Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 268

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Chapter 268: - Crushing The Mountains And Rivers With One Blow!

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Tianming had run out of time. The point was, Chen Xiaoji wouldn't give him an opportunity to catch up. He had to solve this problem at once.

"Tianming, how could you ever think of snatching away what belongs to Zhenxing? You must be joking!"

When the eighth-level Unity Chen Xiaoji released his full majesty, he resembled a river of stars and the Indigo-Scaled Unicorn increased in speed, charging toward Tianming in the blink of an eye.

Roaring, Meow Meow transformed into the Regal Chaosfiend, intercepting the attack.

Chaos Voltball!

The violent black lightning ball detonated in the passage. As the snake-like lightning rays danced, starlight shot out.


Chen Xiaoji’s pike pierced Meow Meow's eyes. The starlight on the scales of his Indigo-Scaled Unicorn under him seemed to obscure everyone’s vision. Once the horse’s horn struck, it was enough to impale Meow Meow.

Even if they wanted to attack Meow Meow, would Tianming or Ying Huo sit back and allow it to happen? Would Meow Meow do nothing?

It roared into the sky as lightning gathered around it and became nine thunder serpents. The Black Thunder serpents intertwined and came crashing down.

The passage wasn’t spacious, and Chaos Disaster had closed off most part of the passage.

Millions of Black Thunder serpents swept across, blocking the Indigo-Scaled Unicorn.

"Over here!"

Ying Huo suddenly appeared out of nowhere, attacking with Skyscorch Featherblast, so Chen Xiaoji was forced to dodge to the other side.

"You dead fool!"

Being one of the few eighth-level Unity disciples, Chen Xiaoji believed in his own strength. Aside from the four prime disciples, he ranked in the top five when it came to power. Of these seventeen opponents, Yuwen Zhenxing was the only one to whom he acknowledged allegiance.

Tianming had witnessed his performance in the First Grand-Orient Battlefield, how one man and one horse charged into battle, slaughtering all.

However, that wasn’t necessarily going to be the outcome here.

"Who’s the dead fool?"

With a wave of his Celestial Wings, the Onyx Dragon in Tianming’s hand turned into a black phantom and headed straight for Chen Xiaoji. At the same time, Ying Huo and Meow Meow charged at their opponent.

How relaxing it was to go three against two!

Ying Huo possessed the most means, coming up with a myriad of abilities and battle arts. Though tiny, Ying Huo was a real executioner, forming a frustrating obstacle for both Chen Xiaoji and his Indigo-Scaled Unicorn.

Not only was Ying Huo adept at Soul Hook, it was able to fully employ the Voidgod Sword Intent.

Even though Chen Xiaoji had starlight armor, he failed to avoid a sword to the shoulder. That one blow had mangled his flesh, causing blood to drip down his arm.

By the time Chen Xiaoji chased after the little chick in a rage, Ying Huo had already escaped and hidden behind Meow Meow.

"Chen Xiaoji, over here!"

At that moment, Tianming suddenly appeared before his eyes. The determination in his eyes was overpowering and explosive. Just one glance at them could send him shaking to the core.

Voidgod Sword Intent, Countercurrent!

After ten thousand swings of the sword, Tianming had mastered this move to perfection. His sword went straight for Chen Xiaoji’s head.

With a roar, Chen Xiaoji jumped off the Indigo-Scaled Unicorn and shot into the sky!

"You’re but a mere fly. You’re embarrassing yourself!” While Chen Xiaoji was occupied with words, Tianming responded with action.


With one blow, the mountains and rivers were crushed.

The Onyx Dragon supercharged with Heaven-Defying Sword Intent, as well as Tianming's thunder and fire dual abilities, coupled with Feiling’s spiritual attachment, sliced down in one fluid move.

Chen Xiaoji’s pike was unable to handle the sheer power of this blow, A loud bang reverberated in the air as the sword hit him on the head, rendering him dizzy.

