Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 156

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Chapter 156: - The Wei Clan is Finished!

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Lightning Manor and the Yueling Clan had been very thoughtful in their distribution of wedding invitations.

Apart from the general invitation to the Wei Clan, Li Tianming, Wei Jing and Mu Yang all got personal invitations. The fact that even Wei Jing received one showed that everyone with a reputation in Vermilion Bird had been invited. As the marriage between two disciples of Heaven’s Elysium, this was the most illustrious wedding in Vermilion Bird since its founding. Not even the marriage of the king himself would make inspectors of Heaven’s Elysium participate.

Despite just being vice-inspectors, they were already terrifying figures to the powerful clans of Ignispolis.

The scheduling for the wedding was very tight, set for the very night after the invitations were received.

An uproar occurred in Vermilion Bird immediately. One side was the peerless genius chosen by Heaven’s Elysium, Lin Xiaoting. The other was the winner of the Abyssal Trials held between three countries. Both had gotten together within a short month.

This was the epitome of a match made in heaven.

As for Mu Qingqing, who would pay attention to her in the face of authority, talent and prospects?

“Mu Qingqing’s standard is a little low. Her current accomplishments were all thanks to Lin Xiaoting. She would have been an ordinary Flameyellow Scions Institute disciple otherwise.”

“Considering Lin Xiaoting’s current accomplishments, just becoming a concubine or a servant would be impressive for her. I even heard that in the Abyssal Battlefield, she was crippled by Li Tianming, or perhaps even tainted by him.”

“Yes. How could Li Tianming give up on such a good chance after failing three years ago? That’s why I don’t think Lin Xiaoting marrying Yueling Ji can be considered as him abandoning her.”

“Well, all I can say is that Mu Qingqing is unlucky to be continuously pestered by that devil Li Tianming.”

Gossip was a fearful thing. In this world, not many knew the truth. And for some, all it took was a modicum of effort to sway public opinion. Smearing Li Tianming again was no big deal.

As soon as the invitations were sent out, Mu Qingqing’s reputation was lost, but Lin Xiaoting, who was marrying someone else, was showered with praise.

Who would believe it if someone said no one was manipulating things behind the scenes?

All this pointed to how if you wanted to enter a powerful family and latch on to the wealthy, then you had to be mentally prepared to be screwed over heartlessly.

Many influential figures could feel the hidden undercurrents after receiving their invitations. The vice-inspectors had stayed at Ignispolis for over a month, with the Yueling Clan even moving into Lightning Manor. And now, Lightning Manor was disregarding even the royal clan.

Something big was about to happen!

Ignispolis had enjoyed a month of peace. It was about time for the storm to hit. However, no one could predict how many lives would be lost in its wake, or how many would ride the wave to prominence!


Li Tianming was already back at Wei Manor when he received the invitation.

Coincidentally, Wei Tianxiong and the others were currently in the meeting. Among the attendants included Mu Yang, the four heavenly guardians, the eighteen supernal mentors and the five hall overseers. Wei Jing was also present.

“Come over, Tianming.” Wei Jing beckoned him over.

Li Tianming’s hair of silver-white hair was now very eye-catching, and the seniors quickly noticed.

“Men shouldn’t be spending their time dressing up. And this kind of colour at that. What is it supposed to be?” Flameyellow Scions Institute Chancellor Wei Tianxiong said mildly.

The Sanctum Potentate, Wei Tiancang was still in convalescence. He needed at least a month of rest to recover his vital energy, which explained his absence. Currently, the greatest authority fell to Wei Tianxiong.

“Uncle, you’re just not up to the date with the latest trends. This is in fashion now and is considered super manly. I guess you just can’t appreciate it.” Li Tianming gave Wei Tianxiong an indifferent look before sitting by Wei Jing. Li Tianming couldn’t be bothered to argue with Wei Tianxiong.

Wei Tianxiong had never liked him, but whose fault was it his son Wei Guohao was trash compared to Li Tianming?

“Frivolous child,” Wei Zikun criticized.

“Quiet, focus on raising your son first. Even if this so-called frivolous child just stands there, your son still can’t beat him,” Wei Jing said.

Wei Zikun nearly had a heart attack there and then. However, that didn’t change the fact that he had no grounds to refute her words.

“I also received an invitation,” Li Tianming suddenly spoke up.

“You have it?” No one expected this development.

“It must be Lin Xiaoting who arranged it. Our information says that Yueling Ji has reached the Unity stage. Obviously, they will head to Heaven’s Elysium after the wedding. However, Lin Xiaoting invited you because he wants to eliminate you before he goes to avenge Mu Qingqing. Going doesn’t bode well for you,” Wei Tianxiong said confidently.

“He’s not doing this for Mu Qingqing. It’s because he’s scared of me,” Li Tianming said calmly.

“Scared? Why, because you can defeat people ninth level Spiritsource?” Wei Zikun, the Hall Of Phoenix Overseer snorted derisively. Although Wei Tiancang had forgiven Wei Jing, these two brothers were still brooding over the matter.

Combined with Li Tianming’s strong showing and how he outshone their children, they were antagonistic to him.

The heavenly guardians and supernal mentors didn’t quite believe Li Tianming.

