Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1512

Published at 3rd of August 2022 12:00:48 AM

Chapter 1512: 1512

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Chapter 1512 - Strike to the Soul

As time passed, the dragon felt like its divine soul was beginning to crumble. The Skyfiend Soulscroch Curse didn't just consume its soul, it also consumed its life! Even more important was how a few of its fellow panicking dragons' rain of spikes had pierced into its flesh; now it was both physically and spiritually hurt. Their ability was terrifying in that their split horns were hooked at the front, not to mention they could grow longer upon contact. Forcefully pulling out the spikes would take with them huge chunks of flesh!

"What’re the rest of you doing?" it cried at its brothers, not that they had a choice in that given how huge it was.

Lingfeng managed to avoid the ability, while the Soulfiend turned into a black tornado right before it connected, adopting an ethereal form on which the physical ability didn't work. Though the Soulfiend looked like a close combat monster, its appearance was deceiving in that it didn't have nearly as much close combat power as huge dragons like Long Renshe’s. Even so, that didn't mean that it and Lingfeng were in the clear yet. Lingfeng blocked Long Renshe's spear strike twice with his staff. Almost instantly, Long Renshe took advantage of his superior astralforce and thrust once more toward Lingfeng's chest.

"Die!" He unleashed his boundless killing intent as another form of suppression. Lingfeng had relied on consuming a large amount of pills and his unique soul attacks to fight, so Long Renshe paid it back by giving his thrust to the chest his full force. His special talent enhanced his draconian body. Coupled with his third eye, he avoided the staff and slipped into the opening, executing his divine art with perfect precision.

The spear passed through Lingfeng's chest and emerged from his back, but there was no blood! However, that was hardly surprising, given Bloodleech Voidriver's bloodsucking ability. It would suck any opponent down until they were nothing but dry husks.

The thirty million troops of the Ninedragon Army had their enthusiasm dampened as worry began surging to their heads. Meanwhile, the opposing army cheered and chanted Long Renshe's name. The ten million from the Veildragon Palace especially felt their hearts burn with so much pride that they were about to cry. Long Renshe had won and killed Lingfeng! That was the same conclusion all ninety million people had come to at the same time.

However, only one person was struck with shock: Long Renshe himself. Even though his spear had gone through, it was as if he’d hit nothing but air. Then he spotted the confident look on Lingfeng's face, which prompted him to immediately withdraw his spear.

"Huh?!" Long Renshe noticed that Lingfeng's chest had stopped his spear from moving. It was as if there was something sucking it back in. Even stopping it from budging for the slightest moment was enough to overcome Long Renshe's guard.

"You fell for it." Lingfeng had used his Primordial Gate to take attacks before, and it’d never failed him.

"You!" The instant Long Renshe pulled again, Lingfeng swung his staff that was covered in Soulvisceration Thorns toward his third eye. Long Renshe quickly used his fortified left arm to grab the staff, only to be forced to let go the next instant from the pain. The spikes had torn into his flesh and seeped into his sea of consciousness, sending endless pain coursing through him! However, it was already too late to let go. The blood-and-spike-covered staff still landed on his nose and broke it, even with Lingfeng's inferior astralforce, drawing quite a lot of blood. The pain of even more Soulvisceration Thorns entered his sea of consciousness, attacking his vita!

"Aaaaagh!" he harrowingly cried. He let go of his spear and backed off tens of meters, his face bloody and all messed up. Even though people couldn't see it, they knew his vita was injured. All of that had happened in an instant and people were still chanting his name, only to suddenly quiet down. Not even the Ninedragon Army could clearly see what happened. As they were stupefied, Lingfeng went charging toward Long Renshe once more!

It was only then that the Bloodleech Voidriver fell to the ground. From then on, his Primordial Gate was no longer a secret, but he wasn't afraid. He unleashed three staff strikes toward the reeling Long Renshe, who managed to block two, only for the third to land on his shadow. While it didn't look too damaging, the Soulvisceration Thorns did wonders once more, the sheer pain that resulted causing his mind to numb and blank out. He felt so weak that the strike almost seemed fatal—he was suffering the exact same thing as one of his lifebound beasts.

"Dammit!" Fortunately for him, his other dragons blocked Lingfeng's way, slamming him away with their gigantic claws and saving Long Renshe from imminent death. "Thank goodness," he said, breathing a sigh of relief. "I neglected that he has impressive soul damaging capabilities and almost got defeated. But I can't let him off!"

He didn't even dare to imagine what would happen to his father or the Veildragon Palace if he lost; it was too close. He quickly retrieved his spear and had four of his dragons return to defend him. However, he knew that the sixty million people who had placed their hopes in him didn't look too good and could feel the humiliation mounting. What was worse was how he had underestimated Lingfeng's fourth imperial soul abilities to end up in such a state.

It didn't take long before Lingfeng attacked the injured dragon with his staff, causing it to lengthen more than a thousand meters before he swung and slammed it into the beast that was still agonizing from being struck by the Skyfiend Soulscorch Curse.

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