Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1500

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Chapter 1500: 1500

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Chapter 1500 - The Gods of the Sun

The three thousand Skydragon peaks comprised the inner region of the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect and were in the place with the highest nova source density. Flaming storms could be seen all over. Amidst the storms were fifty million celestial orderians, most of whom had fire-type totems. There were also ten million troops from the Veildragon Palace, making up a total of sixty million.

There was a sea of people at the Great Saintdragon Peak, all of whom were celestial orderians. Their kind once called themselves the gods of the sun, embodying the hot-blooded and short-tempered nature of the denizens of the sun. Their fire totems and bane-rings made them resemble divine incarnates of flame, while the crimson markings on their bodies detailed the mighty exploits of their kind. Since their rise, the Myriad Solar Sects had gone through hard times.

The divine moonrace was elegant and loved all matters of refinement, but that was because they hadn’t inherited the core trait of celestial orderians. As the gods of the sun, they had no need for refinement, only brutish, fiery might and unyielding courage, both of which had no doubt played a huge part in their absolute domination. The ancient and deep aura of the Xuanyuan dragon peoples could only just barely match up to that kind of tenacity.

The fifty million totemancers around the Great Saintdragon Peak made it seem like there was an endless sea of fire burning around the Myriaddragon Mountains. The ten million Veildragon Palace troops looked far too weak compared to them, being nothing but stray dogs the celestial orderians fed. They were there to take the brunt of the first wave of attacks for them and seemed to be of completely different make.

The sound of their heartbeats alone made for a loud rumble. Even though this was supposed to be a wedding, the sixty million troops organized in neat ranks showed nothing but a sign of war. It was clear that the celestial orderian side was stronger, especially with how organized their troops were and the fact that they obeyed orders without question. They made the strongest army in all of Orderia with their unyielding discipline and lack of any fear of death.

The punishment for desertion was harsh: one's entire family would be slain. Throughout millions of years of enforcing these rules, an ironclad army was formed from soldiers who didn't fear death. The Myriad Solar Sects, on the other hand, focused more on cultivation and enjoyed carefree freedoms. Most second-rate factions didn't even have armies of their own, like the Azuresoul Palace for instance. Given that, even if both sides had a similar number of troops, the celestial orderians would be far superior.

In addition, lifebound beasts could easily be separated from their beastmasters on the battlefield, resulting in their overall might being lowered. Totems, on the other hand, could never be too far from their users. As such, if the reinforcements from the Myriad Solar Sects didn't join in, the thirty million troops of the Ninedragon Army would easily be overwhelmed. The Ninedragon Army was already the best-organized army on the side of the Myriad Solar Sects. Given the odds, the sixty million celestial orderian and Veildragon Guard troops were filled with a murderous confidence.

They watched as their leaders appeared at the Great Saintdragon Peak. There were four generals: Li Xiaoyan, Apothecary Li, and an old couple that had just arrived two days ago. Additionally, there were the Torchdragon, Voiddragon, and Blooddragon Imperials. The seven of them combined weren’t one bit inferior to the Seven Dragon Imperials. Additionally, it was also said that the sun emperor himself would be present. The person with the highest status, Li Wushuang, on the other hand, wasn't present.

Even then, those seven elites weren't the main characters of the day. Instead, they were the two youths, one of whom stood beside the Torchdragon Emperor. He was clad in grand groom attire, an armor of black and gold with a chestplate forged from the best divine ores, depicting a mighty nine-headed black dragon. He was none other than Long Renshe, son of the Torchdragon Emperor and the bearer of the legendary Contradragon Talent of the Veildragon Palace. His achievements far surpassed those of his peers, already being a solarian and making him the indisputably best pick to be the perfect match for the Ninemoon Goddess. His entrance garnered loud cheers from countless celestial orderians.

Celestial orderians respected the strong by nature. That was why even though Long Renshe was the heir of the Veildragon Palace, he enjoyed the protection of fifty million celestial orderians, who worshiped their emperor and naturally respected the one that even their emperor acknowledged.

"Congratulations, Veildragon Palace! Congratulations, Torchdragon Emperor!" they all said in unison.

Shocked and delighted, the Torchdragon Emperor said, "Thank you for your kind acknowledgment, celestial orderians! My infinite thanks to His Solar Majesty!" Though those bootlicking words sounded trite, it was necessary for him to humble himself and consider this marriage a gift.

"Long Renshe!" he chided his absent-minded son with a low voice. Long Renshe only bowed to the fifty million celestial orderians when he was reminded to. Though he had only wanted to make a simple show of it, his father pushed his back down even lower.

"Why don't you just get me to kneel to them, then?" he said with a stern look. Fortunately, nobody paid attention to him as the true guest of honor had arrived.

Qingyu, the Ninemoon Goddess, was the only one that could make the celestial orderians go wild. The Diviluna Eternalight took the form of a flowing spiral dress dotted with stars, shocking everyone. Even though her face was obscured by a veil, her lunar radiance caused millions to stare with their mouths agape. She was far too beautiful. Both herself and her moonlight aura were all that was needed for this to be called the grandest wedding in all of history. Little did they know that Li Yunxi had to control her to make sure she didn't make a mess of things.

Li Yunxi herself was a top beauty among celestial orderians and her curves were nicely highlighted by the formal dress she wore. However, the one who should have been in her place was Li Wushuang.

With the core figures assembled, the Flamefiend Lord, Li Xiaoyan, and the Torchdragon Emperor rose, representing each of their factions. Together, they said, "The time has come! As the rulers of the Myriaddragon Mountains, our peoples will now head to the Primodragon Cave to welcome our guests for this auspicious occasion!" Countless people cheered in response.

"Depart!" With both sides already assembled at the Great Saintdragon Peak, they headed for the Primodragon Cave together along with their army of sixty million.

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