Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1643

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Chapter 1643: 1643

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Chapter 1643 - Genius Sword God

Even if Zhong Yirou and Qiao Xingzhou hadn’t reminded him, Tianming knew how important the astralis was. Should it be destroyed, defeating Kou Mingyou would have been for naught. Though he was heading straight for Ye Chen, Xian Xian was still in the vicinity of the astralis, and Lan Huang had also made its way back. With its huge size, it could easily keep the Astralium Formation protected inside the nine kui seas on its belly. When it deployed its Kilofold Rings and Starfiend's Sword, even the other three beastmasters, apart from Ye Chen would have a hard time breaking through, so the astralis was safe. Not to mention, the millions of Yin Chens had returned and taken their place all across Xian Xian and Lan Huang's body, using its spider form to spin a net of threads that stopped the enemy in their tracks.

Having gained the advantage after defeating Kou Mingyou, Tianming wouldn't let the Direwolves attack the astralis, though he couldn't care less about Zhong Yirou and Qiao Xingzhou's survival. Those two were shocked and humbled after seeing how he had killed Kou Mingyou. By now, Bai Huai had collapsed, but he wasn't dead yet. He had lost the ability to continue fighting for the moment, though he wasn’t deemed as eliminated by the wondersky realm. Now, Zhong Yirou and Qiao Xingzhou were the weak links of the party that the three enemies targeted.

"Hey, come and help us!" Qiao Xingzhou felt horrible being chased like that and could do nothing but run pathetically.

"Hurry up!" Zhong Yirou was about to cry as well. At the brink of defeat, she no longer cared about her image. The two of them were covered in blood and grime as they were chased down.

Meow Meow immediately swallowed Bai Huai into its mouth and avoided the ability blasts of the enemy lifebound beasts. It took Bai Huai to Xian Xian, letting its flowers protect him instead of leaving him for dead.

"Thank you. I apologize for my previous offense, I was a fool for not recognizing your strength," Bai Huai said to Meow Meow.

"Hmph!" Meow Meow cast a derisive look at him before returning to Tianming's side. Tianming had gone to Bai Feng with Ying Huo the moment he’d defeated Kou Mingyou. She was the one facing the most pressure on the battlefield, as Ye Chen's Desolate Chaos Progenibeasts had already fused into a Chaos Dijiang. Bai Feng had only managed to hold on until now thanks to her wit and willpower. Had she fought in a headstrong manner like Kou Mingyou had, she would have been defeated long ago. Bai Feng was now a slender giant around ten meters tall. She was half-human, half-beast, covered in snow-white dragon scales and sporting an explosive, bloody aura. Even while stained with blood, her ferocity didn't wane in the slightest. The gigantic warblade she wielded was also stained in the Chaos Dijiang's blood.

"You did well, friend," Bai Feng said, smashing into the ground and seeing Tianming in front of her.

"A little better than you, I'd say. You look like you're about to collapse," Tianming said.

"Nonsense. I'm feeling better than ever!" She got back up and glared at him before the two faced off against Ye Chen and the Chaos Dijiang together.

Ye Chen turned and looked at Tianming, his eyes shining from using his guardian spirit. Now, he looked like an elite senior cultivator. "Move aside," he said to Bai Feng. Tianming had been his target the entire time. He was quite annoyed that it had taken so long for him to defeat an enemy.

"Move aside? Are you stupid? Who's going to fight you one-on-one?" Bai Feng said, smiling coldly.

"You have a point." Tianming didn't really care for their petty rivalry in particular.

"You have no guts." Ye Chen stood atop his fused lifebound beasts, looking incredibly imposing. He then sank into his Chaos Djiang, causing them to transform into the Chaos Deity. The nature of the fused being was almost specter-like. The Chaos Deity could use battle arts, abilities, and had a huge and powerful body like an enhanced specter. It was much larger than a chalk draconian like Bai Feng.

"How does that even work? Are all of you from the Violetglory Star monsters? He's your archnemesis, right? Do you have even more tricks?" Bai Feng said, turning to him with a hopeful look in her eyes.

"Archnemesis? He's a bit lacking to bear that title." Tianming said with the intent of letting those of the Violetglory Star hear it. His confident arrogance felt like an insult to their cultivators. With that said, if he was able to defeat Ye Chen here, his status in the imperium would rise once more and he could possibly get the other manna imperius.

"You're quite a boastful one, aren't you?" Though she said that, she respected his confidence.

"Come. Since we were fortunate enough to meet, let's fight shoulder-to-shoulder." Tianming gave her thick arms a tap and walked in front of her, as if Bai Feng was his lifebound beast. Behind her were Ying Huo and Meow Meow. Ying Huo turned into a brilliant sun as it charged up. Knowing its terrifying abilities, Ye Chen tried to disrupt it, only to be intercepted by Bai Feng and Tianming.

"Go!" They knew they couldn't afford to hold back against a foe like Ye Chen. Tianming stood before the Chaos Deity, his body surging with boundless sword ki. The audience from many worlds wondered where he got his confidence from. After all, he wasn't there with all of his lifebound beasts!

"Go, totems!" All of a sudden, totem swords appeared from his body, nine different gigantic swords with unique designs. Each of them looked more imposing than his lifebound beasts; he looked like a genius sword god!

"Am I seeing things?!" Bai Feng was completely petrified from shock. It felt like her scales were about to stand like hair from the shock.

"Nine totems?!" Qiao Xingzhou and Zhong Yirou's surprised gasps could be heard from behind. The former's voice was high pitched from sheer surprise.

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