Just as he jumped up from his horse, the force sent him smashing back toward his lifebound beast. At that exact moment, Meow Meow’s electric fang chomped down on the Indigo-Scaled Unicorn’s neck, sending the beast to the ground.

Blood splattered everywhere.

"How dare a vegetarian come head-to-head with us meat eaters! Meow Meow, kill it!"

While Meow Meow held down their opponent, Ying Huo struck a dozen bloody holes into the Indigo-Scaled Unicorn with Demise of Man-Earth-Heaven.

"Fucking hell, it’s got really thick skin!"

The attack had Ying Huo’s wings trembling. Fortunately, its wings had evolved into imperial wings.

"So this is a twenty-four-star second-order saint beast. How weak!"

The Indigo-Scaled Unicorn flew into a rage under their rampant trampling. Its desire to resist was immediately nipped in the bud when the little chick unleashed Soul Hook with its claws, aiming just below the horse’s crotch. Whimpering pitifully, the horse behaved at once.

"Still fierce?"

The little chick’s smile became the Indigo-Scaled Unicorn’s nightmare.

As soon as Chen Xiaoji got back on his feet and witnessed the scene, he revealed a look of shock.

"Xing Han!"

That was his lifebound beast’s name. Just as the words left his lips, a murderous threat loomed from the sky.

Chen Xiaoji's expression shifted greatly. Without his weapon, he was forced to cast his Meteorite Palm in a panic.

A black sword pierced through his palm.


From his throat erupted the most hideous, miserable scream. Chen Xiaoji stared at Tianming, eyes glazed with pain and boiling with anger.


Before he could finish his sentence, Tianming pounded his fist into Chen Xiaoji’s face so his cheeks were sunken in.

"Shut up."

With a cold glare, Tianming flapped his Celestial Wings and flew out of the battlefield, picking up Ying Huo and Meow Meow along the way.

"Let’s go!"

He accelerated in Yuwen Zhenxing’s direction.

Although Chen Xiaoji was crushed and defeated, it had wasted quite some time. Taking advantage of their delay, Yuwen Zhenxing was much closer to the manna sphere.

Chen Xiaoji miserably crawled up, suffering from convulsions and tears slipping down his cheeks while his lifebound beast was still rolling and whimpering on the ground. Tianming disappeared before his eyes.

Chen Xiaoji huffed, "Tianming, you’re dead meat! You’re dead!”

All he could do was lose his temper. As he loudly cursed, he bit his own tongue and twisted in pain.

"What's wrong with you?" Right then, Gongsun Chi finally caught up and noticed his sorry state.

"Tianming snuck up on me," lied Chen Xiaoji.

"You’re useless!" Gongsun Chi was rendered speechless by Chen Xiaoji’s embarrassing state.

"That’s easy for you to say. You couldn’t even support your own passage. Otherwise, why would I have to intercept him!" fumed Chen Xiaoji.

"Forget it. Let’s not fall out over this. We’ve got more important business. Let’s get him," Gongsun Chi picked up speed.

"Don't look down on Tianming. You’ll know when you meet him," Chen Xiaoji gritted his teeth.

Up ahead, Gongsun Chi chuckled, "Even if Tianming is very powerful, I won’t be beaten so badly. Besides, in a life and death confrontation, the victor is still undecided.”

Behind him, Chen Xiaoji rose to his feet and allowed the Indigo-Scaled Unicorn to recuperate in his lifebound space before catching up.

As for the injuries on hands and face, he had to externally apply spirit herbs for the time being. His wounds would definitely have a great impact on his combat effectiveness, and even affected his speed. Huangfu Feifei and Shangguan Jiayi had advanced further than him.

Anger flared up in Chen Xiaoji as he thought of the people outside who had watched the battle. Well aware of how embarrassing his current situation was, he knew he wouldn't be able to hold his head high for a while.

"You must make it to the third floor, Tianming!"

Only by killing Tianming could he douse his anger!

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