Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1358

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Chapter 1358: Chapter 1358 - Faint Waves Of Fragrance

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Chapter 1358 - Faint Waves Of Fragrance

In a pavilion, the graceful Princess Shen Yu was dressed in purple. She played the zither, her slender fingers creating a melodious and moving tune. As the sound of the zither filled the air, the water in the lake formed rippling waves. A light breeze lifted the curtains. The jade-like beauty resembled a goddess. After a long time, the music faded.

Raising her chin slightly, she looked at Tianming with her starry eyes, her tender, yet imposing gaze locking on to his body like shackles. "I heard the Red Ghosts forced you to show yourself. You don’t think I did something so senseless and hateful, do you?" Princess Shen Yu smiled.

"You must be joking. You’re too noble to do such a despicable and stupid thing. It's probably some lowlife who’s trying to be smart but ended up shooting himself in the foot," said Tianming.

"Why so angry? Does that girl mean a lot to you?" Princess Shen Yu leisurely rose to her feet, her enchanting curves swaying. The nine-centimeter-wide divinespring on her chest shone on her smooth, snow-white skin—tempting, yet untouchable.

"She isn’t important, but I hate that kind of behavior. I don't like implicating others,” said Tianming. Being self-aware, he’d deliberately chosen to not befriend anyone in the wondersky realm, yet something like this had still happened.

"Will you go to Qingyuan Imperial City? Would you like me to send someone to protect you? Or should I protect you myself?" Princess Shen Yu flitted across the lake, faint waves of fragrance emanating from her as she gradually approached Tianming. From three meters away, her grade-nine divinespring and smooth, satiny skin appeared even more dazzling.

"I won't go," Tianming said.

“Then why were you looking for me?" She asked.

"I’d like to ask for a favor and also make a bet with you.”

“A favor and a bet? Putting the two words together seems a bit odd. Go on," she urged.

"I’m issuing you an official challenge for the Violetglory ranking,” Tianming said.

“What's meant to happen will happen... and?"

“The bet involves victory and defeat.”

“What happens if you win and vice versa?” she asked.

"If I win, you help me save the girl using whatever power, intelligence, and manpower the Divineglory Dynasty possesses." Results were more likely with both the Divineglory Dynasty and Violetcloud Imperium working to find Liu Wanwan. There was also a deeper intention behind Tianming’s request. He was more than eighty percent sure that the one responsible for the kidnapping was either the Divineglory Dynasty or Violetcloud Imperium.

"What if you lose?" asked Princess Shen Yu.

"If I lose, I’ll immediately head to the Divineglory Dynasty and pay my respects to you in person. After that, I’ll serve the Divineglory Dynasty and obey your every word. Of course, I still need you to follow me to Qianyuan Imperial City and save Liu Wanwan. I don't want to implicate anyone," Tianming solemnly said.

Princess Shen Yu was a little dumbfounded. She didn’t expect Tianming would be so forthcoming. In fact, it was due to his victory over Li Haochen, as well as Ying Huo’s latest evolution. He was certain he would win.

This is the only way I can get the two forces to help me. Tianming didn't know what else he could do under such circumstances. He was suspicious of both the Violetcloud Imperium and Divineglory Dynasty. With this, they might expose each other's shortcomings and perhaps open his eyes to certain realities.

"Your Highness, do you accept the bet?" Tianming asked.

"I can only acquire you after I win?" Princess Shen Yu smiled.

"Yes, don't you have confidence in yourself?”

"Of course, but you’re pretty strong. This is a fair challenge."

“It’s only fun if it’s a fair challenge. Isn’t that right?”

"You're right. I agree. Since I’ll have to save the girl, win or lose, I'll immediately start looking for her as a show of sincerity. Three days from now, we’ll fight on the Violetcloud Battlefield. Who knows? When the time comes, she might appear in front of you, alive and well."

"That's even better. Thank you, Your Highness!" Tianming bowed.

"The question is, if I lose, will you still give the Divineglory Dynasty a chance in the future?" she said.

“Of course,” Tianming replied.

“That’s good.”

"In that case, I'll get ready for our fight. See you in three days."

"Alright." Princess Shen Yu smiled as she watched him leave.


The battle was scheduled for three days later to give the spectators time. As soon as the news emerged, a large number of people would begin gathering around the Violetcloud Battlefield. After three days, the number of spectators would be about ten times that of the battle between Tianming and Mu Sha. The battlefield might not be able to fit all of them.

"Aren’t you being biased? The conditions you set for the Divineglory Dynasty and Violetcloud Imperium are different. You’re willing to join the Violetcloud Imperium if they help you find her, but the Divineglory Dynasty has to help as well as defeat you." Ying Huo rolled its eyes.

"I originally came to challenge Princess Shen Yu. I want to enter the eighth level of the Violetglory Pagoda. Besides, I find the Divineglory Dynasty more suspicious," said Tianming.

“How can you tell?”

“Intuition.” To be more specific, it was his gut feeling during his conversation with Princess Shen Yu. When those who didn’t want to admit their wrongdoings spoke, there were subtle changes in their eyes with every word. Tianming had made promises to both sides, but told only the Violetcloud Imperium that he was temporarily trapped.

Tianming had no plans to visit either place. What he wanted was for them to investigate each other. The innocent party would find out who was behind Liu Wanwan’s kidnapping. It was difficult for him to make an accurate assessment, as he was too far away and he hadn’t grown up on the Violetglory Star.

“Now we wait,” Tianming said.

"Unfortunately, Fifth’s eavesdropping skills can’t be used in the wondersky realm. Otherwise I’d be able to hear everything Han Xingluan and Princess Shen Yu say in private after I leave."


Only when he couldn’t use Yin Chen did he realize how important it was.


After Tianming left, Princess Shen Yu returned to the pavilion, her expression turning icy as she resumed playing the zither. Not long after her return, a middle-aged man dressed in black appeared.

"Uncle." Looking up briefly, Princess Shen Yu greeted him, her fingers dancing across the string without pause. The tune gradually quickened, surging with passion and killing intent.

"You’re responsible?" The middle-aged man sat down beside her, pulling out a small jar of wine.

“Yes." Princess Shen Yu said softly.

"I didn't think he’d bet on his future for a humble woman. Although he’s similar to Ye Chen, his taste is far worse," the middle-aged man teased.

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