Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1273

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Chapter 1273: 1273

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Chapter 1273 - Fiery Prison

Thunderous rumbling was everywhere. Tianming’s head felt as if it would explode. A raging inferno of divine hazards formed a fiery storm more turbulent than the Voidsky Flame Pillar, sweeping past him. Ying Huo expelled the Infernal Flameshield, which withstood the scorching heat and impact. Like a ball, Tianming bounced back and forth in the abyss. Deafening explosions drowned out all other sounds. No one would hear him even if he screamed.

"Here, make a ball." With its small claws clinging onto Tianming's hair, Ying Huo fluttered up and down in the storm.

"My head is a mess.... When I first entered the wooden house, I thought this was the Sky Plundering Palace, but in the end, the seven members of the Sky Palace showed up looking like ghosts. Just because I didn't kneel, they threw me here? Then why give me the Imperial Ninedragon Tomb?”

Tianming had obtained numerous treasures from the dragon palaces with the abilities of the sky plunderer race. He felt like he had gone through the back door and was even more certain of that when he first entered the wooden house. However, from the events that had just transpired, it seemed like the Sky Palace resented him for ruining some sort of great plan.

“How did I offend them?” He couldn’t figure it out.

"Could this be part of the trial? Perhaps they’re deliberately mistreating you?" Meow Meow chimed in.

"It's possible. But from their tone and facial expressions, I don't think it's likely. More importantly, where are we?"

Even within the Infernal Flameshield, Tianming felt as if he was wandering in the abyss. It was extremely hot!

“If it weren’t for the shield, my skin would’ve turned black and peeled off.”

He possessed the Aeternal Infernal Physique. If it had been another person of the same age such as Yu Ziqian, they would be dead.

"What's that?" Using his Plundering Eye, Tianming observed his surroundings. After passing through countless fiery waves, what he saw was a world with only fundamental cosmic force. "Look at all those divine ordered patterns! What power!" Tianming was shocked.

"Isn't this a nova source?!" He was astonished when he’d visited the mooncore and laid eyes upon a stellunar source. But this time, he was completely enveloped by immense, violent fundamental cosmic forces. There were all kinds of divine ordered patterns within. These fundamental cosmic forces raged like a storm, the violent explosions shaking the world. Not even the shield was safe. What else could it be but a nova source. The fact that Tianming hadn’t been incinerated in an instant meant that he was merely on the surface.

"I’m inside the sun! I'm under the fusion formation!" Eyes widening, Tianming realized the problem. The celestial orderians and Sky Palace were the only two forces that could control the fusion formation of the sun. Only the Sky Palace could have thrown him into this place.

"They tossed me straight into the nova source. Are they trying to kill me?" His hair stood on end. This was strange; the Sky Palace was completely different from what he had imagined. How confusing!

"I still have the Lifesteal Silverdragon and Dragonblood Desecration with me. They didn’t even bother seizing the treasures before throwing me in here. If I’d landed in the core of the nova source, they both would’ve melted. Wouldn’t that be a waste?" He still had to forcibly suppress the Dragonblood Desecration.

"Not to mention, you’re the only one who inherited the Ninedragon Tribulation."

These three great treasures were extremely useful—was the Sky Palace really trying to kill him?

“I certainly have doubts about this. We can’t be too optimistic or pessimistic.” After pondering for a moment, Tianming said, "What’s important now is to find a way out."

"And you thought all the mysteries would be solved once you entered the Sky Palace. Who would’ve thought you’d stumble upon more?" Rolling its eyes at Tianming, Ying Huo shrugged.

"Little Li, forget about the way out. Your little eggs are starting to cause trouble." Xian Xian wailed from his lifebound space.

Tianming looked inside. In the wondrous space, Lan Huang was standing on its hind legs; there was almost nowhere to rest its huge body. Underneath it and around Xian Xian's body were almost a hundred thousand little silver eggs. On each egg were two tiny black eyes. At this moment, the little black dots were erect. The little silver eggs seemed impatient as they gathered together, jumping up and down in his lifebound space. From time to time, they collided violently; sometimes they combined with one another and formed an enormous silver egg; and other times they swept across like a wave, rolling into Lan Huang and Xian Xian. “Little sister,” Xian Xian could only sigh in despair.

"Interesting! Let it out so it can lead the way. We have a target now," Ying Huo laughed. This little guy’s irritable, violent, and even selfish behavior meant one thing—it had discovered the necessary fundamental cosmic force for its birth.

"Although the process has been complicated, my main goal was to enter the Sky Palace and search for resources for Fifth’s birth." Fifth was in a hurry, but Tianming was even more anxious. Who wouldn’t want to increase their combat effectiveness? If it weren’t for the limitations of his circumstances, Tianming would have all ten lifebound beasts born at the same time. While he was preparing to face the Sky Palace’s trial, the woman in white had sent him directly to his destination instead.


More than a dozen little silver eggs emerged from Tianming’s lifebound space. They were extremely restless, bouncing up and down inside the shield.

"Don't get excited. Lead the way."

With Tianming’s reprimand, the eggs calmed down a little. Although they no longer caused chaos, they were still impatient. The little silver eggs formed the shape of an arrow to show Tianming the way.

“Let’s go.”

With the shield working to isolate the flames, Tianming proceeded forward in the terrifying world of fundamental cosmic forces.

“Are we heading deeper inside?” Soon, Tianming discovered that they were heading into the depths of the nova source. That meant it would only become more and more dangerous. They might all be burned to death. However, there was no going back.

“Let’s risk it all.”

Fifth had already matured, but the conditions in the Flameyellow Continent weren’t conducive to its birth. Its desire to truly come to this world was understandable.

"Even if there’s risk, we can’t miss this rare opportunity."

The nova source would contain fundamental cosmic forces of all the elements that existed in the heavens and earth. However, fire was still the main element. As they passed through increasingly terrifying fiery storms, Ying Huo’s shield was approaching its limit. Tianming’s entire body turned red from being burned, his skin resembling sweet potatoes. With each breath, he exhaled smoke; he looked rather comical.

"Are we there yet? We can't go any further." Tianming felt his throat burning when he spoke.

The little silver egg in front of him shook violently, a sign that it was the most agitated that it had ever been. That meant they were close to their goal!

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