Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 394

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Chapter 394: - Primordial Terraqua Dragon

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“Wudi, what’s going on?” Weisheng Cangyuan was confused by what was unfolding before his eyes. He could see the azure dragon pulses merging and forming into a ball of spirit hazard. As for Tianming, he had already disappeared.

“I have no idea, but something similar previously happened with the Prime Tower and the Grand-Orient Barrier’s imperial dragon pulse.” Li Wudi stretched his hands out helplessly.

“Prime Tower?” Everyone was shocked when they heard Li Wudi’s words. Looking at the ball of spirit hazard, there really was a silhouette of a pagoda within. When the white pagoda appeared, the ball began shrinking.

“That’s right.”

“Then what happened to the imperial dragon pulse after that?” Weisheng Cangyuan asked.

“Gone.” Li Wudi chuckled.

“What?” Weisheng Cangyuan and Weisheng Tianlan were both shocked, and their eyes widened. In the end, Weisheng Tianlan asked, “Will the azure dragon pulse disappear as well?”

“Take a guess,” said Li Wudi.

“Holy shit! Doesn’t that mean that the Southsky Barrier’s power will weaken by half?!” Weisheng Cangyuan cursed.

“Don’t worry about it, old man. Heaven’s Elysium is no more, and I’m still around to take care of the Earthorigin Sect. So don’t be so stingy. Furthermore, my son was of great help today, so he should get his reward.” Li Wudi retorted.

In the end, Weisheng Cangyuan and Weisheng Tianlan didn’t know whether to laugh or cry as Weisheng Tianlan spoke out, “We’re not being stingy. The azure dragon pulses are the inheritance of our Southsky Sect, so I can’t bear to see them gone. Then again, what’s Tianming using them for?”

“I have no idea. But when I’m looking for a replacement for the Grand-Orient Barrier, I’ll help you search for one as well. After all, we can’t let such a huge barrier go to waste,” said Li Wudi.

“I want the best, so don’t try fooling me!” Weisheng Cangyuan replied. He knew how important the azure dragon pulses were, and if Tianming wasn’t the one taking them away, his temper would probably have blown by now.

“This child has immense merit. I hope the Prime Tower can bring him benefits after absorbing the dragon pulses. Consider it the gratitude of our Southsky Sect,” said Weisheng Tianlan. As he spoke, the Prime Tower finally appeared and absorbed the azure dragon pulses. At this moment, the Prime Tower was dyed two colors—blue and yellow. Then the Prime Tower disappeared, revealing an unharmed Tianming before their eyes.

As soon as Tianming came out, he directly headed to Southsky Island without saying anything and landed on a beach, surrounded by Aquamarine’s citizens. When he arrived at the beach, Tianming immediately sat with his legs crossed and started meditating. This was the main reason he was in such a rush to leave the Southsky Barrier. The Southsky Barrier was filled with surging waves, and if he had meditated there, he would definitely be carried away by the waves.

“It’s really Vermilion Bird’s Li Tianming!”

“That’s right, I’ve seen him before! I heard that he saved us all using two artifacts!”

“He tied me with a rope, and I wasn’t able to recognize him back then.” Many citizens surrounded Tianming in excitement. But when Tianming’s aura suddenly exploded, they didn’t dare to get too close.

“You guys deal with the aftermath, I’ll go take a look at Tianming,” said Li Wudi.

“Alright. The seventy thousand defenders will be imprisoned in our Southsky Prison. The Dreamchant Barrier of the Southsky Sect can restrict their strength to the greatest extent,” said Weisheng Tianlan.

“Can it fit seventy thousand people?” asked Li Wudi.

“We’ll just squeeze them in.”

“Alright. I’ll come for them once I’m done with Heaven’s Elysium, and I’ll bring them to take the Cloudmist Sword School’s territory back.”

“No problem.”

The Southsky Sect began imprisoning the captives, comforting the citizens, and suppressing the defeated purifiers. But that wasn’t all there was to their job, as they still had to clean up the battlefield, gather the spoils, and lift the Southsky Barrier, all of which would probably take days to complete.

“Ye Shaoqing and the rest will probably arrive in a bit. They’ll be here with a hundred people, and we can send the citizens of Aquamarine back with them when they get here,” said Weisheng Tianlan. “Father, as for the azure dragon pulses… believe in me as well as the father and son. Li Wudi is loyal to his friends, and he definitely won’t allow us to suffer a loss.”

“Honestly speaking, after so many years, the Southsky Sect and Grand-Orient Sect are already one family. Now that the Grand-Orient Sect is swallowing up Heaven’s Elysium, I bet it won’t be long before they swallow the Onyx Sect and Cloudmist Sword School as well,” said Weisheng Cangyuan.

“That’s true, but the Li Saint Clan, and Li Wudi, specifically, are fundamentally different from Heaven’s Elysium’s Jun Clan. The Li Saint Clan seeks harmony and common ground in which to develop together. So even if the Onyx Sect becomes part of the Grand-Orient Sect, it won’t be like Heaven’s Elysium,” said Weisheng Tianlan.

“Speaking of which, is Tianming meditating right now?”

“That’s right.”

