Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1749

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Chapter 1749

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Chapter 1749 - Queen of Kunlun

In the deepest part of the astral hole was the entrance to the Kunlun Realm. Today, countless primalwingers had gathered there. Their eyes shone with blue light as they stood in orderly rows, piously looking at the descending Primary Sphere.

When the nova source storm had come, they’d all locked their hands with each other to keep their bodies stable and overcome the crisis. Even then, their collective gaze had never left the astralship.

When Feiling descended from the sky, walking barefoot down a rainbow, all of the primalwingers, including the overlord, Ji Xiaochen, lowered their heads as they chanted.

Primary shook and Sovereign Starfeather’s voice boomed, but none had any reaction to death.

In their center was the lake, within which was the young woman who was their faith! Half of her body had already sunk in. Since then, the lake had begun churning and the radiance from the Kunlun Realm had brightened. Countless primalwings had gathered on her body, making her the queen there!

The primalwingers continued chanting. Their hearts were all as one, ignoring the shaking world around them.

The young woman closed her eyes as her Sapphire Skywings dissolved into the lake, filling the waters with sapphires. However, the beautiful scene came to an end due to the chaos of Primary.

Fear finally began appearing in the primalwinger’s eyes as the fear of losing their home made them struggle and feel pain.

Her palm slapped the surface of the lake and she opened blue eyes that were filled with anger. “That fellow is so annoying.” She had assumed the ‘assassination’ would make his heart falter, but he’d continued chasing her to here.

“Big brother.” Feiling lifted up a hand. A metal butterfly was on it, slowly flapping its wings, its two black eyes looking at her. Looking at the butterfly reminded her of how he had furiously chased down Ji Xiaochen. After she had hurt his heart, he hadn’t given up, instead bringing the Kilostar Capital to attack the Primary Sphere and Primary’s vortex, threatening the lives of all primalwingers.

Those actions showed her place in his heart. Together with their experiences in the wondersky realm and their married life, all the memories of Jiang Feiling’s twenty years of life began infiltrating the Lord of Perpetia’s heart drip by drip.

The blueness in her eyes receded and they recovered their clarity. While Tianming was indeed a little overbearing, it was the kind of behavior that made people feel close. Chasing after her even after she displayed coldness to him had also moved her. That was a potential connection between the Lord of Perpetia and Jiang Feiling that could lead to them merging.

Feiling deeply inhaled and looked at the countless primalwingers worshiping her. The Lord of Perpetia had never thought that her carefully planned escape would instead let her feel Tianming’s unrelenting attachment to her, causing her icy heart to thaw. Even if it was just a tiny bit, it was still a flaw that he had found. Right now, she was unable to maintain her indifference. If her coldness was lost, she would have utterly failed in her escape. Her eyes fluctuated between coldness and clarity. When the cold stopped sealing her heart, the ‘Jiang Feiling’ inside also knew more. Previously, she hadn’t known that the part of her that hated Tianming had plotted an assassination and escape. But now, as they merged, the Lord of Perpetia slowly lost her veil of secrecy.

Feiling spoke to the butterfly on her back. “Tell him I’ll meet him at Soulburn Hall.”

“Alright then!” Yin Chen nodded.


“Soulburn Hall?” Tianming was surprised when he heard this. “How is she now?”

“You were… too overbearing… you now… charmed her! She’s blushing!” Yin Chen ambiguously cackled.

“That’s crazy!” Tianming didn’t get it. He had Sovereign Starfeather stop the attack and hurriedly went to Soulburn Hall. He didn’t get Yin Chen’s words. If Feiling had awakened, why hadn’t she just come out?

Tianming quickly arrived at the wondersky realm. He was in such a rush that he even forgot to shift Ying Huo’s position. Ying Huo could only be filled with grief as it swung around like it was on a swing.

At Soulburn Hall, the snow was still falling. When Tianming arrived, he saw a young woman in a blue dress turn around. She smiled, creating a scene more beautiful than the snow that instantly wiped away his frustrations.

“Ling’er, what’re you messing around for?” Tianming was angry. He almost delivered her punishment right there and then, but he remembered that his lifebound beasts were on him so quickly erased the notion.

“Big brother, calm down and listen to me.” Beauty had its advantages. The moment she acted gentle and innocent while stroking Tianming’s face, he could no longer stay angry.

“Fine, but talk quickly. Otherwise I’ll get the sovereign to destroy Primary. You’re mine, and you’ll never escape me, understand?” Tianming domineeringly said while pulling her to him by her neck.

“Fine. How domineering.… But it seems that’s what I’m into,” she said with her head lowered and her face slightly red.

Tianming listened to her explanation. She said, “When we went on ‘dates’ before, it widened the schism in my psyche even more. The rejection and attachment both separately grew stronger. I used to say I felt like I’d forgotten something important. That was the Lord of Perpetia causing the change in the Kunlun Realm, thereby controlling the primalwingers and preparing for a chance to completely escape from you.” The last time, she had used the Sapphire Skywings to try and go against Tianming, but the starchasers had easily taken her down.

“Everything was all going according to plan all this time. However, ‘I’ had never expected you to continue chasing ‘me’, and even threatening Primary’s destruction. That threat shook ‘my’ control of the primalwingers, and even moved her, causing her to merge with me.”

Tianming was stunned.

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