Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1185

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Chapter 1185

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Chapter 1185 - Dazzling Blue Figure


The woman definitely wasn’t someone ordinary if they could scare Yu Ziqian into wanting to immediately flee.

The power within the chain had confirmed for Tianming that the attacker was one of the foremost geniuses in their age group. He looked up and saw a woman. She was wearing a luxurious dress that had jewels that glittered like stars embedded in it. Every one was made of divine ores, and the dress itself was at least a grade-four defensive artifact. Despite her youth, she gave off a queenly aura.

Her beautiful appearance and enchanting figure resembled a slightly immature Sovereign Xi. However, her natural attributes were better. Whether her light blue hair or her eyes that shone like stars, she was naturally radiant.

She was a beauty that would become the center of attention even if placed within ten million disciples. She was more charming than those her age, but also more overbearing. The arrogantly raised chin and naked desire for power in her eyes pointed to her being a genius that would never submit.

That was why Yu Ziqian had called her a monster. Her reputation was resounding in Orderia, and not just because of her talent. Born a blueblood royal, her talent surpassed the masses. However, what was more frightening was her complete lack of consideration when handling matters. All those who had offended her, no matter how minor, had never had a good outcome.

She was Lan Xingyao’s elder sister, Lan Feilin, the strongest member of Blueblood Starocean’s disciples and the first to defeat a thousand other competitors! Even though her rank had had some fluctuations, she was still comfortably in the top five. She was still fourth even after Tianming had returned to the top ten.

The current imperial star ranking wasn’t an actual reflection of strength. In strength, Lan Feilin was the top ten among all of the Myriad Solar Sect’s disciples under thirty. There weren’t many women who managed to accomplish that.

Lan Feilin and Weisheng Moran were two such women, though Weisheng Moran’s designation as ‘a woman’ was debatable.

Currently, it was exactly that genius in the air above the Millionblade Formation. She descended from the sky in a queenly manner. Under the lighting, her skin seemed as fair as snow and seemed to shine a faint blue, creating a strange charm.

However, not many dared to brazenly look. After all, there were over a hundred Blueblood Starocean disciples orbiting her now. They were all totem cultivators. Backed by the celestial orderians and embracing their will, they had fierce expressions.

“Get lost! If you don’t need your legs to run, then don’t even think of keeping them!” Lan Feilin hadn’t even said anything before they started chasing people away.

There were only a few hundred people in the area. Most were only in small groups, so they had no way of resisting such a big group, especially when it had so many constelliers.

Over half of those present gave up, helplessly looking at these ‘bluebloods’. They were angry, yes, but fear was in their hearts too. If it had been another of the top ten sects, they may still have given it a shot. However, the Blueblood Starocean was famous for their viciousness. They had already declared they might break the legs of these ordinary disciples before destroying their imperial star formations! If so, these people who had just come to try their luck would suffer a huge loss.

The Blueblood Starocean was exactly that overbearing, with the backing of the celestial orderians.

More and more backed away from the Millionblade Formation. Some still weren’t willing, but the Blueblood Starocean disciples didn’t hesitate to pounce. They didn’t go for the formations, but went for the people instead, violently beating them up.

Finally, all the other disciples were forced to retreat.

“Our Sis Lin wants this treasure. Get lost!”

“If you’re jealous, leave behind your eyes so you can watch more.”



Honestly, if they really wanted to fight, these hundreds of people outnumbered the hundred-plus from Blueblood Starocean. Victory may be possible. However, they came from over a hundred separate factions. They didn’t know each other, so an alliance couldn’t be quickly formed. Also, with over half of them frightened already, the only option left was to retreat and look for an opportunity.

“A bunch of scared mice that only know how to run away when real tigers come.” The Blueblood Starocean disciples grew even more smug after successfully chasing the others away. The blueblood clan all had attractive facial features. The men were well built and their appearance was a cool type of handsomeness. The women were tall and had spicy figures. And because they liked to show off their figures, they also wore rather revealing clothes. The men were basically all shirtless, while the women all had their bellies exposed.

After capturing the Silverdragon Palace, they were all chatting in a good mood.

As for Lan Feilin, she was like a star everyone else was orbiting around. She wasn’t anxious to go for the Millionblade Formation, instead surveying everything from above. She looked at Tianming, then turned to Yu Ziqian.

Her gaze finally rested on Yu Ziqian, and her lips curled up slightly. “Yu Ziqian, I heard you wanted to meet me and have a passionate romance?”

Yu Ziqian was sweating buckets, which he kept wiping away with his sleeves. Of course he wanted to run. However, with so many Blueblood Starocean disciples around forming an encirclement, all of his routes of escape were cut off.

While Lan Feilin had chased away everyone, she obviously didn’t plan to let Tianming safely leave here.

“Miss Lan’s beauty is a spectacular sight. I’ve always admired it. As for whatever passionate romance, you must be mistaken. I’ve always been a gentleman that’s well-versed in the arts and full of respect for women. Even if I did have the honor of meeting Miss Lan, I’d just be reciting poems.” There was no way he wasn’t anxious.

“Is that so? Shame I’m the violent type though. I don’t like poems. As for useless good-for-nothings, if they insult me, I have many younger brothers to break their third leg and permanently stop that kind of thinking.” Despite her pretty face, her words chilled Yu Ziqian.

All of the Blueblood Starocean disciples were sniggering.


“I wonder what was going through the brains of Azuresoul Palace, having such trash.”

“Look, his legs are shaking.”

“Too bad there’s no skyward eye. We can’t let the world watch how we make a second-rate sect’s genius a eunuch.”

“I can’t believe someone like this dared to try teasing Sister Lan. I heard he’s quite the playboy, but I suppose those days are over.”

Lan Feilin didn’t even make a signal before a dozen male disciples stepped out.

“Work fast. Try to record it. Maybe we can sell it in the Azurecloud Continent.” Lan Feilin smiled.

The female disciples of Blueblood Starocean all covered their faces in mock embarrassment.

Lan Feilin rolled her eyes. “Don’t act pure. It’s not like you’ve never seen it before.” She was pleased when she saw Yu Ziqian in despair. “You even dared to touch my little brother. Did you think our sect was a pushover?” Lan Feilin found it incredible that this kind of absolute fool existed in the world.

However, when she looked at Tianming, Lingfeng, and Xiaoxiao, she couldn’t help but pay more attention to these three’s appearances and auras—especially Tianming, the true culprit behind her brother’s expulsion.

“Your left eye has a green fish? What’s that?” She had noticed that strange thing, but was too lazy to pursue it when Tianming didn't reply. 

“Whatever, standard rules of the Blueblood Starocean. You pay four times the price. You break one arm of my brother, we break four. Do you want to do it yourself? If I have to do it, your friends will have to suffer your punishment as well.”

It was hopeless to expect mercy from her. Tianming was just reluctant to give up on the Lifesteal Silverdragon.

With Yu Ziqian moments away from disaster, though, he couldn’t stay here any longer either. “Go!” he ordered his team.

Lan Feilin was strong and had numbers. However, the gap wasn’t that ridiculous and he had Meow Meow’s speed.

“It’s a maze once we exit the palace. Lose them there. They’re all totem users. Lingfeng, bring up the rear while I carry Gan Gangan.” Tianming made a snap decision.

“The treasure?” Lingfeng asked.

“We’ll give it up for now.” Tianming was aware of his priorities. Lan Feilin was a fourth-level constellier, and there were also quite a few at the second-level. A head-on fight wasn’t realistic for now.

“If we don’t act fast, the Gan family line ends today!”

Yu Ziqian wanted to cry. His surname was Yu, not Gan!

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