Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1605

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Chapter 1605: 1605

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Chapter 1605 - Making a Hole in Your Heart

As far as most cultivators were concerned, nova source was only able to be converted into astralforce and stored in the astral discs within their albi. However Ying Huo was absorbing it at a rate a thousand times more than that of normal cultivation. There was no way its albi or divine will would even be able to contain that much astralforce, not to mention nova source which hadn't been converted yet.

Though its body was also formed from dense albi, it was a Primordial Chaos Beast with special properties. Some of the albi in its body linked together and formed a large river in the shape of an Infernal Furnace. It absorbed nova source into the furnace through the ten vortices at its wings, allowing it to temporarily control all of that power without converting it to astralforce! The nova source wasn't absorbed into its albi at all, but rather contained by an organ formed from albi, and the reason it was even able to do that without destabilizing was due to its unique nature as a Primordial Chaos Beast. This was an ability that stemmed from its natural bloodline talent.

From the outside, the nova source was converted into pillars of fire before being absorbed. Ying Huo bloated up into a giant ball of fire about three thousand meters across and it was still continuing to expand! The furnace within its body managed to keep the wild nova source energy suppressed.

"What kind of power is this?"

"This is far too terrifying! I don't even think many solarians can store that much power."

"It's still going on!"

"That can't be, it doesn't look like it's cultivating. If it can't convert that into astralforce, won't it be torn apart by the nova source?"

"I have no words. What kind of lifebound beast is this?"

"I wonder how much stronger Li Tianming is compared to Ye Chen. Li Tianming's a nonabane totemancer, but now even his blood pact lifebound beasts are stronger than Ye Chen's."

It seemed that Tianming alone was the one panicking. "Hey, stop absorbing nova source. We promise not to call you Boomchicken! Fire it, wait, no, fire it away from us!" The ten-thousand-meter-wide sun in the sky made Tianming feel how far off the Primordial Chaos Beasts were from normal lifeforms. Before, while Meow Meow and Ying Huo were strong, they still felt like they were in the same league. But Ying Huo now seemed like a super lifeform that came from the stars. It could become an exploding chicken after a short fifteen minutes of gathering power.

"Chicken Bro, if you don't eject it, we'll have roast chicken for dinner tonight!" Xian Xian said, though it couldn't help licking its lips at the notion.

"Watch and learn, puny beings," Ying Huo said, still putting on a show at a moment like this.

Tianming saw its body through the flames. The ten vortices in its wings closed and it stopped absorbing nova source. At that moment, the Infernal Furnace within it was at its most pressurized to force all that energy down. Its eyes burst with fire. It didn't even resemble a phoenix anymore, but a beast made out of pure flames. It looked down and thought about giving Lan Huang a taste of it, but the energy it’d gathered had surpassed even its own expectations, so it turned to the sky and opened its beak, directing it toward the violetstar clouds above. A huge pillar of black flames burst out, piercing through the clouds above and stretching millions of meters before magnificently exploding, leaving behind a gap in the clouds that stretched around a hundred thousand meters wide.

It was quite a stunning sight. Everyone near Violetpeak widened their eyes in shock and forgot to breathe. When the clouds recovered, the smoke around Ying Huo faded. Seeing the phoenix, the crowd went wild.

"Bird god! No, it's a divine bird!"

Their cheers echoed nonstop.

"Sigh, you lot really haven't seen the world before, huh? Why’re you freaking out over this little trick?" Ying Huo combed its 'hair' and flew down, not shrinking this time. Instead, it descended to Shuo Yue's side and held it gently with its wings.

"Ahem!" Shuo Yue snapped out of its fright from before.

"How is it, Yue Yue, did I blast a hole in your heart like I did the clouds?"

"You were impressive just now, but the moment you open your beak to speak, you sound like an idiot." Shuo Yue didn't know how else to react.

"Idiot? Ah, this must be the negging I've heard so much of. You like being teased, eh? I'll call you stupid in the future too!" Ying Huo said, self-satisfied.

"Stop it! You're embarrassing me!" Tianming said, feeling like puking. Ying Huo's line was super corny.

"Shut up! You're just jealous of my heroics!" Ying Huo said, turning back into a chick and pecking at Tianming.

The others speechlessly watched the scene. Since that day, Ying Huo's fame spread throughout the world; it was almost fitting for a Primordial Chaos Beast like it. Despite Tianming's nine totems, not even he could compare to his Primordial Chaos Beasts in terms of visual impact. Ying Huo was only the beginning, and there were four more to go.

"The birth of a sovereign beast.... Li Tianming is so much more ahead than Ye Chen now."

"I heard Ye Chen's a solarian already. I wonder if their sovereign will be willing to give him a manna imperius."

"We'll wait and see. If not, Ye Chen's as good as useless."

"Him? He lost the right to be compared with Tianming long ago!"

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