Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 309

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Chapter 309

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Chapter 309 - Sword Duel, Cloudmist Celestial Sword

Everything had happened in the blink of an eye. The silent, white-haired young man was actually ten times more brutal than the onyx disciple who was famous for their ferocity!

One whip to destroy his weapon, a second to send him flying thousands of meters away, leaving him foaming at the mouth. And a third whip to nearly tear his lifebound beast into two.

Was a Unity disciple capable of such a feat?

However, this was only part of the shock. On the other two sides, the scene had the onlookers prickling in goosebumps. A thunder-type beast shaped like a lion, tiger, and leopard fought hand-to-hand with the Nonapoison Lizard. Unafraid of the latter’s virulence, it even confronted the lizard with its blood-red claws!

Who would fall first?

Even after being poisoned, the thunder beast remained in high spirits, while the lizard lay belly-up on the ground, vomiting black blood. The results were shocking indeed. 

Which was the real poisonous beast? 

Not only was it poisonous, its thunder was menacing. The thunder beast’s tail struck the onyx disciple, piercing his lower abdomen as Chaos Disaster rained down from the sky. In an instant, the onyx disciple was turned into a charred mess on the ground. Although the beast was slightly slower than Tianming, everything had still happened in a split second.

Before anyone knew what was happening, the beastmaster’s body was scorched by lightning while the Nonapoison Lizard vomited black blood, appearing as if it had been poisoned! Who could have imagined such a scene?

Needless to say, the little chick’s brilliant display of sword arts, combined with its abilities, was equally shocking. It alternated between the Voidgod Sword Intent and Life-Death WhipArt, dissolving its opponent’s icy attack with its Infernal Armor and leaving them riddled with holes from its Skyscorch Featherblast.


Filled with passion, the little chick exploded with tremendous strength, easily restraining its opponent. Burnt to a crisp, the Snow Silkworm was instantly defeated while the beastmaster received a sword through her chest.

"Beautiful, I heard you wanted to play with me. What kind of games did you have in mind?" Ying Huo stepped all over her forehead in a show of arrogance and condescension. 

Having suffered such a mental blow, the onyx disciple’s injuries were so severe she vomited blood and fainted.

"Honey, it looks like you’re not as strong as you think you are. You can forget about playing with this chicken," Ying Huo smiled sarcastically. By the time he flew over, Tianming had already dealt with his opponent.

"Dammit, that makes me second!"

Tianming was the fastest, followed by Ying Huo and Meow Meow. In fact, the time difference between the three was only a matter of seconds. After the evolution of their bloodlines, Tianming's lifebound beasts had soared in strength. They would no longer have to suffer degradation.

Their real threat now was the Heavenly Will opponent. Those at Unity deserved only to be crushed. And to think they had wanted to play games with Tianming!

The instant defeat, as well as the sorry state of the onyx disciples and their lifebound beasts, made quite a visual impact. This time, when the three onyx disciples looked at Tianming, their eyes were filled with fear.

When Tianming looked up, he found Weisheng Ruoso staring blankly at him. Such a short period of time wasn’t enough for her battle with Sikong Tianchen to even begin.

Oh no, looks like another predictable tale of poser saves the damsel in distress. Upon meeting those astonished eyes, Tianming knew he had walked into yet another bloody cliche.

"I must compose myself. If I do this, Ling’er will strangle me the moment she awakens."

The suggestive looks coming from Ying Huo made him even more embarrassed. 

"If I were you, I’d either leave her alone or give it my all. Once you kill Sikong Tianchen, you can embrace the beauty," Ying Huo snickered.

"Nonsense, I’m not that kind of man!" Tianming retorted.

He swept his gaze past Sikong Tianchen, only to discover the surging sword ki within the man’s eyes was now directed towards himself. 

"What's your name?" demanded Sikong Tianchen.

In truth, his views had been subverted in the short span of ten breaths. Never had he seen anyone at Unity defeat three disciples at ninth-level Unity at the same time. And these were outstanding disciples from Onyx Sect! Even he might not have been able to achieve that with such speed.

Though he was astonished, it wasn’t enough to unsettle his mind. Instead, a terrifying sword intent rose within him.

"He’s Sikong Jiansheng. Hurry up and call him Granddaddy." As if scorning the calm scene, Ying Huo answered in lieu of Tianming.

"How dare you!" Sikong Tianchen immediately drew his grade-eight beastial weapon, the Cloudmist Celestial Sword.

"No, how dare you! So you have a crush on the sister, but you bully the younger brother. You’re a coward without a backbone, and to top it off, you’re one ugly bastard. Are you worthy of the little beauty? Come, take a good look at your granddaddy, Sikong Jiansheng. That’s what handsome looks like; that’s a real show of strength! You should give up and call little Miss Weisheng here grandmammy!" Ying Huo’s taunting immediately drew the sword cultivator’s ire.

"Mind your lifebound beast! Or else... "

"Or else what? Coward, if you’re thinking of screwing your granddaddy, then get to it. Enough with your longwindedness and ogling at your grandmammy! If I were as cowardly as you, I would’ve castrated myself instead of showing up and embarrassing myself!"

