Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1723

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Chapter 1723: 1723

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Chapter 1723 - Skyway Imperial Star

The group area of the Bloodbath Arena seemed smaller at first sight. There were fewer battlezones there, but they were ten times the size of the duel zones, perfect for ten people. Team battles were far more varied and had far more possible outcomes. Sometimes, one person could be fighting against five enemies, and other times teams worked together to be greater than the sum of their members. Supporting fighters got a bigger role as well. It was just as exciting to watch as the duels.

Mysterians frequently carried their younger juniors to the next level using group battles, so non-mysterians seldom did so. It was almost like the sixth level was made for the exclusive use of the mysterians. It was set up by the divine wonderians to work like that from the beginning, and ‘everyone’ had agreed to it from the start. The mysterians made up the main faction of the Mysterium Cluster's Wondersky-Mysterium Alliance, so it was no surprise that they would be favored for resources.

"Let's call our group the Violetglorian Celestial Beings." They immediately formed their party upon the reminder by the wondersky realm. Tianming was made the leader as Ye Chen stood and watched. Even though he was usually the one who gave orders, this time he quietly watched Tianming perform without offering any thoughts.

"Team Violetglorian Celestial Beings?" Quite a lot of people grimaced at the sight of the labels above their names which included their party name. It was an outright challenge to the mysterians.

"Why don't you call yourselves knockoff Celestial Beings instead?" many mocked.

"We'll wait and watch the originals deal with you."

"Shameless bootlegs. What a laugh."

Most of them were mysterians who considered themselves to be from the core of the universe. They felt a sense of superiority toward outsiders, and it was something they were proud of most of the time. The eyes of countless people in the astralscape were concentrated on Tianming and the rest as they silently awaited the arrival of the ‘real’ Celestial Beings.

"So they're really going to make the challenge, huh?"

"What do you know? They're betting that the Celestial Beings won't gather and are putting up a front! Even if Yanwu Dao, Shenwu Fen, and Long come, as long as the other two don't, Li Tianming won't buy it!"

"This trick... sigh...."

As many predicted, someone said, "Li Tianming, haven't you put up enough of an act? The four of us are enough to send you away from the Bloodbath Arena. You can take another half year off! Don't bother the real Celestial Beings. They're really busy people."

Tianming just ignored them.

"As expected, they're coming."

It seemed that Yanwu Dao and a few others were almost there, at least. Three lights flashed in the distance, attracting quite a few eyes. Tianming knew the two on the left and right. One was the fiery youth with the 'Shen' character on his face, and the other was a red faceless specter. They were Shenwu Fen and Long, respectively, the top young talents of Skyway Bistar and Skyway Tristar. The one in the center was Yanwu Dao, a faceless human beastmaster! He looked really similar to Yanwu Ming. As mysterians didn't have facial features, it was hard for non-mysterians to tell them apart.

However, Yanwu Dao did have some features that stood out. For instance, he had an imperial aura that Yanwu Ming couldn't hope to match. Even the 'Yan' character on his face seemed like it was formed from black and gold strokes. He was dressed in a robe of a similar color scheme and wore a necklace of head-sized prayer beads. His black hair looked explosively spiky, making him look almost like an ancient mummified corpse. He looked like the most powerful mysterian of the younger generation and stood out more than Long and Shenwu Fen.

"Interesting. His cultivation path seems similar to mine." Tianming had inherited the legacy of the Primordial God-Emperor, and Yanwu Dao seemed to be a natural ruler as well. He had the blood and ambition of one, and was someone who could inspire people with his charisma. Not to mention, his own family was one of the top factions of the Mysterium Cluster and was stronger than tens of thousands of worlds. Skyway Monostar was thus also known as the Skyway Imperial Star, and only they dared to claim to be imperials among the three worlds. The totemancers and specters had to relent on that, perhaps proving that beastmastery was the top cultivation system of the universe.

Yanwu Dao was the perfect model junior of the most orthodox imperial faction of the Mysterium Cluster, with a legacy stretching tens of millions of years back. Even in his twenties, he seemed really regal. "In other words, he's someone with a similar aura to mine." It was the closest match Tianming had ever seen. The 'Yan' character on his face seemed to mirror Tianming's black and gold eyes. Yanwu Dao appeared to be a natural-born tyrant, and Shenwu Fen and Long his loyal subjects. There was a synergy to their attitudes and wills.

Shenwu Fen was the brains, Long was the brawn, and Yanwu Dao had the best qualities of both, standing out from both of them. It was said that Skyway Monostar was two hundred times the size of a heliacal-class world, while the other two Skyway worlds were a hundred times larger. That meant that Skyway Monostar had the volume of Skyway Bistar and Skyway Tristar combined.

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