Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 381

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Chapter 381: - The Grand-Orient Realm’s Number One Softie

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The news about the Earthorigin Sect’s army entering the Grand-Orient Realm couldn’t be concealed. The next day, it had spread throughout the Grand-Orient Sect. There was talk of a hundred and fifty thousand troops, on top of a hundred and eighty thousand Elysian purifiers. The Grand-Orient Sect, Onyx Sect, and Southsky Sect were panicked! The joy of their big victory three months ago had now been washed away.

Having sold the realm for support, the Elysian Emperor was reviled by the entire world. But so what? He didn't care about his reputation. All he wanted was to unify the Grand-Orient Realm.

"History is written by the victor. No matter what price he has to pay, the Elysian Emperor intends to be that victor!"

This was known to all. The Grand-Orient Sect was unaware of how much discussion and arguing the two armies had incited. All they knew was that the armies were headed for the sect. On the third day, they arrived in front of the Grand-Orient Mountains.

"Our opponents are becoming more and more formidable. At the beginning, there were only Cloudmist Sword School and Onyx Sect. But now, the Elysian Emperor and Earthorigin Sect’s vice sect master marched with an army of three hundred and thirty thousand!"

Within the Grand-Orient Barrier, more than a hundred thousand Onyx legionnaires and Grand-Orient guardians faced a terrible crisis. If they knew that the ninety-nine imperial dragon pulses couldn’t be restored, they would be in further turmoil. After all, there were two Sky Saint powerhouses personally leading the opposition.

The Grand-Orient guardians and Onyx legionnaires were in a precarious state. Even if they had Li Wudi, they lacked the resolution they had shown in the previous battle.

In this solemn atmosphere, the armies appeared outside the barrier, intensifying the tremendous pressure. The Elysian purifiers were red-eyed, having been humiliated by the Southsky Sect. The past three months had been miserable for them. Finally, they were here for revenge!

Their densely packed lifebound beasts roared, shaking the Grand-Orient Mountains. Even the Grand-Orient Barrier trembled.

In fact, there might be fewer than the purported three hundred and thirty thousand troops, since some might sneak into the Abyssal Battlefield when the barrier weakened to take the opportunity to attack through the Bottomless Pit, destroying the barrier from within.

"Jun Shengxiao, the great sinner! This time, they mean to burn their bridges.”

There was low morale among the Grand-Orient Sect and Onyx Sect. Resistance did little to help mental frailty, and a gloomy atmosphere had enveloped the masses.

Frowning, Tianming looked straight ahead. This was a tense moment. Together with Li Wudi, Ye Shaoqing, the Onyx Emperor, and several others, he stepped out of the barrier, arriving before Heaven’s Elysium’s army. Since they immediately returned, they weren’t noticed.

Compared to the enemy, the Grand-Orient Sect and Onyx Sect certainly lacked in numbers. The other side had a hundred and forty elysian elders and a hundred earthorigin elders—at least five times their numbers.

These people stood in front of the armies. Heaven’s Elysium was headed by Jun Shengxiao, three Cardinal Kings, Jun Niancang, and more than a hundred elders, while the Earthorigin Sect had its vice sect master, Yuan Hun, junior sect master Yuan Zhen, and a hundred elders. Behind them were the red-eyed, murderous Elysian purifiers and disdainful Earthorigin defenders.

From where Tianming stood, the enemy’s armies seemed endless. Both beastmaster and lifebound beast gathered and roars filled the air. Their might and majesty rendered their opponents breathless.

"Why did Li Wudi and his people leave the barrier before the battle?"

With that, all eyes fell upon Li Wudi. Just then, he pulled out an item from his spatial ring and smashed it on the ground. Upon closer inspection, it was a golden head.

"The East Cardinal King!"

At that moment, all Elysian purifiers shot fire from their eyes. Yes, this was Jun Dongyao’s head.

Under their watchful gazes, Li Wudi raised his foot and stomped on the head. Narrowing his bloody eyes, he stared at Jun Shengxiao.The two armies were as silent as death, but in an instant, the Elysian purifiers exploded.

"Kill him!!!”

"Avenge the East Cardinal King!"

