Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1230

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Chapter 1230: 1230

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Chapter 1230 - Lose With Glory

The two wargodean youths were gone. Likely, their imperial star formations had been broken and they had been kicked out. Four saintcrystal unicorns were also whining on the ground. Although they didn’t have any visible injuries, their eyes were vacant. Clearly, their souls had suffered heavy injuries!

The most shocking part was the black-haired youth carrying a dagger. He was dragging along a tall, blonde beauty behind him. The woman’s eyes were filled with despair, and her entire body was pale and bleeding. She seemed mentally broken, as her body continued to shake and she wailed loudly. Deep fright was hidden in her eyes as she sobbed, “Big… big brother.…”

Zhan Yuance and his five lifebound beasts all stopped. Tianming, who was with him, turned to look as well. This scene was ten times more stimulating than when he had tied up Zhan Yingying and returned her to Zhan Yuance.

Zhan Yuance completely froze.

The entire area was silent. Everyone could imagine what kind of feelings Zhan Yuance was experiencing now. And they could very well imagine the fury he was about to explode with.

“Zhan Yuance is in trouble! They have a hostage now.”

“This is a suspenseful development, considering his feelings for his sister.”

“He underestimated Feng. He never would have expected his sister’s group to lose so fast. A fatal mistake!”

“This Li Tianming is rather sly. I was wondering why they would dare to fight Zhan Yuance. So it turned out they had a plan!”

“Aren’t these Azuresoul Palace disciples afraid of retribution after leaving?”

For the stronger party to be threatened by a hostage wasn’t something people liked to see. When both sides were unrelated to the spectators, they would be biased toward the stronger party. That was because they would feel more vindicated when the stronger part won.

However, Zhan Yuance had fallen into a trap, making the spectators displeased.


“Petty little tricks!”

“How shameless to do this to a beautiful woman.”

Unfortunately, the Divine Worldeater Cauldron was sealed off, so Tianming couldn’t hear their curses. He had no way of finding out how much anger he had incited. He and Lingfeng exchanged a look, and Lingfeng quickly grasped his intentions.

Lingfeng boldly looked at Zhan Yuance, who was currently gnashing his teeth.

“All of you will die, very, very miserably.” Zhan Yuance’s voice was hoarse.

“Really? You wanted to kill my lifebound beasts.”

“Haha, can some dumb animals be compared to my sister?” Zhan Yuance laughed.

“Feng.” Tianming was too lazy to quibble.

Before everyone, Lingfeng let go. Zhan Yingying dropped down the sky toward the ground like a rock.

An uproar quickly burst out as everyone regarded the scene with disbelief.

Even Zhan Yuance froze for an instant. Then, he quickly went down to catch Zhan Yingying. After determining she wasn’t in danger of dying, he turned around with a frown.

“Come now, Zhan Yuance,” Tianming said cooly, “what else have you got?” As Tianming spoke, Lingfeng landed beside him, and Xiaoxiao and the Archaionfiend took his right. The trio all had burning fighting intent in their eyes!

Their intention was clear, as long as you weren’t an idiot. Tianming had released the hostage; he had chosen to fight fairly.

“Gosh, this courage.…” It was just a simple action, but it had made the tens of thousands of disciples look at him in a new light.

“Not bad, not bad at all.”

“I finally understand how he could climb so high.”

“Now I really want him to win.”

“With this backbone, he’ll lose with glory.”

Tianming’s reputation immediately took a one-eighty turn.

Even Zhan Yuance was looking at Tianming in a new light. “Now, you qualify as my opponent.”

Zhan Yuance placed Zhan Yingying in a corner, then made a beeline for Tianming with his beasts.

“Hey, don’t say that. We’re still figuring out if you’re worthy.” Tianming smiled.

Zhan Yuance roared with laughter, but his eyes were bloodshot as he raised his staff aloft. “We’ll know when we give it a try!”

With a snarl, the battle erupted once again!

“Come!” Tianming and Lingfeng stepped forward together. The Grand-Orient Sword was split in two, spinning in his hands. At the same time, the Lifesteal Silverdragon flew back and coiled around his black arm.

As his hair fluttered, Tianming looked very dashing.

“Wu You, let's do ‘that,'” Xiaoxiao said seriously.

"Are you crazy? Are you that eager to prove yourself?" the Archaionfiend mockingly said.

"I just want to show you I can do it." Xiaoxiao shut her eyes, then opened them to reveal lightning coursing inside.

“Well then, if you aren’t afraid of pain!” The Archaionfiend swallowed over ten thousand caeli, brewing them in its stomach.

“Deepfiend constellation, activate!” Blood-colored lightning twined around them and expanded, forming a pool of lightning in the sky and merging the power of Xiaoxiao and the Archaionfiend together.

Xiaoxiao seemed to have undergone a change. Now, she had murderous intent. It was because she knew why she was fighting.

“I don’t want to be a weakling anymore.” She didn’t want to be looked down upon anymore. She wanted to exceed herself. When one had suffered enough, they would become numb to pain and it would become normal.

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