Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1422

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Chapter 1422: 1422

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Chapter 1422 – Emperor of the Stonesword Race

In the army, the powerhouse who ruled the Empyrean Sword Sect was especially eye-catching. He was the king of the Empyrean Continent as well as the leader of the stonesword race.

On the surface, in Orderia, there were clans, sects and a dynasty. However, fundamentally, it was all just about the high-grade bloodlines of the sun! The dynasties and sects were filled with all kinds, but internally, they all had powerful bloodlines as their foundation. The Azuresoul Palace had the Gujian and Dongye clans. And the Empyrean Sword Sect had the stonesword race. As for the stonesword race the Northdipper Swordsage belonged to, they all had a distinctive feature—tough bodies that were both like a statue and a sharp sword.

The fingers poking out of his sleeves didn’t look like flesh, but instead pure crystal. Instead of having ten fingers, it was more like having ten swords. Supposedly, the Northdipper Swordsage was the most accomplished in cultivating a sword body across all of Orderia. His entire body was suffused with divine hazard sword ki.

The stonesword race’s physique was a natural sword body. It was easier for them to absorb and fuse divine hazard sword kis than anyone else. The Northdipper Swordsage was only showing his neck and fingers, but millions of strands of sword ki could clearly be seen flowing even in those small areas. The continuous sword ki emanating from his body left others unable to even open their eyes in his direction. He was a naturally sharp person.

Even stranger was the pure black mask he was wearing. There were no eyes, ears, mouth, or nose on it, but seven holes from which sword ki continuously leaked out like starlight. It made his face look like there were seven stars on it, which was the story behind his name, “Northdipper Swordsage”.

When she felt the starlight prickle her, even Li Wushuang deeply frowned.

“Northdipper Swordsage!” Her bodyguards didn’t look very happy, either. Apart from the Northdipper Swordsage, the Wind Swordlord’s signal had drawn over experts from other sects of the alliance as well. The land and skies were absolutely swarming with beastmasters and lifebound beasts, and even quite a few totems. Countless giant beasts snarled and howled at them. The fifteen of them had been locked down tight.

“We’re surrounded.” The fifteen felt gloomy. The Wind Swordlord was behind them, the Northdipper Swordsage was in front of them, and experts from the alliance were on both sides.

“Li Wushuang.” The Northdipper Swordsage approached them. The ground shook beneath his feet. Massive sword-shaped stones burst out of the ground. There had to be over a hundred thousand of them, which quickly assembled themselves into five giant beasts. The beasts were covered in sharp sword thorns, and were clearly born for battle.

The stone lifebound beasts had a similar concept as the galaxy grandbeasts of the divineglorians. They also seemed to have a slight overlap with Yin Chen’s skills. As the Northdipper Swordsage’s lifebound beasts, these stone lifeforms made of swords were naturally members of one of the most supreme lifebound beast bloodlines on Orderia! They were the equal of the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect’s Saintdragon’s Blessing.

When the Northdipper Swordsage took action, a sea of sword ki formed around him. Together with his five stone beasts, it was like an entire world bearing down on Li Wushuang.

“You shouldn’t have come here. The Myriad Solar Sects and Azurecloud Continent aren’t places you can act willfully. We have a ceasefire agreement with the celestial orderians. You don’t have the right to commit atrocities here and kill the innocent.” Every word was like a mountain that crushed down on Li Wushuang.

She hoarsely laughed. “Ceasefire agreement? The Xuanyuan Dragon Sect is almost gone, and you want to talk about a ceasefire?”

Actually, it wasn’t very suitable for her to say those words, as the emperor had only attacked the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect with the pretext of returning the Veildragon Palace to their roots, thus he hadn’t broken the ceasefire agreement. Yet here was his sister, mocking the ceasefire agreement.

“So you mean to say that returning the Veildragon Palace to their roots was just an excuse. You all planned to tear apart the ceasefire agreement and begin an invasion of our Myriad Solar Sects, starting with the Azurecloud Continent. If that’s the case, don’t blame us for marshaling troops and joining this war for self-defense…” the Northdipper Swordsage sneered.

Li Wushuang’s arrogance allowed him to conveniently throw a label of invader onto Li Wushuang.

“Northdipper Swordsage, are you really playing word games? Why is it my fault that you massacred so many from the wargodeans and Blueblood Starocean, members of your Myriad Solar Sects here? This is your internal conflict, don’t drag me into it! Let me give you some advice. I know you want to rise up in the world and call yourself the leader of the Myriad Solar Sects, but people like you tend to die early deaths, understand?” Li Wushuang coldly smiled.

“The people of the Myriad Solar Sects can see clearly that the wargodeans and Blueblood Starocean are your lapdogs. Why quibble when everyone knows it? The crimes you’ve committed are too numerous to list. Since you started this war, don’t blame us for ending it!” The Northdipper Swordsage didn’t use his name, but instead that of the Myriad Solar Sects. That was him being smart; the name of the Empyrean Sword Sect alone wouldn’t be enough to represent justice.

“Do it!” the Northdipper Swordsage ordered.

“Split them up!” When the fifteen people were split up, they would be swallowed by the sheer mass of people.

“Swordsage, what do we do with these fourteen?” many people asked.

“Kill them to the last man!” A few simple words were a death sentence for Li Wushuang’s henchmen. Her eighteen loyalists all had complicated histories; only a few were celestial orderians. Most of them were criminals of the Myriad Solar Sects who had fled to her for safety and become her bodyguards.

They were all peak experts as strong as Gujian Qingshuang, and could have become sect masters of second-rate sects. If they weren’t in a war and surrounded, Li Wushuang would have been safe anywhere with them. They had arrogantly come to the Azurecloud Continent, thinking they were to play and hunt. But now, when they heard the Northdipper Swordsage pronounce judgment upon them, they finally realized they had been playing with fire.

They had poked a hornet’s nest!

As per the Northdipper Swordsage’s orders, they were bombarded by attacks from lifebound beasts and forced apart. They were even separated from their lifebound beasts and immediately surrounded by several experts of their level, as well as a few thousand others!

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