Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1228

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Chapter 1228: 1228

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Chapter 1228 - Street Rats?

To Zhan Yuance, the Archaionfiend was nowhere close to a threat. Not even Xiaoxiao would be considered a proper opponent if it weren’t for her Dragonblood Desecration. The two goldenmane skyapes charged toward her like two golden rays, their battle cries echoing through the sky.

The Archaionfiend took to the air, its blood-red eyes filled with eternal contempt and mockery and its fleshy wings entwined in countless blood-colored lightning. Even if its opponents were airborne, its wings granted it much greater mobility.

Since there were still caeli stored within Xiaoxiao’s body, Archaionfiend devoured those and used the Bloodblitz Blast. Its abdomen burned red and its power was far greater than the time it had used it at Tianming City.

As the Archaionfiend roared, endless bolts of lightning pierced through the sky. Immediately, the Divine Worldeater Cauldron was swallowed up by a blood-red glow, causing disciples to yelp in surprise.

While Tianming had never found the Archaionfiend to be the most reliable companion, it was definitely a tyrant on the battlefield. This ability alone was enough to prove that. Even as a third-level constellier, it showed no signs of losing to two beasts at the fifth level.

To make matters worse for her foe, Xiaoxiao’s blood arrow was hidden within the Bloodblitz Blast. The arrow turned into a fearsome dragon that dashed toward its enemy.

Just as the two goldenmane skyapes got back up to their feet, the Bloodblitz Blast threw them off balance yet again. The blood dragon managed to strike one of the apes on its thigh, draining its blood and causing it to scream in pain.

The shockwave from the attack sent the skyapes crashing into the ground, shaking the entire Divine Worldeater Cauldron.

“Seems like Lin Xiaoxiao isn’t bad after all.”

“I doubt so, she only got here because of the Dragonblood Desecration. She’s already used her trump card, but that damage was not enough to stop the skyapes.”

“They underestimated her, but if they were to fight back there’s nothing she can do to stop them.”

The audience was right that one of goldenmane skyapes’ traits was their tough skin. Despite the bombardment from the Archaionfiend, the skyapes managed to produce a golden barrier using their abilities and threw themselves back into battle.

The Archaionfiend frowned and cursed at the sight of the golden rays shooting toward it, as it could do nothing but dodge.

“Let alone Lin Xiaoxiao, do you think that Li Tianming could survive this?”

Chaos had consumed the battlefield. While Xiaoxiao and the Archaionfiend fended off the skyapes, Tianming was clashing with Zhan Yuance in a fierce battle, each with three lifebound beasts.

“You’re nothing but a street rat. Know your place!” That was the only comment Zhan Yuance had when he saw Tianming approaching him alone. In fact, it was no different from a cat facing a mouse the last time he had faced Tianming.

As the wargodean genius’ eight ears twitched, Tianming and his beasts had nowhere to hide no matter how fast they were.

“You really dare to fight me without your constellation?” Zhan Yuance smirked.

Little did he realize that Tianming didn’t even have a constellation, since he was only at the Ascension stage. Since constellations could be toggled at will, it was normal for people to assume that Tianming was at the Constellation stage too.

Even if Tianming were to not use constellations, there was no reason for Zhan Yuance to go easy on him. To him, his constellation was a core component of his power.

“Now!” At his command, Zhan Yuance and his five beasts simultaneously activated their constellations. With him as the center point, a domain covering Tianming, Xiaoxiao, and their beasts was formed. Astralforce spread across the domain, forming the outlines of golden mountains that descended onto them.

It was the myriadhills constellation, which Tianming had experienced before. Each of them felt like there were actual mountains being pressed down on them, and there was increased gravitational force hampering their speed. It felt like they could barely lift their heads up, let alone battle properly.

The constellation felt like the exact opposite of Feiling’s temporal field. If she were there, Tianming wouldn’t be having such a tough time. He felt his ears ringing just from the sheer pressure from the mountains. Even Meow Meow’s agility was badly affected, which could prove fatal to it.

With its movement limited, the Archaionfiend was nearly grabbed by one of the skyapes. If they were to crash into the ground, then both Xiaoxiao and Yu Ziqian who were left unprotected would not escape unharmed.

It was clear that just because of this constellation, Tianming had been thrown into a perilous situation. On top of that, the five goldenmane skyapes had a special ability that could be used together with the myriadhills constellation, known as Myriadhills Vajraform.

While their speed was reduced, they were almost completely immune to physical attacks after using the ability. They were also much fiercer in close combat now, like natural war machines.

“Li Tianming, will you bow before me?” Zhan Yuance and his three skyapes were comparable to an entire army, each step they took unleashing shockwaves across the cauldron. Zhan Yuance himself was three meters tall, and like a war god clad in gold, he sent his staff crashing toward Tianming. The three beasts each used their Goldenape Inferno, forming a tide of golden lava that threatened to swallow up Tianming and his beasts.

It was an impressive sight to behold for the disciples viewing the fight.

“Zhan Yuance truly is a wargodean born for battle.”

“His lifebound beasts are perfect, too, having the agility of mammals and the ferocity of tigers!”

“Shame that we can’t say the same for those three beasts he’s facing. What’s with that bird, anyway? I’m sure it can be crushed in one hand.”

Just as they were discussing, that little bird they spoke of was smashed by one of the skyapes. Anyone would have thought that Ying Huo would be turned to mush, but instead it was the skyape that let out a shriek. A bloody hole had appeared in the middle of its palm.

The burning phoenix shot into the air, turning into a featherless chicken as it used its Skyscorch Featherblast. Those feathers seemed like nothing to the skyape, and it was confident its Myriadhills Vajraform could completely block that attack.

But to its surprise, countless feathers pierced through its body and sent blood splashing into the air. The tough skin of the skyapes were nowhere near enough when faced with the penetrative force of Blazebane.

On the other side, Meow Meow had taken its Regal Chaosfiend form. With its abilities greatly enhanced, it unleashed dark lightning that made the Archaionfiend’s pale in comparison.

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