The mouthful of saliva Ying Huo spat towards Sikong Tianchen flickered forth like the flash of a sword. Sikong Tianchen dodged, his eyes spewing flames.

"Since you want so badly to die, I shall fulfill your wish!” roared Sikong Tianchen. On top of having his love snatched away, he had been humiliated by a little chick. The raging sword intent converged in Tianming’s direction.

Dumbfounded, Tianming wished he could sew Ying Huo’s mouth shut. Clearly the little chick wanted to watch Feiling go berserk on him, hence the continuous provocation. Without even a word from him, Ying Huo had managed to infuriate Sikong Tianchen all on its own.

"You misunderstand—"

Before he could finish his sentence, Sikong Tianchen’s two fourth-order saint beasts appeared. With the Cloudmist Celestial Sword in hand and his lifebound beasts by his side, Sikong Tianchen’s sword ki raged, revealing his sharp edge. Without a doubt, he was a strong opponent.

This was the first time Tianming had come across twin phoenix lifebound beasts comparable to real dragons and qilins. Although Ying Huo was an Aeternal Infernal Phoenix, equivalent to the phoenix’s ancestor, it still looked like a chicken.

The two phoenixes before him were true divine birds, one blue and the other crimson. Their magnificent feathers, slender figures, gigantic wings, gorgeous tail feathers, and elegant claws looked so perfect together. Their lofty, contemptuous temperaments reflected the nobility of their blood. Compared to them, Ying Huo seemed like a poor beggar before a prince and princess—not only pathetic, but tiny. 

The Blueflame Phoenix was male, while the Crimsonflame Phoenix was female. Sikong Tianchen stood between them, his fierce gaze completely locked on to Tianming.

"Sikong Tianchen, leave him alone. Our grievances will be solved on our own!" said Weisheng Ruosu.

"Get out!" With only Tianming in his eyes, Sikong Tiancheng didn’t spare her a glance.

"You should save your brother," said Tianming.

"Alright, be careful," warned Weisheng Ruosu.

"Don't worry, all you have to do is devote your entire life to him," Ying Huo chimed in.

Tianming had no time to shut the chick up, since Sikong Tianchen was directly charging toward him with sword drawn.

"Heavenly Will!" Tianming narrowed his eyes. In fact, this was the opponent he desired. Sikong Tianchen had been at Heavenly Will longer than Yuwen Shendu. Even the late Yuwen scion might not have been his opponent. Additionally, Sikong Tianchen was a twin beastmaster with a pair of Phoenix lifebound beasts. Judging from the wave of his grade-eight beastial weapon, he had most likely mastered a heavenly-ranked battle art.

The Cloudmist Sword School specifically cultivated the sword, so his understanding must be profound. Having inherited the will of the previous generations, Sikong Tianchen was perhaps the most difficult opponent among all the sword cultivators Tianming had come across. 

Majestic sword intent descended from the clouds.

This was an evenly matched opponent, capable of igniting Tianming’s hot-bloodedness. Although the life and death battle with Yuwen Shendu was extraordinary, it was of no actual significance. This time, Tianming could test whether his real combat power could defeat a genius at Heavenly Will. 

Putting away Archfiend, he drew the Onyx Dragon. At the same time, Ying Huo flew into the air and Meow Meow jumped off his shoulder, transforming into a Regal Chaosfiend. It was wrapped in endless thunder, its blood-red eyes staring at its opponent amidst the monstrous aura.

"You’re not worthy of the sword," sneered Sikong Tianchen.

His words upset Tianming. Did he mean no one outside the Cloudmist Sword School could practice the sword? He had inherited the sword and all of its principles from Mu Yang—the road of righteousness and honor. It was the true path in Tianming's heart, the way of the chivalrous. Who said it was exclusive to the Cloudmist Sword School alone?

"You should use something else. Using the sword against me is like a child trying to display their skill before a master. Pick up your chain so you don’t look like a fool," mocked Sikong Tianchen.

The smile on Tianming’s face could hardly conceal the fire in his heart. There was no need to defend himself right now; his sword would do the talking. Tianming exchanged a meaningful glance with Ying Huo and Meow Meow.


In fact, competing in the Realm Wars was a great opportunity to learn and experience battle with different styles that originated from the five major sects. 

At this moment, Weisheng Ruosu began attacking. At Heavenly Will, Weisheng Ruosu required little effort to defeat Jing Xuan and save her brother.

"Big Sister, help him defeat Sikong Tianchen!" shouted Weisheng Qingluan.

"Slow down. Take a good look..." she replied.

"Huh? What do you mean?" 

"Alright, no more questions. Let’s deal with your wounds first."

"You seem to have confidence in him," Weisheng Qingluan winked.

"Stop indulging in fantasies."

"But I can't help it!"

At this point, Tianming and Sikong Tianchen's swords came to a clash. One look and anyone could tell this wasn’t a battle between Unity and Heavenly Will, but one between equals.

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