Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1362

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Chapter 1362: 1362

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Chapter 1362 – Nonabane Godswords

Ying Huo’s newly-awakened super ability came smashing down with the sun. The sight reminded Tianming of the descent of the Divine Moon Realm. The violetstar grandbeast that had around seven thousand stars spread its wings wide in an attempt to block before a violet glow gathered near its abdomen in the same fashion blood lightning had gathered in the Archaionfiend’s abdomen. Then a purple ball of lightning came shooting out toward the falling sun, resulting in a grand explosion. Everyone saw the furious flames slowly suppressing the lightning and eventually completely enveloping the violetstar grandbeast, whose wings were instantly swallowed up and torn apart when it tried to block it. Almost immediately, the beast was burned to smithereens.

“It’s dead!” Ying Huo’s cry resounded throughout the entire battlefield. While dying in the wondersky realm wasn’t the same as dying in real life, it at least meant that the beast was out for the count for the rest of this battle. The other four beasts were also in range of the ability and had suffered varying degrees of injuries.

“It’s a done deal. I’ll leave the other small fries to you,” Ying Huo said, suddenly shrinking into a dumb little yellow chick. It comically flapped its wings, but flew at a really slow speed as it commanded everyone’s attention, patrolling the skies from above. The move stunned the audience into complete silence. These cultivators of a distant star were actually awed by a lifebound beast that was allegedly bound by a blood pact. They were so shocked they couldn’t even find words to express it. All the while, Tianming’s four remaining beasts entered the ocean and began fighting one on one with the other beasts. Even though their star counts were relatively low, the galaxy grandbeasts didn’t seem to be able to gain any advantage over them.

“Princess Shen Yu’s greatest assets are her galaxy grandbeasts. They should be far more powerful than wildbeasts bound using blood pacts, but the complete opposite of that is playing out right now! The violetstar grandbeast was defeated in an instant!””If that’s the case, that means she’ll be fighting Lin Feng and his seven totems alone. No matter how powerful her divinespring is, there’s no way it can make up for seven totems. The only way the princess can defeat him is if her weapon and battle arts are far superior to his, but is that even possible?”

“Who was the one that said those were blood pact beasts? How is Lin Feng even a totemancer? What a joke!”

“I’m sure nobody thinks his lifebound beasts are stronger than totems, right?”

The crowd broke into discussion, though most people didn’t have time to even vent their doubts and frustrations. Seeing the Aeternal Infernal Phoenix almost instantly defeating the violetstar grandbeast, they were greeted with the following spectacle of Tianming and the princess’s clash. He managed to completely dominate her after three sword strikes without even using his totems! Right after that, Tianming left the battlefield without even giving her a second look.

Instead, he turned to the crowd and said in a booming voice, “Everyone, I have something I’d like to announce to all of you!”

Princess Shen Yu stopped. She was still reeling from the shock of one of her beasts being completely eradicated in a single instant, her strongest one at that. She listened in along with the audience as Tianming continued, “I know my stunning performance and mysterious background has made it so that almost everyone is trying to recruit me! That’s all fine and good, and I’m willing to one day pledge my allegiance to sects worthy of it and fight for them!

“However, some people have attempted to force my hand by shamelessly touching a friend of mine. Even if that friend is just more of a passing acquaintance, it still pains me to hear that they’ve suffered on my account. There’s no way a faction that resorts to such a method is fit to be among the top factions! I don’t know who you are, but let me tell you now that I won’t cave to any threat. The best I can do is to pledge to give it my all to make the ones that made the threat pay a heavy price for it!”

Tianming couldn’t tolerate this at all. It wasn’t that Liu Wanwan was important to him, it just wasn’t something he would accept from anybody. He had planned to use this chance to publicly state it, knowing well that those involved in the kidnapping were listening. “I hope all of you reconsider it and release the captive. That way I’ll pretend this never happened.”

However, the crowd responded rather differently from what he expected.

“Isn’t this a little overboard?”

“Even if kidnapping his friend is wrong, what right does he have to say something like that? Just because he has a powerful lifebound beast? Or his seven totems? Putting his lifebound beast aside, seven totems isn’t anything to write home about.”

“It’s one thing to threaten the perpetrators, but his attitude is too much.”

They didn’t think Tianming was wrong to say that, but he sounded far too arrogant as a junior. Naturally, Tianming had expected that few people would take someone under thirty like him seriously.

“Let’s settle the battle first before you make any more arrogant announcements,” Princess Shen Yu said, raising her sword at him and channeling the power of her grade-nine divinespring.

“Alright, let’s settle this.” Now, countless eyes were on him. However, he didn’t point his sword at the princess, but instead at the audience. “You all think I’m just an arrogant junior who has no right to criticize the perpetrators during such an occasion, right? So I’ll show you exactly what qualifies me to do something like this!”

He turned to the princess, smacked his chest, and pointed his sword at her. Then he unleashed his totems, sending a wave of sword ki bursting out as the Eastdivinity Acme, Westvoid Progenifiend, Southsky Chaospit, Northapex Perpetuity, Ordinem Imperius, and the Welkin Imperius appeared. After those six, he let the other three manifest all at once! Nine swords levitated in the air, generating boundless amounts of sword ki and giving him an aura of the ultimate killing machine. The nine totems seemed to resonate with the Grand-Orient Sword.

Many people drew a cold breath at the sight, easily able to see how many godswords had appeared.

“Six, seven, eight, nine! Nine totems!”

“He’s a nonabane! He has one more totem than the leader of the Violetcloud Imperium!”

It was the first time ever such wild chaos had exploded around the Violetcloud Battlefield.

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