Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1263

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Chapter 1263: 1263

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Chapter 1263 - Nova Source Origin

The mist behind the gate was rolling and billowing. After the initial waves of shock, Tianming’s heart quickly settled down. He focused his concentration on his third eye, but its field of vision continued to be covered by a strange, ancient mist. The mist seemed to continue infinitely, and the gold and black star inside gradually became clearer.

The star wasn’t half black and half gold. Instead, the two colors were chaotically mixed with no apparent pattern. The black areas seemed like continents, while the gold areas looked like seas. It shone with starlight, proving it had nova source. This was perhaps a distant world that actually existed, and the colorless gate had simply allowed him to see its image. After all, a real nova source couldn’t possibly be inside a sword, just like a bowl couldn’t contain a sea.

However, Tianming felt it couldn’t be as simple as an image.

The gold and black star continued spinning, and there was the faint rumbling of a fundamental cosmic force being released.

The colorless gate wasn’t fully open, so Tianming could only see but not touch this star. Then he saw a scene that shattered his worldview. The golden sea produced a spray that sent water droplets everywhere. Some of the droplets fell back into the sea. But a tiny, tiny bit of them flew into the air and left the atmosphere, where they proceeded to undergo a strange change. They became colorful, then journeyed into the endless space.

Some of the water droplets flew in Tianming’s direction, while at the same time, the black continents were quaking!

The black land seemed to be formed from a countless amount of gravel. When the ground shook and the pieces of gravel ground against each other, some of them flew into the air and were blown into space by storms.

However, the gravel didn’t become colorful like the golden water droplets. Thus, golden water droplets and black gravel began wandering the universe.

Because the distance was growing shorter, those grain-sized particles continued to grow bigger to Tianming. When they reached fist-sized, he realized they were glowing too, and becoming larger like the descending Moon God Realm had before. He discovered that the grain-sized water droplets had become colorful stars, illuminating the universe. The gravel had become black stars, strange and distant. They reminded Tianming of the Demonic Sun he had seen in the Abyssal Battlefield.

In truth, the Demonic Sun was the closest nova source to the sun, but it was in the realm of chaos.

Billions of water droplets and billions of grains of gravel! Finally, one of the water droplets approached Tianming closely enough that he was looking at a golden and blazing sun instead. It was the exact same feeling Tianming had had facing Orderia before he had landed!

He felt heat tingling on his skin, confirming that this was indeed a majestic nova source.

It meant that—

“The water droplets and gravel from that gold and black star are all nova source like the sun… is that the origin of nova sources?”

The origin of nova sources had been an enduring mystery of Orderia. Many had tried and failed to find the answer for generations. Tianming had originally thought that the gold and black star had been a nova source. Shockingly, a real nova source was just water droplets from its sea spray! The nova sources it produced were the cause of humanity’s prosperity and glory.

“Is this a dream or real?” To Tianming, this was like the dreams he saw from the Primordial Chaos Beasts, too fantastical.

He found it hard to believe.

“The Grand-Orient Sword comes from the Primordial God-Emperor. Did he hide an image of the nova source origin in the sword?”

The water droplet would become a nova source that could burn for millions of years.

“The Primordial God-Emperor walks the imperial dao, and he’s the one who started me on this path. What is his identity?”

The Primordial God-Emperor’s legacy came from the Tomb of the Ancients. The Tomb of the Ancients existed in Feiling’s memories as Perpetia City. There was also a Primordial Demonlord, Perpetia City's Master, and the master of Prime Tower inside it.

The Grand-Orient Sword, Demon Suppression Pillar, Prime Tower, and Perpetia City.

Perpetia City was also constructed on Xian Xian’s body.

Tianming felt his mind falling into chaos from all this information as he watched the scene in front of him dumbly. It was like watching the birth of the universe!

“This is incredible,” Tianming said in a heartfelt way. He knew the colorless gate hadn’t fully opened, so he probably wouldn’t be able to get anything. Still, just the shock from watching this scene was more than enough.

“Nova source has divine ordered patterns. Divine ordered patterns are the manifestation of the laws of the world and the way the world manipulates nova sources. If all nova sources come from there, then wouldn’t that make the gold and black star the gathering point of the laws of the world and fundamental cosmic force?”

If this were the Primordial God-Emperor’s territory, Tianming could easily connect the imperial dao to this gold and black star.

“All daos are ruled by the emperor. All daos becoming one is the imperial dao.”

Others would never see this scene in their life. Tianming’s horizons had been expanded as well, though he was still infinitely far from reaching that stage. Most importantly, it had helped him find his path and cemented the decision to have the imperial dao be his foundation.

“All rivers are connected to the sea, and the emperor commands everything under the skies.”

Tianming gradually felt his emotions flaring up the longer he looked. The entire universe, whether order or chaos, all revolved around this gold and black star.

“This is the true emperor of all stars!”

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