Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1212

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Chapter 1212: 1212

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Chapter 1212 - Ninedragon Tribulation

Ying Huo, Meow Meow and Lan Huang all burst out from the cloud of smoke. When the giant beasts clashed, the cavalry was routed—the wargodeans and their lifebound beasts behind Zhan Yingying all became a bloody pulp upon contact with Lan Huang.

Zhan Yingying’s Titanic Aurum and her saintcrystal regal unicorn’s black horn got incredibly close to Tianming’s abdomen. “Die!”

Tianming’s hair fluttered and he held the Grand-Orient Sword in a two-handed grip, slashing it toward Zhan Yingying.

“Eh?” Tianming had just been planning to use Imperial Descent to meet this third-level constellier head-on. However, he didn’t expect the nine-colored scale on the Grand-Orient Sword to suddenly sparkle. One of the light rays, silver in color, merged with the Grand-Orient Sword. It seemed like a layer of liquid silver was covering the sword now, making the originally black and gold sword shine silver. He could feel that the Grand-Orient Sword had changed completely.

It had become lighter, hence swifter and fiercer. And most importantly, its attack power had risen! There was a power that didn’t belong to it added to it that supported the Grand-Orient Sword and gave it new properties.

While Tianming held the sword in a two-handed grip, his Plundering Eye on his left hand happened to be in contact with the scale. As the silver light gushed out, there seemed to be a world of sword intent hidden within. It was a silver world of metal. Piercing silver light filled that world, and all of its creatures and plants were all made of silver metal.

All of the silver light gathered together to form a massive silver dragon that shot up into the sky with incredible speed. When it had torn a hole through the clouds, it became a giant silver sword that split into countless silver swords and began raining down.

“Silverdragon Flashkill.” The countless silver swords all gathered in the sky to spell out that name. Tianming instinctively read it out.

All of that only took an instant to occur, and that moment was enough for Zhan Yingying’s spear and Tianming’s sword to clash.

When Imperial Descent was unleashed, the sword intent was vastly different; it was much swifter and fiercer. Zhan Yingying blinked and the sword had already arrived in front of her. It wasn’t that she had rushed toward Tianming, but that Tianming had somehow crossed the distance with one step, negating the advantage from her charge.

The sharp screech of metal clashing rang out and Zhan Yingying’s Titanic Aurum was knocked out of her hand. The violent sword intent crushed down on her, and the various streams of sword ki seemed to become countless tiny silver dragons that gnawed at her armor. Her saintcrystal regal unicorn rose up beneath her, neighing, then tried impaling Tianming with its horn.

Unexpectedly, Tianming met it with his sword. The sword was even swifter this time. When the sword met the horn, the saintcrystal regal unicorn’s horn, which was famed for its hardness, had its top shaved off.

The unicorn cried out, Tianming having well and truly routed the cavalry as well!

The unicorn collapsed, and Zhan Yingying barely managed to avoid being crushed under its weight.

“So fierce.…” A third-level constellier beastmaster and lifebound beast pair had had their charge halted by Tianming.

“Impossible!” Zhan Yingying’s pride made her continue, and she picked up her spear again for round two.

“So slow.” Zhan Yingying heard a voice drift past her ears, and that mind-numbingly fast sword was already moving again. Zhan Yingying’s spear was directly knocked away. The skin on both her hands was torn, and her shoulders wouldn’t stop shaking. It proved that Tianming didn’t just have speed, but strength as well.

“Impossible.” Zhan Yingying had still been indulging in the memory of how pathetic Tianming had been when her brother was chasing him down. She had been confident she could easily handle such an opponent. But now, she had been defeated so perfectly.

Another hit landed on her head; however, she wasn’t decapacitated. At the last moment, Tianming had switched to using the flat of the blade.

“Ahhh!” Zhan Yingying cried. The protective artifact on her head directly broke. As the entire armor on her body was considered one piece, the rest broke as well, all of it dropping off her body. Fortunately, she still had clothes underneath, but it was still a feast for the eyes.

The impact from that attack even caused various wounds to open up on Zhan Yinygying’s body. She collapsed to the ground, her mind a mess.

“My bad. I thought you were dangerous when you kept tooting your horn. I wasn’t expecting you to be a flower vase.” Tianming’s words almost made Zhan Yingying puke blood in her fury.

Before she could say a word, a chain appeared and wound around her body, trussing her up.

“Amazing!’ Yu Ziqian finally reappeared and looked at Tianming with praise. Then he looked at Zhan Yingying again. “Big Brother, you did this on purpose, right?”

“What?” Tianming asked suspiciously.

“Tying up a beauty like this.…”

“Scram. This is for insurance, it’s an honest tying job,” Tianming said.

“You shameless lechers! What do you want to do? Touch one hair of mine and the wargodeans will wipe out your Azuresoul Palace!” Zhan Yingying was frightened when she heard those words.

“My big brother wants to improve the next generation’s genes. He wants them tall, so he’ll definitely go for you,” Yu Ziqian sniggered.

“Don’t you dare! Li Tianming, if you touch me, I’ll kill myself and you’ll definitely die.” Zhan Yingying grit her teeth.

Tianming was too lazy to waste energy on her. “Don’t overestimate yourself. You aren’t my type.” He reached forward and grabbed her hand, removing removed her spatial ring and taking out the wardrum formation before handing her to Yu Ziqian.

“Haha, time to make a whole new sect!” Yu Ziqian laughed.

The two immediately started scolding each other. In truth, Yu Ziqian just wanted to frighten her.

They quickly got on Meow Meow, dragging Zhan Yingying along, then broke out of the encirclement and sped away.

On Meow Meow’s back, Tianming put together the wardrum formation together with his.

The two surprisingly fused together, becoming a black war drum that was obviously bigger. Tianming tapped it, and heard a distant drum sound that sounded different from before.

“That way,” Tianming directed Meow Meow.

Meow Meow quickly ran.

Yu Ziqian came over to Tianming and asked, “Hey, I saw that fight just now. There seems to be something on your sword, can I see it?”

“Sure.” Tianming had already intended to ask him about it. He took out the Grand-Orient Sword and presented it.

Yu Ziqian’s expression when he examined the sword. “This is a legendary grade-eight divine art! It was a famous battle art used by the Ninedragon Emperor. Supposedly, it’s very powerful. You’re a lucky bastard for this to fall into your hands.”

“Grade eight? Wasn’t all the stuff here grade seven?” Tianming asked.

“Battle arts are a bit less impressive than artifacts and pills of the same grade, but they aren’t that far behind. Even so, a grade-eight battle art is ridiculous, especially when it belongs to the Ninedragon Emperor. It’d be top-tier even within grade-eight battle arts. This is the most valuable treasure to appear so far!”

“Even more than the Lifesteal Silverdragon and Dragonblood Desecration?” Tianming was surprised at the high evaluation.

“Yes. The world outside will go crazy if they hear its name.”

Tianming had experienced its strength just now. That was how he had defeated Zhan Yingying so fast. That move was called Silverdragon Flashkill. Tianming hadn’t trained in it; it had all been the work of the scale. Since the dragon scale had nine colors, Tianming supposed there would be eight more spectacular sword arts.

“What’s it called?” Tianming inspected the scale closely. While he was excited about gaining more treasures, he also knew the pressure was greater. Even so, he still wanted to seize back the Lifesteal Silverdragon. After all, birds died for food, but men died for fortune.

“Ninedragon Tribulation.”

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