Unfortunately, it was one of their own who stopped them. Jun Shengxiao’s fiery eyes focused on Li Wudi.

"Elysian Emperor, don't get me wrong. I don’t mean anything, I just think it’s a pity for Brother Jun Dongyao. After all, he never imagined that the father he worshipped for a lifetime actually would sell his land for glory. It’s amazing how you could think up such a thing! Aren't you afraid your Heaven’s Elysium ancestors might spit on you?”

His provocative gaze fell upon Jun Shengxiao, whose actions were reviled by the entire Grand-Orient Realm, outside of Heaven’s Elysium. Within the Grand-Orient Barrier, countless people were cursing at him. On the other hand, the Elysian purifiers were seething in anger.

"Elysian Emperor, Heaven’s Elysium brothers, don't listen to this man’s nonsense. The Earthorigin Sect has come to help Heaven’s Elysium quell the rebellion and save the people of the Grand-Orient Realm. The Elysian Emperor’s important contribution will be praised by future generations," said the vice sect master of Earthorigin Sect, Yuan Hun.

"Yuan Hun, you shameless bastard. You might as well come clean about the fact that you’re here to profit from our misfortune. You can keep those grandiloquent words to yourself. You’re not fooling anyone," sneered Li Wudi. He pointed the Crimsonblood Saber at the Elysian Emperor. "Jun Shengxiao, I heard that you’re the strongest man in the Grand-Orient Realm. But in my opinion, you’re just the number one coward! I’d like to see just how much of a softie you are. Do you have the courage to engage in a fight to the death with me?”

As soon as the words fell from his lips, the entire army was in an uproar. Li Wudi’s courage was shocking. In truth, the masses looked forward to a battle between the strongest of the Grand-Orient Realm.

In a sect war, battles between the strongest were inadvisable, since such battles would affect morale. However, the strong side would usually refuse the challenge because it was unnecessary.

"Jun Shengxiao, come out and get beaten!" As Li Wudi spoke, he smiled provocatively and sliced the golden head beneath his feet in half. "If you don't agree, I’ll cook this right in front of you. Would you like to taste fried golden meat?" His provocation was simply ridiculous.

But this was Li Wud’s style. He loved and hated in extremes, was generous to his relatives, and showed no mercy to his enemies. After all, he was now shouldering the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. Was there a need to pay attention to morality in the face of his enemies?

Naturally, Heaven’s Elysium was furious. All of their fiery gazes turned to the Elysian Emperor. Although they had an advantage, they hoped the Elysian Emperor could slay Li Wudi with his own hands. Then, their great army would completely destroy the Grand-Orient Sect.

"Elysian Emperor!”

The army directed their passionate outcry toward the Elysian Emperor.

"Brothers of Heaven’s Elysium, don't fall for it. Our strength is far superior to theirs, so we don't have to take risks at all. When we destroy the Grand-Orient Sect, the Elysian Emperor will have plenty of opportunities to slaughter Li Wudi!"

Still rational, the elysian elders declined on behalf of the Elysian Emperor. It wasn’t because they didn’t believe in his strength, but because Li Wudi was no ordinary person. If they went along with his plan, they might get caught.

How would the Elysian Emperor react? He smiled and said, "Li Wudi, don’t use a child's provocation on me. It’ll be your turn to die soon enough, but not now. I’ll make you watch the fall of the Grand-Orient Sect, so your death will be more enjoyable.”

His tone was calm enough to convince Heaven’s Elysium. He wasn’t going easy on Li Wudi, it just wasn’t his time yet.

"You’re really amazing, to be able to portray a coward so beautifully and with such refinement." Li Wudi shot him a thumbs-up.

In truth, many Elysian purifiers were still a little upset. After all, Li Wudi had been so provocative that all of them wanted him dead at once. It was obvious that Li Wudi’s plan to defeat the enemy by capturing their leader had failed. Many felt a sense of foreboding. Just as the Elysian Emperor and Yuan Hun were about to begin attacking, Tianming walked out.

"Jun Niancang, she’s already dead, so why do this to her? Moving her around like frozen seafood?" Tianming noticed the crystal coffin beside Jun Niancang.

