Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1549

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Chapter 1549: 1549

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Chapter 1549 - Galactic Inversion

The opening of the Kunlan Realm that Xu Xuxu had referred to described the emergence of new primalwings from the realm. The wings would choose new owners to fuse with. In one of Feiling's nails was sealed an ability called Celestial Wings. They were a pair of wings of light that looked almost the same as primalwings.

Unsurprisingly at this point, one of the grades of primalwings were celestialwings. There were five categories of wings in total, namely celestialwings, terrestialwings, arcanewings, yellowwings, and normalwings. According to the talent afforded by each kind, those with celestialwings were considered to have the most talent. They were also incredibly rare. Even those who only had terrestialwings and arcanewings were already considered rather talented. As a baseline, those with normalwings were also able to become ascendants under the unique circumstances of the astral hole.

"Ling'er, I wonder if your wings have something to do with primalwings."

"Surely they can't be the same. My Celestial Wings are just named that way, while theirs are a category of wings." As for whether there was a level beyond celestialwings, they didn't know for sure.

"The funniest part of this is that they consider you one of them. You happened to shrink at the right time."

"The wings do look quite alike," Feiling said as wings of white light appeared behind her back. All three gigantic pairs of them spread wide open. Even though they were wings of light, there seemed to be countless feathers on them. Each flap of the wings was dreamy and beautiful, thanks to the light, and each pair had a special allure. Upon closer inspection, there was a unique symbol on each feather, each of them seemingly resembling a peak god with a different will. The closer Tianming looked at them, the more his head hurt. He simply had to get used to looking at them as a whole.

"Do they look good?" Feiling asked, flapping the wings and shyly twirling around.

"They do. As expected of an immortal woman who’s existed since eons ago. Your aura is enchantingly unique," Tianming teased.

"Meanie." She put the wings away and returned to his side.

"You look no different from those primalwingers now," Tianming said with a sigh of relief. It was far too convenient, though Feiling might begin looking different when she grew larger in size in a matter of months. At the very least, she blended in fine now and seemed no different from Xu Xuxu.

Since her rebirth, her true power was only at the Ascension stage, so she had basically only attained a god's physique. The blood grudge incident was an accident, though there were some changes with her body and soul after her rebirth. While the specific changes were hard to pin down, it was obvious that she was different from her previous self. At the very least, she had gained some new insights into her own cultivation.

Since leaving Orderia, she seemed to be training to recover her previous cultivation. She had absorbed enough nova source to reach the threshold of a first-level constellier once more, a staggering rate of growth indeed. Naturally, things would be harder the higher level one was. Right now she was only so fast because she was recovering cultivation she had previously attained, much like Bodhi.

Additionally, she had recovered some of her memories of cultivation. Even though her combat ability was still lacking, she had unlocked eight of the abilities sealed in her nails. Her unique constitution also allowed her to give Tianming a huge help; just like the time back when they were in the Vermillion Bird Kingdom, they were still an iconic duo.

As for her Eternal Nirvana, there were two more rounds and they didn't know when they would start. Tianming worried that he would lose her again all of a sudden, so he wanted to learn more about her before that happened. "The Kunlan Realm is a place of no return. I wonder what's at the bottom...."

The curiosity began sinking in as they descended. The lower they went, the thicker the fog around the Prime Tower became. They were heading in the direction of the signal.


Before they reached the bottom of the astral hole, they saw more and more people heading the same way. Most of them were primalwingers. There were also some beastmasters and totemancers, most of whom were from the Violetglory Star. Some had come recently, while others were descended from Violetglorians.

Primary had collapsed into an astral hole after its nova source had surged out of control, so there was no longer anything of worth to conquer. Its fate was to eventually fizzle out and die. As such, no war had broken out between the two sides since they’d established contact. There were some primalwingers that moved to the Violetglory Star and some Violetglorians that moved to Primary, though they would eventually have to return home either way.

Currently, the distance between the two worlds could be traversed with the body alone, so people would leave when the time came. While there were still some minor gains to be made on Primary, it was a world without a future.

As many other Violetglorians headed for the Kunlan Realm, Tianming no longer stood out. Even if some people came to talk to him, he wouldn't reveal that he was only in his twenties. With his age hidden, he was no different from the many other cultivators here.

Primalwingers with all kinds of colored wings flew past them as they descended. There were far more people down below, occupying much of the space. When the two of them finally reached the bottom, there were hundreds of millions of people outside the entrance of the Kunlan Realm, most of them primalwingers with even more on the way. With most primalwingers being ascendants or above, the level of people there was actually rather high. On Orderia, they would be fit to serve in a large army.

The sheer sight was impressive to behold from above. Billions of wings were spread open all over, each of them a glowing point of light. It looked like countless butterflies of light had formed a sea of colorful stars. Even though Primary was a world that was destined to die, it was still able to produce such a beautiful sight. Up above, one could see the colorful stars. Down below, one could behold the countless fireflies.

Tianming and Feiling didn't stand out among them at all. They chose a spot and prepared to witness the birth of miracles this world had to offer. The Kunlan Realm would open up and release primalwings out into the wild. They would pick their own owners like the dragons of origin once had! As such, there would be no competition of any sort over the wings.

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