Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1625

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Chapter 1625: 1625

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Chapter 1625 - Illusory Outbreak

"Who?" Tianming hurriedly moved aside. He had his Lifesteal Silverdragon wrapped around his black arm. The arm was the wildest part of Tianming's body, which added to his domineering appearance. In fact, his entire appearance made him stand out like a sore thumb, with his long, white hair and black and gold eyes, the latter of which had a little fish swimming in it. He obviously didn't look like someone to be taken lightly, so who would dare to attack him? He evaded the punch as it resoundingly slammed into the pillar.

"Li Tianming of Violetglory, it's you after all! It's over for you!" said a hoarse voice.

Tianming moved aside and looked closer at the man that stood about two meters tall. He had a head of short, black spiky hair, and though he was dressed in thick beast furs, his muscles were clearly visible. Tianming thought that he might be a specter based on his sheer size, at first, but soon it was clear that this was a human.

"Feifei Zi of Longbeard Star?" Tianming did in fact see a black beard that seemingly obscured his fleshy face. He recalled Ranran Zi from before, and it appeared that these two were acquainted. No wonder he attacked me right away. No doubt Longbeard saw me defeat Ranran Zi from their wondersky realm.

"What's your relationship with Ranran Zi?"

"I'm his older sister!" said the assailant with a fierce growl.

Tianming almost coughed out blood. Was this an older sister? Looking more closely he saw two mounds on her chest, which he had assumed were pectoral muscles at first. She was a woman after all! He didn't know what else to say and merely gave her a thumbs-up. "You're a feisty one."

"How dare you insult this princess?!" Her rage caused her face to flush red. She drew out a spear and charged toward Tianming.

He rolled his eyes once more upon learning that she was a princess. Compared to Princess Shen Yu of Divineglory Dynasty, there was a world of difference. Before he could focus, she charged at him like a beast. I don't know how old she is, but she's a second-level solarian. That shows that her talent's more impressive than Princess Shen Yu's.

He couldn't bother getting entangled with her, so he planned to strike her back using his totems. However, he realized that he couldn't manifest them! "What's going on?!"

"Idiot! Totems and lifebound beasts can't be used on the Myriadeyes Wonder! We can only fight as ourselves!" The blows of her spear came raining down on him like mountains.

"Huh, who'd have figured?!" Not that Tianming was bothered by it. The same rules applied to everyone. While it did chip away at his advantages and made things a bit harder, he wasn't afraid of a challenge.

"Wouldn't specters have an advantage, then?"

"Specters don't get access to their enhanced physique, but they’re free to use abilities, so they have a slight edge! But that's not all—hey, why am I explaining this to you?!" She continued raining blows down on him, not able to use any totems or beasts she had all the same.

"Sheesh, fly off!" He lashed out with the Lifesteal Silverdragon using Goddess Flowerfall, Blissful Union, though it felt a little wrong to use a move with that name. A sea of silver flowers was unleashed, within which the Lifesteal Silverdragon roamed toward Feifei Zi at lightning speed. She wasn't able to take the sheer power of the move at all, given that she was only a second-level solarian. While Tianming didn't look as strong as her, his stronger astralforce caused her to drop her spear. Then the chain wrapped around her head and cut through her thick neck, sending her head flying. Defeated, her body scattered into fragments.

"Done deal." He put the Lifesteal Silverdragon away and kept going, knowing that defeating yet another talented genius of the Longbeard Star would cause another uproar among the Violetglorians. No doubt, Longbeard would be even angrier at him. The ones from other worlds probably wouldn't hold back against him, either, but that hardly mattered.

He looked up and saw that he was about to enter the green fog. "I wonder where the peak is?" He took a deep breath and continued onward. Then he tested it once again, and found that he indeed couldn't manifest his lifebound beasts or totems. Ying Huo and the rest were affixed to his body, able to do nothing other than talk.

"Looks like I only have myself to rely on." He sped up and entered the green fog. "The illusions are getting stronger."

Even with his Trisoul Prime, he had felt his soul affected from the very beginning. As person after person appeared before him, the nearby sound seemed to become drowned out. But sometimes they sounded as close as someone whispering beside one's ear.

"Big Brother...." Unsurprisingly, Feiling's illusion appeared before him completely naked. It was a vision from the deepest depths of his psyche, yet it had appeared just like that. She latched on to him, not resisting at all like that day.

"Fuck off." Tianming could still hold back against temptations like that. He bisected the illusion with his black Grand-Orient Sword while opening a path with the gold one.

"You... you killed the one that you most love! How cruel!" she said, looking at him with disappointment.

"I'm killing your bullshit." The black sword danced around the figure, tearing her to pieces. At the very least, he was still conscious enough to do that for now. The bane text on him brightly shone, helping him pierce the green fog around him. Even so, the wail of despair from 'Feiling' had greatly shaken his heart. Even if it was fake, nobody would be able to see one's beloved endure such a fate. The Myriadeyes Wonder was far from a pushover.

"Tianming..." a familiar couple appeared before him, "come."

He saw them clearly within the fog. It was Li Muyang and Wei Jing.

"You've finally come.... We've been waiting for too long." Wei Jing shook her head, tears flowing down her cheeks. There was nothing but deep yearning in her eyes.

"Tianming, we have very important things to tell you about the future." Li Muyang bit his lip, looking rather perplexed. "Come."

The two of them beckoned to him.

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