This time, everyone’s attention was focused on Tianming. Son of Li Wudi, he had killed Yueling Long in the Realm War and snatched away the Grand Orient Sword! If it hadn’t been for that, the Elysian Emperor would wield the sword in a head-on fight against Li Wudi.

Tianming’s smile met Jun Niancang’s bloodshot eyes.

"Are you still able to smile with death approaching?" said Jun Niancang.

"Of course. After all, the ingredients for this fried golden meat aren’t from my head," Tianming echoed Li Wudi. During critical moments, if one wasn’t hard on the enemy, how could one protect one’s relatives and friends?

"Tianming!” Jun Niancang could no longer resist.

"Brother Jun, don’t bother talking to him. He makes no sense," interjected Yuan Zhen.

"Who do you think you are? Do you have the right to speak?" Tianming turned his hostility on Yuan Zhen instead.

This was his real goal!

"What did you say?" Yuan Zhen was stunned. This was the first time someone of the same age had spoken to him in such a manner.

"I asked who the hell do you think you are, Tortoise Knight!" Glancing at the Hellshaker Black Tortoise at Yuan Zhen’s feet, Tianming couldn't help laughing. He had to bestow this title to Yuan Zhen. After all, the first to strike had the advantage.

‘Tortoise’ was a taboo of the Earthorigin Sect. At this moment, the fiery gazes of all of the Earthorigin Sect troops flitted toward Tianming.

"What are you looking at me for? Aren’t you a group of shrinking tortoises?"

No matter how demoralized they were, the spectators laughed thanks to Tianming’s vivid description. Being a proud man, Yuan Zhen exploded with murderous intent.

"What are you trying to say, Li Tianming?" snarled Yuan Zhen.

"I’d just like to know if you’re like your lifebound beast. Is shrinking your head into your tortoise shell and shivering all you can do?"

"Say it again and I’ll pull your tongue out!"

"You’re all talk but no action. If you dare, come on then. Don't be a softie like the Elysian Emperor."

Yuan Zhen smiled maliciously.

"Don't listen to him," said vice sect master Yuan Hun.

Tianming’s provocations were meaningless.

"Uncle, give me ten breaths’ time!"

After all, youths were different from Jun Shengxiao. Yuan Zhen stepped forward, his gaze burning.

"I understand. You want a fight to the death?"

"Yes, but you don’t have the guts."

"Fuck off!” roared Yuan Zhen. Even the ground before him shook.

"Yuan Zhen!" warned Yuan Hun.

"Ten breaths’ time! I'll kill him immediately. How dare he speak that way! I must tear his mouth apart!"

As Yuan Zhen spoke, Tianming drew the Grand-Orient Sword and stepped onto the battlefield.

"The Grand-Orient Sword!”

Many were only now aware that Li Wudi had actually handed such a precious weapon to Tianming. At that instant, their expressions shifted. Although they knew this was probably a trap, its allure was too great.

The Realm War determined the ownership of the Grand-Orient Sword, which couldn’t be seized afterward. However, during the sect war, the Elysian Emperor would be allowed to hold the sword if Tianming was killed. Once the Elysian Emperor won the war and unified the Grand-Orient Realm, the Theocracy of the Ancients wouldn’t care, would they?

The Elysian Emperor and Yuan Hun exchanged meaningful glances. Since they didn't stop Yuan Zhen, neither would the others.

What everyone was thinking was—Three months ago, Tianming’s strength was equivalent to the third level of Heavenly Will. How could he compete with a genius at seventh-level Heavenly Will?

Many Grand-Orient and Onyx Sect members appeared forlorn. Like Yuan Huitian, many of them had personally witnessed how close Yuan Zhen had come to killing Tianming. How would he face the enemy?

Among the crowd, Li Wudi was the only one who casually folded his arms and smiled. Everything was under control; all he had to do was watch the show.

"Earthorigin defenders, watch the clock! Ten breaths is all I need!" yelled Yuan Zhen. With the Hellshaker Black Tortoise, he charged directly into the battlefield. The two young men met right between both armies and commenced a battle of life and death.

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