Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 399

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Chapter 399: - Bunch of Brothers

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The Firmament Saint Dragon had initially wanted to battle in the sky, but countless flame needles were stabbing toward its eye. As for the flame needles, they were created by Ying Huo’s ability, Skyscorch Featherblast. At the same time, Ying Huo was also using Pyros Imperius to stab its other eye!

The white dragon’s eyes suddenly burst with dazzling white light, forcing Ying Huo to use Infernal Haze to dodge the deadly attack.

Meow Meow stood in the sky in its Regal Chaosfiend form and pounced at the dragon, enveloped within its Ninefold Chaos Thunderscape.

Lightning surged on the Firmament Saint Dragon, forcing it to withstand most of it with its beast ki. But just when it was going to bite at Meow Meow, an enormous shadow suddenly came crashing down. The shadow was Lan Huang, who slammed at the dragon with its colossal body.

The Firmament Saint Dragon struggled to get up, but Lan Huang moved to its ears and used Primordial Soundwave. It was a rare sound-type ability that Lan Huang had unlocked. It could condense Lan Huang’s power into a soundwave, shooting out like a beam and stabbing into the dragon’s ears.

As a result, the white dragon began bleeding from its orifices. It had probably gone deaf and dizzy from the soundwave. Taking advantage of the excellent opportunity, Lan Huang’s tails hammered down like meteors on the white dragon’s head.

Taking the impact head-on, the white dragon’s scales broke and caved in. When the white dragon was screaming out in pain, Ying Huo slammed into its mouth with the Pyros Imperius, unleashing the sword ki into its throat. The sword ki burned, covering the interior of the white dragon’s throat in wounds and drawing a louder cry from it. Next was naturally Meow Meow, who bit onto the white dragon’s neck while its claws tore the dragon’s scales, creating wounds that even revealed its bones.

“Brother Chick, come out!”


The moment Ying Huo came out from the white dragon’s mouth, Meow Meow forced open the white dragon’s mouth with its claws. “Enjoy,” it singsonged.

Lightning manifested from the Ninefold Chaos Thunderscape and burrowed into the white dragon’s mouth, drilling into its internal organs. Even though the white dragon had protected its internal organs with its saint ki, its body was still turning charred black from the lightning. It was a white dragon, but at that moment, it looked more like a piece of charcoal.

Lan Huang came slamming down again, falling like nine mountains onto the white dragon. Simultaneously, one of its heads bit the dragon’s tail while its other mouth bit the dragon’s head, holding it still while Lan Huang smashed its tail down. But despite all that torment, the Firmament Saint Dragon was still alive, which showed how strong a saint beast was. If Ying Huo, Meow Meow, and Lan Huang were in the Saint stage, they would be a lot more powerful.

“Brother Turtle, pin it down! Don’t let it flip over! We’ll go help Tianming!” Ying Huo instructed.

“Brother Chicken, quick! Your man is going to turn into a beehive!” Meow Meow yelled.

“Screw you! Tianming is your man!” Ying Huo scolded in disgust and went over to Tianming together with Meow Meow.

“Don’t let it flip over?” Lan Huang tilted both its heads as it pinned down on the Firmament Saint Dragon and constantly slammed its tail down like a meteor shower. When the Firmament Saint Dragon tried to struggle, Lan Huang unleashed the Primordial Soundwave at its head.

“Don’t flip over!”

As a result, the white dragon could only let out a whimper before it collapsed back to the ground. If it weren’t in the Saint stage, or didn’t have such a powerful vitality, it would have already been crushed to death by Lan Huang.

The nearby spectators felt their scalps going numb. In the future, who would dare offend this lifebound beast of Tianming? But in Tianming’s words, Lan Huang was just an innocent. After all, it had just hatched from an egg, so it was just a big baby.


In the end, Tianming’s strategy was a success. By putting his trust in the three lifebound beasts he considered to be his brothers, he showed his faith that they could deal with their opponent. As a result, Ying Huo and the rest hadn’t disappointed him.

If I can gang up on someone, why bother playing fair? From this day on, this became Tianming’s motto. The beastmaster and their lifebound beasts were one when they fought, so who would go easy on their opponent if they had more than one lifebound beast?

Right at that moment, Ying Huo and Meow Meow arrived. Taking full advantage of the Spiritburn Tome’s empowerment, they joined Tianming to deal with Jun Niancang. Tianming had been suppressed by Jun Niancang for a long time now. If it weren’t for his Celestial Wings and Insightful Eye, he would have long since been killed.

When Jun Niancang was charging over to Tianming, he suddenly saw countless lightning bolts descending upon him. At the same time, he also saw a palm-sized cat, which had manifested into a bolt of lightning and appeared before him.

“Die!” The cat might seem cute, but when Jun Niancang saw the state of his lifebound beast, his eyes turned bloodshot.

“Before that, eat my fart!” A voice that sounded like a nightmare came from behind him, and Jun Niancang immediately tried to dodge after witnessing what had happened to Yuan Chen.

