Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1754

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Chapter 1754

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Chapter 1754 - Secret of the Azurespirit

As a formation in the body, prime wonders were independent from lifebound beasts and totems. They were a third type of cultivation, separate from the previous two categories. Tianming's current fighting style involved his own body as the base, while his lifebound beasts, totems, and divine wonder would surround him. In terms of raw power, his lifebound beasts were the best and his divine wonder was the weakest. As for the Godsin, cyclic sacrosun, and pandemonium sacrosun, all of those counted as his main body's.

All in all, Tianming had the richest arsenal of all the people he knew. After he got his divine wonder, he spent some time familiarizing himself with it and discovered its uses. So far, it had two effects: the first was that it could turn into a shield in the form of the Prime Tower. As long as he was within range, he could use Prime Tower Shield on anyone he wanted, including himself and his beasts. Any attacks that entered the divine wonder formation would be dampened.

The other function was that it could absorb large amounts of nova source and manifest as a physical Prime Tower of immense weight, so Tianming named that use the Prime Mountain. It basically worked like Weisheng Xi's chess soul wonder. On the battlefield, the Prime Mountain would definitely pack quite the punch. Being a formation, it wouldn't break unless it ran out of nova source. In that sense, it was far tougher than totems.

"This way, I’ll be more than powerful enough even without my totems or lifebound beasts." He would be just like Weisheng Xi. He didn't think that the Prime Tower would have such an unimaginable use. His understanding of divine celestial patterns was a far cry from that of the divine wonderians, so the best he could do was use them. Eventually, he put it into practice with his beasts and totems to great effect.

"Currently, only Ying Huo and Meow Meow are sovereign beasts, while the others are still seven-star divine beasts. It's a shame that Violetglory ran out of manna imperius."

He looked at Orderia on the star map. Being the territory of the celestial orderians, most of the manna imperius that appeared there fell into their hands. However, as they weren't able to use them, they would give them to the Veildragon Palace instead. In other words, the sun emperor might have some manna imperius in store. "Man, they're really hard to get."

Perhaps one of the three deific-class worlds in the Mysterium Cluster would have them, but the chances of obtaining one were low nonetheless.


As their voyage had just begun, they would still be cruising for quite some time.

"Oh, wait!" He recalled something really important. "The Azurespirit!"

Weisheng Moran had said that it was a locator for the divine wonderians. As far as Tianming was concerned, Orderia was a far more secretive place than Violetglory. Based on what Weisheng Moran had told him, the dreamless celestial emperor wanted to bring the divine wonderians to Orderia, and there was no way that would be a good thing.

"She thought that I would run with the Azurespirit and never return. I bet she didn't expect that I’d come back after a year. Man, this thing is really quite troublesome." He looked at his left eye using the third eye on his palm. His golden left eye radiated a certain majesty, and it contained a little azure fish swimming in the periphery of his iris, seeming rather satisfied.

"Will I have to pluck my eye out?" Losing an eye was quite a significant loss, yet if he couldn't remove it, would he have to bring the Azurespirit back?

"This belongs to the dreamless celestial emperor in the first place. If he's a divine wonderian, then what in the world is this?" He recalled that Weisheng Moran had a lifebound beast, while Weisheng Xi and Weisheng Xii didn't. The relationship between Weisheng Moran and the dreamless celestial emperor also seemed rather odd. He couldn't be sure whether the dreamless celestial half-man-half-woman people were actually divine wonderians.

"Oh, wait, the dreamless celestials are man and woman in one body, but they can't split into two people." Perhaps that was the main difference between them and the divine wonderians.

Tianming looked at the azure fish as it swam about happily without worry. It was almost as if it had a will of its own. "If you don't come out, I'll have to pull my eye out." As expected, it didn't respond to his threat. "Seriously... What is it?" It used to be Weisheng Moran's iris, and it was called the Azurespirit. He kept a close eye on the fish.

"Weisheng Moran said that it would automatically benefit me... What did she mean by that?" He had to deal with this before reaching Orderia, so he paid it his full attention. He tried discerning the mysteries of the fish.

"Huh?" He suddenly thought of a way thanks to the Prime Tower. "It looks like an aggregate of divine celestial patterns, almost like the Cyclic Formation from back then." Perhaps it was a kind of formation core? As the Prime Tower had made his own body a formation, he got a new idea.

"I wonder if you're a formation embryo of sorts...." The divine wonder formation was the most important thing to divine wonderians, and the Azurespirit also seemed quite important to the dreamless celestial emperor, given how worried he was that Tianming would destroy it. Perhaps it was something that could grow, a kind of premature formation that was supposed to be implanted into a body.

Tianming had heard of something like that before at the Astraldome. The formations in the bodies of divine wonderians started off as divine wonder embryos, which would slowly evolve as they were improved upon. The embryos were something their seniors had prepared for them before being implanted in their bodies. After the initial direction was set, the youths could add their own understanding into their formations, slowly inscribing divine celestial patterns on their albi to turn the embryo into a full-fledged divine wonder.

"If I suppose that the dreamless celestials are a distant offshoot of divine wonderians with only a part of their blood, then it isn't out of the question for the dreamless celestial emperor to have a divine wonder embryo. However, he probably lacks the proper methods to develop it, or maybe he's using Weisheng Moran's body to nurture this divine wonder embryo...."

At the end of the day, it was just empty speculation without any evidence. "I'll just assume you're a divine wonder embryo, then. You've been in my body for so long, so it's about time you grew into a little divine wonder too, right?" He tried gathering nova source around the Azurespirit. All formations needed nova source to run. At the same time, he used his left index finger to give the Azurespirit a light tap. It didn't avoid him and Tianming's finger slightly pierced into his sclera, causing blood to seep into the Azurespirit. Then it suddenly began rapidly swimming around his eyeball. Tianming saw his blood infusing into the fish's body, causing the divine celestial patterns within it to change.

It suddenly split into two, then four, then eight, and beyond! It didn't take long for countless fish to split and enter Tianming's albi. Once more, he experienced how 'wondrous' these divine wonders could be. The little fish split into countless more fish that were smaller than his albi, but there were enough of them to infuse into every single one of his albi! Something similar to the birth of prime wonder had occurred. Though it wasn't nearly as grand, it was already impressive enough for the Azurespirit to enter each of his albi.

"So after a divine wonder embryo is activated, it starts to divide and infuse itself into one's albi to form a divine wonder formation!"

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