Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1183

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Chapter 1183

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Chapter 1183 - Silverdragon Palace


Past generations of experts had used analysis and copying to grasp divine ordered patterns. They had extracted the useful parts, rearranged them, took them apart, put them together again, and formed a whole new system. They called this newly created system, ‘divine celestial patterns’.

Divine celestial patterns were born from the world and were the representation of the world’s law. They were the parts of divine ordered patterns that cultivators had developed. And these divine celestial patterns were the basis of formations and tomes! The patterns in formations were divine celestial patterns. Formations, from as large as fusion formations to as small as protective formations, all had complicated divine celestial patterns constructed with divine ores as their core. Divine tomes followed the same logic; however, they used the combination of divine celestial patterns and blank books made from divine herbs. Divine celestial patterns were scribed onto the blank book and could generate a predetermined amount of power.

Formations and tomes using divine celestial patterns were always divine-class at the very least.

Orderia divided divine formations into nine grades. Divine tomes, too, were broken down into nine grades.

The arts of formations and tomes were split into two different occupations: formation gurus and tome gurus. Whatever grade of formation they could create dictated their grade as a guru. For example, the Skysource Hellshaker Formation was a grade-one formation, making its creator a grade-one formation guru. Still, even a grade-one formation guru was far beyond the likes of Yi Xingyin and Li Caiwei.

It was the same for tome gurus.

Orderia had four special occupations in total: formation guru, tome guru, smithing guru and alchemy guru.

Formation gurus created and broke apart formations. The peak of the occupation were fusion and star world guarding formations. Tome gurus imprinted the power of divine celestial patterns onto divine herbs to produce tremendous attack power. It was the hardest occupation, but the money was definitely there. Alchemy gurus combined divine herbs and divine hazards together to form shocking medicinal effects. Yu Ziqian was an alchemy guru, though Tianming had never seen him make a pill.

If one wasn’t a formation guru, it would take a lot of effort to break a barrier-type formation. Even though it was just a thin layer, its toughness and the complexity of the patterns inside were possibly even greater than the Skysource Hellshaker Formation. The strength of a formation had never depended on its size. Even the tiny Cyclic Map Tianming had once carried had been able to blow away Di Yi despite its tiny size.

Feiling’s Heavenly Unity ability had a high affinity for tomes. When she woke up, Tianming planned to get her a chance to learn proper, profound formations and tomes on Orderia so she could become a formation and tome guru.

Tianming’s ability to break formations surpassed countless formation gurus. This grade-three formation was as good as paper in front of him.

“Actually, I’m a formation guru,” Tianming said.

“Yeah, right,” Yu Ziqian said disdainfully.


“Want to make a bet?”

“Really? Alright, if you can do it, I’ll call you daddy.” Yu Ziqian gave him a doubtful look. Could someone perfect in everything really exist in the world?

“Alright, I’ll call you daddy if I can’t.” Tianming had a confident look. “Turn around.”

“What, you want to act mysterious?” Yu Ziqian turned around.

“Your portable grandpa too, please,” Lingfeng added.

“Hmph!” the portable grandpa angrily snorted.


“Three seconds left until you call me daddy,” Tianming smirked.

Yu Ziqian panicked when he heard this. When he counted down to zero, he turned around and saw Tianming grinning at him. The barrier that had been so complex had had a hole ripped open in it.

“Come to daddy,” Tianming said.

“Alright!” Yu Ziqian came over. He brought his hands together and saluted Tianming, his expression full of respect. “Father, your son greets you!”

"You really know no shame."

“Like father, like son!”

Tianming was about to give him ‘The Look’ when a bright light shone behind him. He turned around, and saw a giant palace. It was emanating a soul-shaking aura, as if a giant beast was waking up from its slumber within. Then the sound of metal clashing, the roars of beasts and cacophony of abilities traveled over. It meant that quite a few people had arrived ahead of Tianming. They might have brute forced their way through the maze, or perhaps they had formation gurus in their teams.

“Let’s go!” The four quickly entered.

“So many people.”

The palace was huge, and a quick glance didn’t reveal its end. Originally, the walls were a dull grey. However, after people entered, the walls lit up with a silver metallic luster and the Silverdragon Palace was once again living up to its name.

Inside the palace, there was currently a chaotic battle involving hundreds of people. When Tianming had discovered the Imperial Ninedragon Tomb, many names on the imperial star ranking had already had a red dot on them. That meant they had entered almost two hours before Tianming. The entrance Tianming had used had seen traffic of at least tens of millions. So having hundreds here wasn’t that bad, all things considered.

As time passed, more people would arrive. However, the latecomers would be too late for any treasures.

“I’m from the sky plunderer race. Stealing treasures is my job! Where are they?” Tianming said to himself.

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