“Despicable!” Jun Niancang’s face was unsightly, with anger pent up in his chest. His worldview began collapsing. He was in the Saint stage, but he couldn’t defeat Tianming, who only barely managed to defeat Yueling Long a few months earlier? Moreover, Tianming had just defeated Yuan Chen a few days ago, and Yuan Chen was only in the seventh level of Heavenly Will!

“You’re just relying on a Spiritburn Tome! You’ll lose once the effect is over!” Jun Niancang gnashed his teeth.

“Is that so?” After being in a disadvantageous position for such a long time, it was finally time for Tianming to retaliate!

“Attack!” But just when he was about to attack with Ying Huo and Meow Meow, the ground beneath Jun Niancang suddenly turned into a swamp. It was a massive swamp with muddy water rolling like waves, leaving him with no footing. It was Lan Huang’s second ability, Terra Swamp!

This was an ability similar to the Infernal Haze and Chaos Voltball. It was a unique ability that had come with Lan Huang when it was born, and it turned the earth into a swamp filled with dangers. Suddenly, mud hands shot out and grabbed onto Jun Niancang’s feet. No matter where Jun Niancang went, the swamp would follow. On the other hand, Tianming had the Celestial Wings, Ying Huo could fly, and Meow Meow could manifest into lightning. So the three of them weren’t affected by the swamp at all.

“It’s no longer three against one now, but four!” Tianming sneered. “My brothers come in a bunch! Charge!”

Under the Terra Swamp, the three of them besieged Jun Niancang. Tianming was going head-on, while Ying Huo and Meow Meow came at him from the sides. Jun Niancang didn’t have a choice but to face the attacks head-on, not to mention that the Terra Swamp and Temporal Field had already weakened him. So much so that when he tried to dodge, he even bumped into a Spatial Wall.

“Jun Niancang, there’s no difference between you and your father! Since he’s been decapitated, and Heaven’s Elysium destroyed, your fate is to also be torn to pieces!” Tianming’s voice stabbed into Jun Niancang like a poisonous dagger.

“What did you say?” Jun Niancang was stunned, as if he had suffered a great blow.

“I said that your old man is dead, and his head is still hanging on Southsky Island. Furthermore, Heaven’s Elysium is no more!” Tianming roared. He had several holes in his body, all caused by Jun Niancang. Since he had nearly lost his life, there was no room in him for mercy. Jun Niancang’s moral conduct was terrible, so Tianming would hack him to death even though he was a saint.

He executed the merged Fulguros and Pyros Imperius, along with Ying Huo’s Infernal Field and Meow Meow’s Chaos Field. With Feiling’s Spiritual Attachment, his Spiritburn Tome, and the Grand-Orient Vortex, his attack was comparable to one from someone in the Saint stage!

Meow Meow had also used the only battle art it knew for the first time—Fulguros Imperius. It was executing the technique with its claws, so the power wasn’t as strong, compared to using the Grand-Orient Sword. However, Meow Meow was smart enough to merge the lightning from its Ninefold Chaos Thunderscape, further empowering the technique. The attacks from the three of them had practically vented out all the strength they had gotten from the Spiritburn Tome.

“I don’t believe this!” Blood tears streamed down from Jun Niancang’s cheeks as he glared at Tianming and executed Total Annihilation with his spear. The power of this spear strike was powerful, destroying everything in the path.

“But it’s a pity that your mind is a mess.” Even the strongest attack had to rely on one’s heavenly will. When Tianming executed his attack, the Terra Swamp descended and began rolling and solidifying into hard rock that smashed against Jun Niancang. Jun Niancang was hindered by the rocks, five layers of Spatial Wall, and the Temporal Field. Finally, the attacks from Tianming and the two lifebound beasts reached him.

Tianming’s sword clashed with the spear, and the terrifying saint ki from the spear caused the Grand-Orient Sword to fly out from his hand. But fortunately, he managed to withstand the pressure without his hand bursting apart. On the contrary, Jun Niancang took the shock head-on, which showed that he was stronger. But so what?

He could block Tianming’s attack, but that didn’t mean that he could block Ying Huo and Meow Meow’s attacks. Although Ying Huo’s Pyros Imperius might’ve missed a little, it still penetrated Jun Niancang’s abdomen and tore a huge hole through it. Meanwhile, a black claw enveloped in lightning collided with his chest, tearing a huge gash that revealed the bones, pouring large amounts of bloodfiend venom into Jun Niancang’s body. When Jun Niancang spurted blood from his mouth, the blood had already turned black. Lastly, countless rocks descended from the sky and fell on Jun Niancang’s head, burying him alive!

But even so, Jun Niancang still managed to charge out. When he came out, his eyes were wide and he was covered in blood, with a fire burning on the wound located at his abdomen; but the bloodfiend venom had already spread throughout his body.

A black chain suddenly shot over and stabbed into the back of Jun Niancang’s hand, making him cry out in pain. He suddenly lost control of his spear, and it was sent flying by Ying Huo. Then, Archfiend coiled itself around Jun Niancang, stabbing and riddling his body with holes in the next second. With that, Jun Niancang had been defeated!

Jun Niancang was dragged before Tianming. When he tried struggling, Tianming indifferently raised the Grand-Orient Sword that Meow Meow had retrieved and thrust it at the back of Jun Niancang’s head. “Die!”

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