Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1744

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Chapter 1744

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Chapter 1744 - Sovereign’s Might

Starlight flowed along the surface of the wings, sparkling. The massive wings had blotted out the sky and covered the land. His primalwings had become much stronger. However, it wasn’t known if this had happened before or after the eruption of primalwings from the Kunlan Realm.

Starlight glared in Tianming’s eyes. The primalwinger overlord glared at Tianming with a cold gaze as well. He assaulted Tianming with a black spear, as if they had some life and death enmity.

“Madman!” Tianming felt depressed, not having expected a primalwinger overlord to pop up after passing the trial of Sovereign Starfeather and Mu Ziyan.

The primalwinger overlord’s attack was even stronger this time. His starry wings seemed to have something similar to abilities. They flapped, causing countless streaks of starlight to rain down. They didn’t only destroy totems; many lifebound beasts had bloody holes on their bodies as well. Some had been grievously injured, and some had even perished in the assault.

“Block him!” The Starchasers used their bodies as a meat shield in front of Tianming with the clear intention of dying to buy time for him.

“Go!” Some people tried to drag Tianming away, while the rest would use their lives to stop the sovereign. However, a sovereign’s attacks were unstoppable. If they had to resist it, many would die. Tianming would never accept others dying for his sake.

His goal of gaining Omnisentient Threads had always been for self-protection and self-reliance. He had never expected that his first opponent would be a sovereign. Even aged, the sovereign’s might he displayed surpassed Tianming’s imagination. He had no time to hesitate before such an opponent.

This time, Tianming took out the Grand-Orient Sword, not Godsin, as the Grand-Orient Sword would never break in real life. Its Grand Orient Vortex, dual swords, Imperial Sword Prison, and Imperealm Sword Formation were also no less useful than the Galactic Godsin. Most of all, it was more suitable for using the power of two billion people.

Tianming’s strength alone was too far from a sovereign.

“Go!” The Starchasers were all anxious. They were almost in tears that Tianming hadn’t left yet. What is this kid thinking? This is a sovereign! They were in despair from having missed the perfect timing.

At that moment, Tianming’s gaze suddenly turned majestic and dignified as his aura changed.

“Strange.” Tianming was clearly a kid, so why did they suddenly feel like they were looking at a king of gods?

The power of two billion people surged into Tianming as Omnisentient Threads turned into formation spirit threads. He was now an even more perfect example of a human-shaped formation than wonderians! Even if each individual boost was small, all of it gathered together in Tianming’s albi was enough to make them collapse. Fortunately, his Omnisentient Will helped keep it under control.

“Everyone, I need you!” A single call was enough for his two billion believers to sense Tianming’s hunger for power.

The legacy of the Primordial God-Emperor was finally used. Power was transmitted and some made its way into the bane-rings, filling up the totems.

The nine totems that had absorbed the power of the masses whizzed out of Tianming’s bane-rings. Tianming used Myriadsword Providence, transforming them into a sea of swords. However, this time around, with the support of everyone, the swords actually reached a million in number!

Black and gold power similar to the Grand-Orient Vortex flowed on his body and all of his immaturity and casualness had been wiped away. When he raised the Grand-Orient Sword, he seemed like the Primordial God-Emperor of yesteryear.

“This.…” The Starchasers could feel his unfathomable power, shocking them.

“This isn’t his power!”

“It really isn’t, so how can he perfectly wield it like astralforce?”

They were confused, but they didn’t have time for consideration. The primalwinger overlord had broken through the Starchaser’s blockade. His spear stabbed toward Tianming as his wings continued raining down starlight, destroying many buildings below. The sovereign had seen Tianming’s transformation as well, but he didn’t slow down.

The two gazes clashed in the air and sparks flew.

“It doesn’t matter what you want. Scram!” Tianming snarled, two billion voices overlapping with his. The fierceness was enough to make the sovereign frown as a sea of swords crashed down on him.

Small decapath era godswords, each of them shining with one of nine different colors, ripped through the air with different levels of offensive power. If Tianming had used this at the battle of Myriaddragon Mountains, it would have slain a million members of the celestial orderian army.

The Galactic Wings continued their approach. They enveloped Tianming, attempting to annihilate him as totems and primalwings collided. The end result was the million totems piercing through the wings, shredding them into countless pieces!

A youth in his twenties overwhelming a millenia-old sovereign? The scene was unbelievable.

Yet everyone clearly witnessed it. The Starchasers had tried their best, but had been unable to leave even a dent, while Tianming casually broke it with pure force.

“Heavens!” Normal people didn’t know about the Primordial God-Emperor, which made it even more shocking for them.

What truly surprised Tianming was how the sovereign had no reaction. That was a huge issue, as it meant the other party deeply knew him! But he didn’t have time to question it. This time, it was his body and the sovereign’s that clashed. He used the Sevendragon Tribulation to face off against a profound battle art of the primalwinger sovereign. Sword light and spear crossed, followed by Tianming crash-landing on the ground and rolling for quite a distance before finally stopping.

Still, the clash was sufficiently shocking. Anyone else would have died to the sovereign’s attack. Perhaps not even the Crimsonmeld Patriarch would have been able to take it. However, Tianming had!

Honestly, just not dying to a sovereign was a miracle.

Tianming would win as long as he lasted one round of combat, as he only needed to buy time. Even though the sovereign’s wings quickly reformed, it didn’t change how he had failed to assassinate Tianming today.

Tianming shot up again and his million swords reformed while the Grand-Orient Sword shone with black and gold light. He pointed at the sovereign and heroically said, “Is that all a sovereign can do? Again!” He wanted answers for today’s strange incident!

Thus, he had to keep him here. Tianming had enough power to survive for quite a while, which gave him confidence as well as excitement. He had no background. Thus, in Orderia and the Violetglory Star, he had to sell his talent to obtain protection. However, that opened him up to his protectors' whims. But now he had finally gained the freedom to accomplish things himself!

That was why he had challenged Team Celestial Beings.

Even the Starchasers were stunned by Tianming’s overbearing mien.

Then even more good news came as a streak of light was quickly racing over—it was Sovereign Starfeather. He was much younger than the primalwinger overlord, and definitely much stronger as well. As long as he arrived, it would be difficult for the primalwinger overlord to escape.

Sovereign Starfeather was clearly furious, and he wasn’t alone. All of Kilostar Capital was mobilizing behind him, preparations to chase down the primalwinger overlord clearly having been made.

“Old Ji, how dare you break the agreement and come into my capital to kill someone! Desist or suffer the consequences!” Sovereign Starfeather’s words arrived before the man himself.

The primalwinger overlord had lost his chance and Tianming finally relaxed somewhat. There was no way he hadn’t been given a huge fright just now.

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