“Based on how all eighteen supernal mentors looked down on me that time in the Hall of Ancestry. But now? Not even three months, but I can crush any of your disciples underfoot,” Li Tianming replied.

The supernal mentors were speechless. That day, led by Liu Xueyao and Zhao Tianchen, the supernal mentors had been very sarcastic, continuously shaking their heads at Li Tianming.

And Wei Guohao, who had broken Li Tianming’s weapon and suppressed him, was now soundly beaten up by Li Tianming.

For this group, Liu Xueyao felt her face stinging the most. After all, Li Tianming had crippled her favourite disciple, Mu Qingqing.

“Tianming is right. Even I misjudged him that time. I feel embarrassed by your performance.” The Guardian of Ancestry, Jun Yuancang, chuckled bitterly. He was saying this, despite his plentiful experience.

Now, Wei Zikun, who had called Li Tianming into question, had made a fool of himself. At least, the eighteen supernal mentors couldn’t pick out any faults with him,

However, Liu Xueyao wasn’t very happy.

“I’ve seen many geniuses, but none as full of themselves as you. In this at least, Lin Xiaoting is superior to you. If he really was targeting you, he must be sure of himself. He also has the vice-inspectors backing him up. If I were you, I wouldn’t be so cocky.”

“You’re not even at Unity, so don’t even presume to know how much stronger than Spiritsource it is. You also don’t know the might of the Saintbeast Warsoul,” Liu Xueyao said coolly.

‘What a coincidence! I actually do know how powerful the Warsoul is,” Li Tianming replied.

“What do you mean?” Liu Xueyao frowned.

“You should know exactly what I mean.”

Li Tianming claimed so because the Warsoul had once belonged to him.

At this time, a rumour was circulating in Heaven’s Sanctum. It said that the obscene matter three years had actually been a case of robbery and entrapment. The real victim was Li Tianming. However, Liu Xueyao, who had known Mu Qingqing for three years, was the one most doubtful of its veracity.

“It seems many here think Li Tianming was framed then?” Liu Xueyao asked.

No one replied.

“If we all have different views, there’s no need to associate.” Liu Xueyao stood up.

“Go quickly. If you’re going to be Lightning Manor’s dog, bark somewhere else. In fact, it might be time to check up on your disciple and make sure she hasn’t died yet.” Li Tianming snorted.

“You!” Liu Xueyao was furious. “When I was contributing to the sanctum, you weren't even born yet!”

“So you were an old granny then!”


“You may leave.” Mu Yang looked at her.


“No one here is a fool. Liu Xueyao. If you want to be a spy, don’t be so obvious about it. I called it long ago. Your brain has something wrong.” Chief Mentor Mu Wan was the one speaking now; she had been in a nondescript corner somewhere in the room.

“Wei Clan? Heaven’s Sanctum? Hahaha…” Liu Xueyao stood up and swept everyone with a sinister look.

She was just about to leave when Mu Yang stood in front of her. “Liu Xueyao, it seems you know why the vice-inspectors are staying here.”

It was obvious from her parting words and smug attitude that she was privy to information others weren’t.

Li Tianming had casually talked back to her when she started her theatrics, but he hadn’t expected such a scoop. He shared a look with Chief Mentor Mu Wan. They really did both have a bitch detector.
“Oh well, you’ll find out tomorrow anyway. My fellow supernal mentors, I have good news for you. What’s coming has nothing to do with you. The only ones in trouble are the Wei Clan and all those related to them, like you, Mu Yang!” Liu Xueyao said triumphantly.
Then, she sneered at Li Tianming. “You especially. Don’t be too proud too soon. You’re about to be the most miserable one. The Wei Clan is finished!”

“You don’t need to leave anymore.” Including Mu Yang, everyone stood up and surrounded her. In all its years, never had a supernal mentor of Heaven’s Sanctum turned into a spy.

“You all should thank me. I let everyone present know that it'll be only the Wei Clan that'll be in trouble, so you lot can get a good night’s sleep. When this is all over, we’ll still all be fellow supernal mentors and friends,” Liu Xueyao replied, a sardonic grin on her face.

The supernal mentors all looked at each other, their hearts shaken.

“Let her go!” Suddenly, an old figure appeared from the shadows.

Wei Tiancang had arrived. His face was pale, but the authority in his voice still made Liu Xueyao step back in fright.

“Father, she may know about the brewing conspiracy!” Wei Tianxiong urged.

“What conspiracy, it’s all out in the open. The vice-inspectors will tell you all tomorrow at Lightning Manor. No need to be anxious,” Wei Tiancang said.

“She betrayed Heaven’s Sanctum!” Wei Zikun said emotionally.

“Wrong, she betrayed only our Wei Clan,” Wei Tiancang said coldly.

“So we’re just letting her off like that?”

“Or else? It’s not the Wei Clan’s style to attack an unrelated woman when we go into conflict, is it?” Wei Tiancang said.

Wei Zikun was speechless.

“Looks like Lord Potentate has some integrity. In that case, I wish you all good luck.” Liu Xueyao snorted before turning to leave. Her clothes, however, were drenched in cold sweat.

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