Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1713

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Chapter 1713: 1713

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Chapter 1713 - Cang

Tianming had spent two days gaining two victories. He would immediately be healed back to full after each battle, making it quite convenient if he wanted to jump into the next round. It would be easier if he only had a few challengers, but he had more than three hundred of them. According to the rules of the wondersky realm, one would be picked for him at random; he had no say in it. But he had already achieved the Solar stage and didn't plan on leaving, so he decided to keep fighting and leave his last three wins for the other three members of the Celestial Beings.

"When Yanwu Dao, Weisheng Xi, and that mysterious girl come in, I doubt the other challengers will stay." Tianming had taken down Long and Shenwu Fen in quick succession, and had even challenged them, so those three wouldn't just sit and do nothing. Yanwu Dao, especially, was a representative of the mysterians.

Even before he stepped out of the formation, many people surrounded it and placed their palms against it, waiting to be picked. He could delay the fight if he wanted, but there were only eight days left. If he didn't finish his win streak within the time limit, it would be reset.

"Alright. I'll keep polishing my skills then." Even though he wouldn't be facing off against the Celestial Beings just yet, he didn't let his guard down. "While their talent can't compare to Shenwu Fen's, they're much older, with some of them even in their nineties. I heard that a small number of ninth-level solarians intentionally chose to stay here to grief others."

The griefers were there to stop non-mysterians from progressing. There were quite a lot of cultivation resources up for grabs on the sixth level, so a few older mysterians stayed at the fifth level to filter non-mysterians out. If one was unlucky, they would be matched with these griefers after their seventh match and have all their efforts go to waste, but it wasn't a given that every non-mysterian would be matched with them.

Even so, nine-tenths of Tianming's challengers were mysterians. In other words, there was a good chance for him to be matched with a griefer. "It can't be helped. I must accept at least one out of these three hundred challenges. When Yanwu Dao comes, these people will stop messing around." Most of the challengers just wanted to show Tianming his place after he had defeated two talented mysterians.

He accepted the subsequent challenge and the wondersky realm went about the pick randomly. The crowd watched as he looked at a green light from within the ink-green formation. The person the light pointed to would be the next opponent.

"It's him!"

Cheers erupted from outside. Some even let out joyous laughter.

"Finally, someone will teach this impudent kid a lesson."

"He'll only learn after being given a sound beating."

"Even though it's random, this can't be a coincidence...."

Hearing the laughter, Tianming knew that there was trouble. He didn't care too much, though, as the other challengers were rendered void either way. If anyone from the Celestial Beings came in before this fight was over, the others wouldn't dare mess around. No matter what, Tianming had to win this.

The opponent entered the formation and stood before Tianming. Tianming squinted when he saw that person. Even without using his eyes, he could tell that he was much stronger than Shenwu Fen, and completely overage. Those that could make it to this level were already geniuses, so what would a genius in their seventies or eighties be like? He was a specter from the Crimsonjade line, like Long and Qiang. They looked like the same red jade to Tianming. Perhaps they had a way to differentiate between their people, but Tianming couldn't. The most he could detect was a different aura. Long was young and vigorous, while this man was cold and showed a hint of cunning. His name was Crimsonjade Cang.

"Brother Tianming, he's a ninth-level solarian!" Lingfeng said. Tianming looked in his direction and saw that Shenwu Yin had told him about it.

"That's right," said Cang after he heard what Lingfeng said. He smiled and swiftly stepped toward Tianming. "I might be the strongest one on the fifth level. I just casually issued a challenge. I didn't think they'd pick me. Looks like you don't have the best of luck."

"A ninth-level solarian that keeps staying here? Have you no face to lose?" Tianming snapped.

Crimsonjade Cang's cultivation level was on par with the eight-hundred-year-old Jiang Qingliu's, and his combat ability might even be superior. As strong as Tianming was now, there was quite a gap to overcome. Cultivation level was a huge part of one's strength.

"What’re you saying? I can stay where I like. You seem pretty arrogant, so I'll teach you a lesson on behalf of my nephew," Cang said, shrugging.

"Who's your nephew? Don't tell me it's Long? He couldn't even take one move from me."

Cang didn't deny it. He must have quite a high status as well, at least higher than Ying’s. He drew a bloody sword and said, "I think you won't be able to take one of mine either."

"As if that proves anything. Once I reach your age, you won't even be qualified to polish my shoes."

"I'll hear what you have to say if you manage to live to that age!" Cang snapped. He was quite impatient and immediately charged in after he finished. His ninth-level astralforce and sacrosun manifested, instantly impressing upon the audience that he was not to be trifled with.

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