Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1598

Published at 14th of September 2022 09:39:06 PM

Chapter 1598: 1598

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Chapter 1598 - Until the Stones Crumble

"What are you doing?" Feiling gave Tianming a surprised look as her face flushed red and her body stiffened up from the nervousness.

"Wanna take a guess at that?" Tianming daringly said.

"I'm asking what you're doing looking at me like that...." She felt a little faint. Now, it almost seemed like she was the one who came up with the idea.

"Because you look so good, of course." Tianming didn't know when, but he had come to develop quite a penchant for teasing her. Her cute reactions were simply irresistible, and the place and time were both peaceful. There was no better time to mess around, not that Tianming would ever let that stop him from devouring such a gourmet delicacy.

"When... when are you going to wed me?" Feiling asked, taking two steps back and lowering her head.

"Wed you?" Tianming really hadn't considered it before, and he felt a little guilty that she had to be the one to bring it up. He was quite crude when it came to matters of romance. Feiling had sensitive emotional needs, and familiar romantic rituals were important to her. It was crucial that their relationship be official.

Seeing him so unprepared, she pouted and stayed quiet.

"Ling'er...." Tianming came up to her and put her palm on his chest. "I'm sorry. I never considered that until now. I thought it was enough that everyone else knew that we're in a relationship. As for marriage... my parents aren't around and we're kind of wandering, so it still doesn't feel ideal. But if you can accept holding a marriage ceremony here, we can immediately start preparing for it!"

Feiling blinked a few times. Seeing how bad he felt about it, she chuckled. "Idiot, I was just asking. I wouldn't want to get married here either. I’d prefer to go back to the Vermillion Bird Kingdom and Ignispolis. That's where our friends and family are."

Hearing her understanding words, Tianming breathed a sigh of relief. He had almost become a shitty boyfriend.

"Of course, that doesn't mean you can forget about it, alright? When the time comes, don't drag it out, got it?"

"Of course! It'll always be on my mind!" Tianming gave his chest a confident thump.

Feiling sweetly smiled, her arms around his waist as she looked up at him. There were still some tears in the corner of her eyes as she said, "Alright, let's begin!"

"Begin what?"

"Mmmf!" She buried her face in his chest and hugged him tight, as if she was worried he would disappear if she didn't.

That was all Tianming needed to understand what she meant. He didn't think she would be so proactive about it. "Ling'er, I still haven't given you a proper marriage ceremony yet. Are you sure you're fine with this?" If it hadn’t been for her bringing it up, he wouldn't have hesitated in the least.

"Enough nonsense. If you don't dual cultivate with me, I'll snap your Grand-Orient Sword in half," she said with a soft, but firm tone. She put her focus entirely on what she felt and pushed her worries to the back of her mind.

The hilt of the sword and her heavenly pattern formation.... It had been ages since they’d brought that up. They had experienced countless things across the years, and their passions were finally ignited. "Hmph, I'd like to see you try."

Her gentle teasing had ignited a furious spark in him. Never had he doubted that he would treat her well; he was that confident. Though he had hesitated for a moment before, her proactiveness gave him even more confidence that he would love and protect her.

"Big Brother, I’ll be yours until the stones crumble across the eons." Her gentle words fueled his flames even more.

"Who cares about the stones crumbling? All I care about is now, and our endless tomorrows together."

"Do you have enough pleasure balls for that?"

Though that was troubling at first thought, Tianming refused to believe they didn't have something similar here. He wouldn't have to save them! His mind was made up. But right as he was about to act, he felt the warm body in his arms seemingly turn cold. He wasn't sure if he had imagined it, but something felt wrong.

As expected, she pushed Tianming away at the last moment. Though she didn't use much force, it had completely doused the flames in Tianming. He gave her a good look and saw an air of frost around her as her eyes turned blue. It seemed like she was a completely different person.

"Xuanyuan Xi?!" Tianming's gaze turned cold. She was the innate godchild of Perpetia! Was her personality still intact?

"Xuanyuan Xi?" She furrowed her brows and shook her head. "She's dead. Completely."

"Then who are you?!" Xuanyuan Xi was one of the incarnations, or past lives, of the Lord of Perpetia. If Xuanyuan Xi was gone, this could only be that endlessly old existence within Feiling. Her past incarnation.

"Big Brother, it's me, Ling'er...." What surprised him was that this ice-eyed girl was not the slightest bit cold toward him. Though she pushed him away, she approached him once more and hugged him with her cold body.

"Ling'er?" He held her shoulders and looked closely. There was no mistake—everything about her was the same, save for her vibe. She was as hardworking and passionate as before, but her body was cold as ice. When he touched her, his palms seemed to frost up. "Why is this happening?"

"It might have to do with Perpetia. Sometimes, I don't know myself. It feels like I'm a different person, and there's a lot of confusing memories in my head. I feel really lonely." The loneliness of immortality. All of that seemed to have something to do with Perpetia.

"Don't worry, I'm here." He hugged her as tightly as he could and felt the icy energy flow into his body. She shuddered as her lips frosted up.

"I feel so cold.... Why? Didn't I succeed going through Eternal Nirvana? Am I still going to die?" Her eyes were starting to fill with despair. She had gone through Eternal Nirvana a hundred times, seemingly expending all of her karma. It hadn't been a few months since she was reborn, and something else had already begun to change.

"It'll be fine," Tianming consoled. But soon, he realized that the harder he hugged her, the colder she became. Both of their bodies were freezing up. This was much colder than any divine hazard could ever be. Even Violetpeak's overall temperature began falling.

"This isn't right." Tianming tried to let go and take a few steps back, only to realize that the frost was receding from Feiling's body. The blue in her eyes faded as she returned to normal, the luster returning to her skin.

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