Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1452

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Chapter 1452: 1452

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Chapter 1452 – Long Wangyu

As the Saintdragon Emperor’s grandson, Long Longlong had received a devastating blow. There weren’t any formations or fortifications in the Myriaddragon Mountains, so their opponents’ juniors freely ran around; there was no way to control them.

“Let’s take a look.”

Before Tianming had even said that, Lingfeng had already flown over. In the blink of an eye, the two landed in the pavilion and noticed that Xiaoxiao was also there. The young man beside her was Long Longlong, who possessed the Saintdragon Talent as well as the Ninedragon Imperius. However, he wasn’t as high-spirited as he usually was. His face was slightly pale, as if he had lost his vigor. He was surrounded by many young disciples with anxious expressions.

“Brother Tianming….” Long Longlong had a bitter look on his face.

They had met previously. When Tianming arrived, he saw a group of disciples gathered outside, their laughter reaching the pavilion.

“Who’s that?” Tianming asked.

“Long Wangyu.” Long Longlong gritted his teeth.

“The Voiddragon Emperor’s direct grandson, who’s forty-three years old and a tenth-level constellier? The one that humiliated you last time?” Tianming said.

“How do you know that?” Long Longlong blankly stared at him.

“That’s a secret.” Tianming smiled. Due to Yin Chen, Tianming had received a large amount of information over the past few days.

“Longlong, he’s more than twenty years older than you. Don’t be so upset just because you’ve lost. You know, you’re the face of the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect,” Tianming said.

“I know, but because of this, he’s constantly digging traps for me to fall into. For the sake of our dignity, I’m forced to fight him…” Long Longlong sighed. To put it bluntly, this young man was too upright. His opponent obviously had the advantage of age, yet he still had to meet him head-on. If he didn’t learn to accommodate to circumstances, he would definitely suffer. He had to fight, but knowing how and whom to fight was a skill.

“What does he want you to do this time?” Tianming asked.

“He says they plan to hold a grand celebration to celebrate the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect’s ascension to the top of the myriad sect ranking. Only the top juniors of the sect can participate. They want me to bring others with me,” Long Longlong replied.

“Can you not participate?” Tianming said.

“They’re outside, laughing at the humiliation I suffered earlier. They said that people from our branch are all cowards,” Long Longlong angrily said.

Tianming also heard the unpleasant insults. The Xuanyuan Dragon Sect taught their disciples to be too upright and honest, so they were at a disadvantage when dealing with such shameless rogues. Their enemies had also come prepared with sufficient numbers.

“The Voiddragon Emperor’s grandson? His status is rather high. Shall we conduct an experiment?” Turning to Lingfeng, Tianming arched an eyebrow.

“Okay.” Lingfeng nodded.

“Longlong, we’ll help you vent all your pent-up anger today.” Tianming patted his shoulder.

“Brother Tianming!” The disciples of the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect gathered around him with fiery eyes.

Tianming led the disciples out. With such a leader, they appeared more energetic and imposing. After all, he was the one who had defeated Li Haochen.

As soon as Tianming opened the gates, the disciples outside turned to stare at him. They were just talking and laughing, but at that moment their smiles turned stiff. Half of the group were celestial orderians, and the other half were from the Veildragon Palace. They were headed by a tall young man dressed in green with dark green patterns on his face. His effeminate, yet sinister appearance resembled a venomous snake. At forty years of age, he was already a tenth-level constellier, which was rather impressive.

The Veildragon Palace had inherited their universal manna from the territories controlled by the celestial orderians and their juniors could even cultivate with caeli imperius. Their conditions were great. Therefore, even Long Youyou and Long Wangyu could compare to Long Longlong with his Saintdragon Talent.

Long Wangyu’s dark green eyes met Tianming’s.

“What celebration? Am I invited?” Tianming asked.

“Of course. The question is, do you dare to go?” Narrowing his gaze, Long Wangyu sneered.

“Sure, but the person inviting me must be qualified. Are you qualified?” Tianming asked, raising his head.

“Want to see if I’m qualified?” Long Wangyu retorted.

“I do, but…a regular duel isn’t interesting. Let’s try something more exciting—victory or death. What do you think? Don’t you love to provoke? You have all kinds of means, but you haven’t tried this. I’d like to see if you have the courage. If you don’t, then stop coming around and embarrassing yourselves,” Tianming laughed.

The Xuanyuan Dragon Sect disciples behind him burned with excitement.

“You’re so daring!” Long Longlong exclaimed. However, he knew that the basis of all this was strength. This time, the provocation was coming from Tianming, not their opponents. He had caught them off guard.

“Do you dare accept the challenge? Long Wangyu, weren’t you shouting earlier? Why’re you so quiet now? Don’t you mention the gap in strength. Why didn’t you say anything about age or cultivation level when you bullied Long Longlong?” Victory or death was too much of a thrill. Long Wangyu and the others didn’t usually duel to the death because their main goal was humiliation and suppression. They didn’t dare to go too far.

Silence enveloped the group.

“Don’t be fooled, he defeated Li Haochen in seconds. Brother Yu, it’s already difficult for you to beat Li Haochen. Don’t throw your life away.”

“Don’t throw your life away for a moment’s recklessness. Someone else will deal with Tianming, and that person is still thinking of ways to do it. Don’t stir up trouble,” the disciples reminded Long Wangyu.

He grit his teeth. Despite being unaccustomed to shrinking from a conflict, he accepted their advice to be on the safe side. “You can defeat Li Haochen. I admit I’m no match for you, so I won’t throw my life away. There’ll be others who will fight you to the death. Let’s see if you dare.”

This was clearly a show of cowardice. No matter how he sounded, his momentum was gone.



“You’re at least twenty years older than Tianming, yet you’re afraid to fight him.”

“What about the celestial orderians? Is there no one who’s brave enough to fight just because Li Haochen was easily defeated by Tianming? Why show off then?”

With this hard-won opportunity, Long Longlong and the others mocked their opponents. Li Haochen’s defeat constantly pricked at their hearts. Tianming was invincible among the juniors and those of the same age; this was an immutable fact.

Long Wangyu frowned. Reason told him he should leave, but the unpleasant feeling in his heart still lingered.

“Li Tianming, it’s too soon for you to be happy. Sooner or later, someone’s going to deal with you. You’ll get your life and death duel!” With that, Long Wangyu motioned for the others to leave.

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