marry a woman from the dreamless celestials, you’ll be fucked at the flip of her hair." Yu Ziqian laughed so hard he was almost out of breath. 


"No way." Tianming couldn't help turning around. The young lady appeared so gentle. How could she be a man? But when the other men saw her, there wasn’t a look of appreciation in their eyes. Instead, they pitifully fled from her. 

“Really?” Xiaoxiao was dumbfounded. 

"Of course. The dreamless celestials are a foreign race that arrived in the myriad sect thirty thousand years ago. The celestial orderians allowed them to develop here. In the time since they arrived, they became number one in the myriad sect ranking, pushing the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect down to second place. Their strength cannot be underestimated, and every one of them are both male and female. This isn’t a secret. You three are the only people who don’t know that,” Yu Ziqian explained. 

Tianming had to admit that the universe was vast and there were all kinds of races. "It's so weird." He couldn't believe his eyes. When Weisheng Moran first showed up, he couldn’t help but appreciate her beauty. After all, she was so beautiful she could send anyone into a trance. Who would have thought she was both male and female! 

"If you run into her, you must remember, she’s your opponent. Don't believe everything you see, because the dreamless celestials are experts at illusions. Everything you see may not be true, including her gender,” Yu Ziqian said in all seriousness. 

“Understood." During the conversation they continued forging ahead through the chaos at the entrance of the tomb, passing countless disciples who were blown away and quickly approaching the abyss-like entrance. 


"Hurry!" Because Yu Ziqian wasn’t moving fast enough, Tianming grabbed his lapel as he flew toward the entrance. Just as he was about to enter the tomb, Tianming felt a chill on his back. Upon turning around, he noticed a woman in green standing amidst the storm that swept away everything, her hair and dress fluttering in the wind. It was almost as if he could caress that perfect countenance with his hand. There was a light in her dark green eyes that made her pupils seem to come alive. At that moment, both pupils turned into little black fish. 

“Are you the one the little fish is waiting for?" Her red lips parted as she uttered this confusing sentence. In that instant, her left pupil, which had transformed into a little black carp, separated from her eyeball and swam out. Her left eye was suddenly vacant, a bit like Bodhi's eyes. Without warning, the little black carp shot into Tianming’s eye following a green flash. It moved so quickly that Tianming failed to dodge. 

"What?" His left eye didn't hurt, but there seemed to be something on it. 

“Save the little fish.” With that, the woman in green flickered past Tianming and rushed into the tomb. Before she disappeared, Tianming noticed that her left eye was now pupilless. Only the whites of her eye remained. 

"What the hell!" Upon observing himself with the Plundering Eye, Tianming was horrified. The little black carp had entered his left eye. It circled his gold pupil, attached itself to it, and turned into a smaller dark green pupil, ceasing all movement. There were two pupils in Tianming's left eye, one gold and the other dark green, one large and the other small. Tianming looked even more strange now. More importantly, he wasn’t sure what to expect from this inexplicable incident. 

"Her pupil turned into a fish and went into my eye?" Tianming felt his scalp tingle. This world was crazy. He couldn't have imagined such a thing, not even in his wildest dreams. 

“That’s crazy!" Yu Ziqian exclaimed. 

“What is it? Tianming asked, pointing to his left eye. 

“I don't know. I’ve never heard of such a strange technique from the dreamless celestials,” said Yu Ziqian. 

“Does your grandfather know? "Tianming asked. 

“He doesn't know the dreamless celestials. That old man constantly brags about how great he used to be, but I think he was just an average guy,” said Yu Ziqian. 

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