Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1706

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Chapter 1706: 1706

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Chapter 1706 - Pandemonium Sacrosun

The Grand-Orient-Sword-shaped Imperial Will grew denser without changing in size. Even though it looked like a normal weapon, it was incredibly tough and could stabilize Tianming’s astral discs. The transformation of his Imperial Will caused his constellation to change as well. The shining lights above his astral discs formed many physical bodies, giving rise to an imperial star above the sword. It looked identical to the gigantic colorless star within the actual Grand-Orient Sword! Such imperial stars formed in every albus in his body. Once they were released outside, they would form a pandemonium sacrosun. The pieces were all in place.

"Come!" He called his lifebound beasts for symbiotic cultivation. He absorbed nova source to fill up his astral discs and totem ki, his path toward becoming a solarian already firmly set. The codices of his lifebound beasts all started circulating. The burning infernaldiscs, sparking genesisdiscs, mountainous and oceanic primordialdiscs, verdant radixdiscs, and flowing metallic immortaldiscs enlarged and linked together, letting out a burst of mixed power. No matter how fierce the energy was, the pandemonium sacrosun and Imperial Will fragments in every albus were able to hold it back.

"Finally! The first level of the Solar stage!" He had finally made it. "I finally caught up to the rest!"

In fact, if Xiaoxiao didn't consume caeli and Lingfeng didn't consume pills, Tianming's rate of improvement would be considered really fast. He had grown by two levels before Crimsonjade Long could even improve.

"My pandemonium sacrosun!" He was already itching to use it, having seen others use theirs so many times before. He went to the lake within Violetpeak and had all five of his beasts come out. Ten million Yin Chens tacked up to form a silver mountain, Xian Xian's tree took root to the left of the lake, and Lan Huang dove into it right away. Only Ying Huo and Meow Meow didn't take up much space.

Tianming’s pandemonium sacrosun would be formed by both him and his beasts, while his cyclic constellation was formed with his totems. He began to float and glow gold and black. Countless streams of starlight emerged, forming an imperial star the size of a thousand meters in diameter above his head. It was an explosively large body of energy that he could manipulate using his Imperial Will. The light from the imperial star connected with Tianming's beasts, allowing them to replenish their energy stores through it. This was the king of sacrosuns, and it could even suppress other sacrosuns on top of attacking. It moved around, whooshing through the sky.

"It seems fierce. Now, I'm strong on all fronts. Thanks to Long, I managed to break through twice." Even if his sacrosun hadn’t manifested, one could tell from his aura alone that he was more powerful. Now, only a sovereign could compare to him in terms of regalness. His black and gold eyes had already made him look quite domineering to begin with; he always stood out based on appearance alone.

When the three hundred million people that were connected to him felt the growth in his power, their faith strengthened even further.

"Three hundred million isn't enough! I want a billion! Sorry, Team Celestial Beings, I'm going to have to dismantle you to achieve that goal!" The Violetglory Star had turned out to be an incredible place that’d stoked his growth. Without the sun emperor threatening him, he grew by leaps and bounds. "There's still enough time for me to get ten wins in ten days. I should go to the core."

He was close to finishing the absorption of his fourth grade-eight divine hazard, called Silversoul Swordmount. It looked like a conventional sword ki strand, being a silvery sword-shaped mountain formed from dense silversoul sword ki. It had incredible piercing power and was well suited for the Silverdragon Flashkill and Godsin, which killed without form.

"With Silversoul Swordmount, I'll have four strands of grade-eight divine hazard sword ki. I need two more to be able to perfect the Sixdragon Tribulation, both of which I’ve already tracked down. I just need the Godsin to help me absorb them. The bottleneck I'm facing now is the seventh strike of the Ninedragon Tribulation...." If the basic strike itself was already so difficult, fusing it would be even harder. Perhaps mastering it would allow him to control the Ninedragon Imperial Tomb even better.


After a day, he finally finished absorbing the Silversoul Swordmount. With so many strands of powerful sword ki in him, he could kill lower-level constelliers with a glance or a breath. Bloodweep Swordheart, for instance, had fused with his own heart, allowing each drop of his blood to contain sword ki. His blood could pierce grade-six protective divine artifacts. A sword body was an offensive body-refining art that could increase one's attack apart from boosting defense.

He went back to the wondersky realm. Everyone knew that he would finish his win streak in ten days, so they had stayed in the wondersky realm to wait for his return. The wondersky fairy announced that he would be returning to the Astraldome once more, making their excitement rise.

"Let's go!" There was no hesitation in Tianming's eyes. Finally, he reached the Bloodbath Arena. When he had last arrived, there was no commotion at all, but now he was the center of attention.

"He's here!"

Everyone focused their attention on him, as he had returned to the real world after defeating Long. Now, people from all kinds of worlds looked at him, some cold, some with praise. However, nobody dared to approach him.

"Tianming," someone called out.

He turned back and saw Lingfeng. "You're here too?"

"Yeah. The Astralium Seeking was rather hard, but I managed." Without the special absolute genius category, the Astralium Seeking was just a normal event with two thousand participants. As there were a lot of people joining the normal category, Lingfeng hadn’t had to wait long for the next one to be held.

"How powerful are you now?"

"After making it through the fourth level, I went back to the Violetcloud Pillsea and broke through to third-level solarian."

"Not bad." Tianming nodded, envious of Lingfeng's speed.

"Haha, I finally caught up to you."

"If there's a chance, we should fight together. By the way, did you see Xiaoxiao?"

"She was in the same group as me during the last event, and she also made it to the top ten working with me. However, she didn't come in this time," Lingfeng said. In other words, Tianming had two others with him on the fifth level, leaving only Qingyu and Feiling behind. Feiling also had a chance to come here, but Qingyu would need more time.

"Hey!" A familiar child ran toward them as they chatted.

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