“Why’s he in such a hurry to meditate?” Weisheng Tianlan looked over in Tianming’s direction with a perplexed look on his face.

Tianming really was currently in a hurry to meditate. He might seem calm on the surface, but his lifebound space was already surging with waves. The azure dragon and imperial dragon pulses had been released by the Prime Tower and were sweeping throughout the entire lifebound space. This place, which had always been peaceful, was finally thrown into chaos.

“Holy shit, it’s a disaster!”

“Brother Chicken, there’s so many eggs flying around!”

“Why are you still here just watching? Come and help out!” Ying Huo jumped around as it called out to Meow Meow. They finally managed to grab the ten Primordial Chaos Beast eggs, with Ying Huo protecting the smallest one under its wings. But all of a sudden, Ying Huo felt a sting under its wings. Looking down, it realized that its feathers were being caught in the cracks.

“How naughty!” Ying Huo scolded it, nearly losing its temper. But he had heard of the saying that the eldest brother was also the father, so he could only endure it and protect the seven eggs. However, the largest one, which was at the center of the lifebound space, stood firmly under the storm.

Suddenly, cracks started spreading out on the eggs. Both Ying Huo and Meow Meow had been born outside, but the Prime Tower had swallowed the azure dragon and imperial dragon pulses and brought them into Tianming’s lifebound space. If everything went according to their expectation, the third beast would be hatched in the lifebound space.

“It’s hatching!” The egg represented a new Primordial Chaos Beast. By absorbing the spirit hazards, it had swiftly reached parity with Tianming’s cultivation. As Tianming had already experienced a similar scene in the past, he was far calmer, this time.

“I’m ready!” Tianming was speaking to the hatching Primordial Chaos Beast. Gradually, a third link was formed in his mind. Then, the azure and imperial dragon pulses both charged at the seven-meter-tall egg, producing a deafening roar. Tianming could hear the eggshell breaking as the two dragon pulses pounced at the egg.

“Yep, we’re getting a new roommate.” Ying Huo curled its lips.

“The egg may be huge, but I bet it’s just a small fellow.” Meow Meow made a malicious analysis.

“That’s right, let Tianming feel despair and carry on dreaming. He’s clearly just a ride, yet he wants to become our master,” Ying Huo chuckled.

The instant Ying Huo spoke, the third egg finally broke apart. However, the beast within it was shrouded by the two dragon pulses—a total of a hundred and ninety-eight dragons. However, everyone could tell that it was huge. Just one of its claws alone was comparable to dozens of Ying Huo and Meow Meows.

“Holy shit!”

“The third one betrayed us! Why is it so huge!” Ying Huo was dumbfounded.

“I’m not convinced! It’s clearly trying to buck the trend!” Meow Meow glared at its new ‘little’ brother. Looking at its outline alone, it was comparable to Meow Meow in its Regal Chaosfiend form.

“That’s not fair! I want a majestic body as well!” Ying Huo said enviously.

“Me too! I’ve had enough of those women looking at me with their lustful eyes glowing!” Meow Meow sighed.

“Are you god damn showing off?!”


“Furthermore, you can even transform!” Ying Huo grew more furious the more it thought about it.

“Oh, you’re right! Brother chicken, it looks like you’re the only tiny one around!”

“Screw you! The third one is fine. If any of the rest of you dares to break the trend again, I’ll stew every single one of you!”

“Are we going to nourish ourselves?” Meow Meow asked.

“You shut up! I want to eat a cat egg right now!”

Meow Meow instantly turned into a bolt of lightning and disappeared when it heard Ying Huo’s threat. It seemed that it had a strong awareness of protecting eggs.

Letting out a sigh, Ying Huo laid on the ground and used the little egg as a pillow. As it shook its legs, it wore an aged expression and reached out for the small egg. “Fourth, you’re a babe, right?”

The egg’s response to Ying Huo was two jolts from the egg, almost as if the egg had just nodded.

“Remember to massage my legs and shoulders when you’re born, alright? Also, you’re not allowed to be huge,” Ying Huo added. But this time, the egg knocked on Ying Huo’s head, then it ran off. In the end, Ying Huo began to doubt its life as it groaned, “Me and my pathetic life!”

A deafening rumble echoed and Ying Huo could finally see the third hatchling absorbing the dragon pulses and gradually growing stronger. Shortly after, it began to open up its beast veins and gather spiritsource. It even went as far as comprehending heavenly will!

Tianming already had the Aeternal Infernal Phoenix and Genesis Chaos Thunderfiend, which gave him infernal and chaos beast veins. His beast veins were enormous to begin with. Now, a third beast vein was starting to take form, and it was known as the primordial beast vein!

That meant that a third power was starting to take form in his dantian, aside from the Grand-Orient Vortex. Besides the infernal- and lightningsources, a dual-colored spiritsource was beginning to take form. It manifested in the form of an ocean with a mountain above it. The two colors seemed like a complete world of their own, with aquatic lifeforms swimming in the sea and birds flying above the mountain. It was Tianming’s primordialsource!

“Little friend, may I know your name?” Tianming asked.

What answered him was a loud, overlapping voice in his ears, “I am the Primordial Terraqua Dragon!”

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