Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1503

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Chapter 1503: 1503

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Chapter 1503 - Ultra Spiritarray

Despite the seething hatred she felt, Long Wanying still kept her wit and reason. Before an elite on the level of the dreamless celestial emperor, the two tenth-level solarians barely stood a chance.

"Let's mount a fighting retreat toward Dragonbound Valley!"

Even though the valley's illusory formation was unable to hold Li Wushuang back, they still had the grade-seven divine formation laid by the Saintdragon Emperor and the rest, called the Pentaphase Dragonhide Formation, which was more or less as powerful as the Azuresky Myriadsword Formation. No doubt it would take quite a bit of pressure off their backs.

Two beams, one black and one white, shot through the mountains and rivers, backing toward Dragonbound Valley as they were chased by a harsh red figure that glared at them like a predator glaring at prey, maniacally chasing them down.

"Hehehehe!" Ghastly laughter came pouring out of Li Wushuang's mouth. The Skymoon Holyfiend tore the air around it apart, letting out a chilling aura that tore the nearby mountains and boulders asunder.

When they were within range of Dragonbound Valley, the formation began activating. Formation spirit threads were all over the valley, allowing the disciples that took refuge to use their power to fuel the formation. Some of them were already solarians, despite being less than a century old, so the group as a whole made for quite a significant force. When they channeled their astralforce into the formation spirit threads with their lifebound beasts, the grade-seven divine formation's power was unleashed to its full potential. With hundreds of thousands of people charging it up, it boasted enough power to stop even the largest of forces.

However, peak elites were like sharp blades that could cut through almost anything. Given Li Wushuang's power, busting the formation wouldn't be that difficult. That didn't mean that she would be able to take on a million-man army alone—rather, she had much more power concentrated in a single person rather than having a large amount of power spread out among many.

The three of them entered the formation's range soon enough. That instant, countless dragon roars came from all over as the surroundings completely changed. Divine hazards of different types, namely metal, wood, water, fire, and earth, formed tens of millions of gigantic dragons, filling the entire area to the brim. They joined together and swirled into many vortices that surrounded Li Wushuang, tearing into her without mercy. The youths' fighting spirit was conveyed through the formation spirit threads into the pentaphase dragons. Many of them had been forced to leave their homes and part with their loved ones for the sake of survival, as much as they didn't want to hide away. They wouldn't have come if it weren’t for the Saintdragon Emperor's orders.

"She's Li Wushuang, sister of the sun emperor!"

"They’ll have all the Xuanyuans wiped out and she even came for us, the young and vulnerable! Someone this despicable should be eradicated!"

"Brothers and sisters, let's do our best to help the Whitedragon Empress and the Grand Minster kill her!"

"This is payback!"

They burned with passion, human and dragon alike contributing as much astralforce as they could to strengthen the pentaphase dragons. Sounds of crackling divine hazards rang out from outside the valley nonstop, intermingled with the ghastly cries of an infant and the wailing of a resentful banshee. Those sounds came from Li Wushuang's totems!

Amidst the raging storm was a cloud of ever-expanding bloody mist that turned into flames. Eight gigantic totems of completely different looks surrounded Li Wushuang from all directions. She rapidly slashed at the divine hazards with her blade, paving a way clear ahead of her.

"So this is all this formation amounts to, huh...." She began growing drunk with power. The feeling of absolute domination brought her endless bliss. She started understanding why her brother liked to lord over others so much. "Long Wanying!"

She locked on to the five actual dragons among the countless dragons in the formation, specifically the worldcleanse whitesoul dragons. The five snow-white grand dragons sported pure white scales and horns. Their eyes shone like the smoothest pearls and their whiskers looked like silver whips, each of them appearing like the avatar of perfection. One look at them was enough for Li Wushuang to tell them apart from the rest. She instantly covered a distance of one kilometer and closed in on Long Wanying, the object of her hate and envy. Though fear seemed to flash across Long Wanying's eyes, that emotion was soon replaced by hatred.

She fought with her dragons in tandem with her divine sun, forming the perfect fighting unit. Before Li Wushuang's totems could approach, the white dragons unleashed their abilities on them, using Galactic Radiance. Each dragon turned into rivers of white, their scales blending into them as they shone bright silver, illuminating the entire battlefield and swallowing Li Wushuang's totems up in the purifying light. Normally, any evil thing of malice would be reduced to ash by such an attack, but this ability only seemed to stop Li Wushuang for a moment. The next instant, her laughter began permeating through the vast mass of white, along with the color of blood, black, grey, and violet, polluting the pure radiant white. Rot began spreading along with the toxins of the totems, even staining the worldcleanse whitesoul dragons. Holes began forming all over their scaly bodies.

The totems were like hungry ghosts, lashing wildly out at Long Wanying and her dragons with their fangs and claws. Even though countless formation dragons got in their way, they weren't able to stop Li Wushuang's rampage. By now, few in all of Orderia could stand up to her, especially after her divine aura had receded in favor of a demonic one! Her cold laughter and toxins hung around Long Wanying and her dragons like a cloud.

"Being weak is a sin! Long Wanying, you were always destined to be trampled by me! The more you hate me, the happier I am! Because there's nothing you can do but submit!" As she cackled away, she fought her way close to Long Wanying, immediately striking directly at her. With her astralforce and numerical superiority, she came close to cutting Long Wanying into pieces.

"I was almost there!" she spat, dissatisfied.

Long Wanying felt the difficulty of exacting her revenge. She grit her teeth tight, her eyes bloodshot as the sword in her hand dripped with blood. Her entire body shook with rage. Fortunately, Yang Ce wasn’t idly watching from the side. His darknight truefiends matched Li Wushuang's totems in number and ferocity. Back then, he had been able to fight her toe to toe. The darknight truefiends attacked Li Wushuang's totems from behind as they were busy chewing away at the five dragons, each one piercing their spikes through the totems.

At that moment, the worldcleanse whitesoul dragons used a second ability: Ultra Spiritarray!

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