Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 544

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Chapter 544: 544

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Aside from Ye Yi going after that golden flash, the Primitive Demon Ki also swept over. Even Tianming had joined in with his Three-Thousand Starfield. Before he could even take a look at the culprit, he executed Brilliant Stars.

“You want to assassinate me with something like this?” Tianming could only say that this person must be dreaming. His Three-Thousand Starfield failed to hit his opponent, but Ye Yi intercepted the culprit and his lifebound beast before they could escape.

When Tianming caught up, he wrapped the Three-Thousand Starfield around the culprit. When Tianming took a closer look at the man, he was shocked. “Chong Yang?”

Restrained by the chain, the old man could only stare at Tianming.

“You came at the right time. I just so happen to need you to teach me how to use the Cyclic Map. Since you’re already here, you can just stay behind,” said Tianming.

“You want to take me prisoner?” Chong Yang glared at Tianming.

“Is there a problem with that? You’re lucky that I didn’t kill you on the spot,” said Tianming.

“Li Tianming, you traitorous rebel—”

“Baaaah, shut up. I have no relations with the Ancient Qilin Clan. In the future, when I encounter anyone from the Ancient Qilin Clan, I won’t be lenient when killing them. And that includes you!” Tianming said coldly. Tianming would never be bound by morals.

When Chong Yang heard what Tianming said, he scolded, “Unfilial descendant!”

“Shut that mouth of yours!” Tianming slapped Chong Yang, knocking a tooth out of his mouth. Chong Yang’s face also started to swell. “Now, I’ll give you a spacious view of how the Ancient Theocrats and shameless dogs like you are going to die!”

“That will never happen. No one can beat His Majesty when it comes to planning! People like you will be extinguished sooner or later. The Decimo Dao Palace will be turned into a mass grave!” Chong Yang roared.

“Planning? Then what’s wrong with the Evil Suppression Formation?” Tianming sneered.

His words left Chong Yang dumbfounded. He had nearly vomited blood when he saw the Evil Suppression Formation activating, as he knew better than anyone what that meant. It meant that Autarch Qian’s plan had been a joke right from the start. He didn’t even dare to imagine Autarch Qian’s expression when he found out about it.

“Exalted one, qilins were once sacred beasts in my heart. An elder of mine once said that they were perfect. He taught me that, as a person, I have to be worthy of myself, the love of others, and finally heaven and earth. However, you let the qilin become a hydra’s lapdog! I despise people like you the most.” Tianming handed Chong Yang to the Skyjade Astral King. Her strength was sufficient to trap Chong Yang in a ‘special cage.’

“Tianming, you can cut the crap. Everyone’s the same before death and authority. You’re talking about it in this manner because you’ve never tasted death. When you see the Decimo Dao Palace reduced to a mass grave, you’ll know why people kneel!” Chong Yang laughed.

Tianming wasn’t in the mood to explain things to Chong Yang. Everyone had their own viewpoint, so why bother convincing others, knowing that it was impossible? Only time would tell the truth.


Although it was satisfying killing two hundred thousand from the Ancient Theocrats, they also harvested greatly. But judging from the current situation, the Ancient Theocrats had only temporarily retreated from the formation; the danger still wasn't over yet. Commanding the Seven Astral Legions, Ye Yi immediately made preparations on the battlefield to their advantage.

“Grandsol Legion, cut off every head from the Nineshades Clan and throw them out. Pile them right by the entrance!” Ye Yi said with bloodshot eyes. This was a psychological tactic. If the enemies attacked again, they would see the pile of heads.

“The Decimo Dao Palace has been too benevolent, and we have to change. Now, we’ve finally got a clear look at their faces. If it weren’t for Ye Lingfeng, we would’ve been finished this time,” said Ye Yi.

Tianming felt that Ye Yi was right. If Li Wudi were here, he would just take it even further. A gentleman would never have a good outcome on the battlefield. While the Astral Legions kept watch over the Ancient Theocrats’ movements, Bai Mo came from the dao palace.

“How is it?” Bai Mo asked.

“We killed two hundred and thirty thousand. Judging from the looks of it right now, it’s a huge victory for us,” said Ye Yi.

“They should pay even more!” Bai Mo replied.

“What about your side? What’s the situation with the Evil Suppression Formation?” Ye Yi asked.

“Ye Lingfeng’s control over the Evil Suppression Pillar isn’t steady enough, and he only managed to activate a portion of the formation. But he’s smart. He knows how to separate the formation nuclei for us to help out. If the palace lord doesn’t wake up anytime soon, there’s no way the Evil Suppression Formation will reach its full state. We also have to expend a portion of our strength to preserve the formation. But it’s still better than losing it,” said Bai Mo.

“That also means the danger still isn’t resolved.” Ye Yi fell into a short ponder, then continued, “Bai Mo, you should return. I’m worried that Autarch Qian might come personally.”

“If he comes, we can only focus the Evil Suppression Formation on him alone. As for everyone else, we have the same number of troops. But Autarch Qian has the Cyclic Mirror, and no one can stop him,” said Bai Mo.

“Alright, I’ll stop the others then,” said Ye Yi.

“Oh, right. Did you see Li Wudi? Is he still alive?” Bai Mo asked with a grave expression.

Ye Yi shook his head.

“Tianming, what about you?” Bai Mo turned to Tianming. Tianming was currently the one who was most concerned about Li Wudi’s life and death.

“Hall King, I have no idea. But I have confidence in my godfather. He didn’t die when he was young. I believe that he’s still alive,” said Tianming.

“I believe that the Li Saint Clan’s will is stronger than the Nineshades Clan. You guys are the genuine clan that defies heaven.” Bai Mo patted Tianming’s shoulder and nodded. He turned around and left, heading toward the formation nuclei to preside over the overall situation.

“The Evil Suppression Formation was initially a self-powered formation. We don’t have to spend so much effort on it, as long as we open it to the maximum extent, but only the palace lord can do it. Feng is still somewhat lacking. We’ll have to focus on the Evil Suppression Formation now, and can probably put away the Ninefold Silver Formation,” said Ye Yi. “The Evil Suppression Formation’s power depends on us, now. That means the Nineshades Clan still has a possibility of breaking through it. We can’t relax yet!”

“Roger!” Everyone felt their blood boiling.


Tianming stood before the Seven Astral Legions. He was badly injured, not to mention greatly exhausted. The Prime Tower was currently nourishing his injuries. As for his lifebound beasts, they had returned to his lifebound space to rest.

On the other hand, the Ancient Theocrats were waiting for Autarch Qian to return. Tianming was also waiting for news of Li Wudi’s life and death.

“Godfather, you said that you used to roam between life and death. I believe this crisis is normal for you, right? Please, don’t fall.…” Tianming looked outside the formation. As time passed, the Astral Legions held their breath and waited.

Suddenly, a figure descended from the sky. Before they landed on the ground, Tianming’s silhouette shot out like an arrow. It was a person covered in blood, with wounds all over his body. The wounds were so deep that even their bones could be seen. But fortunately, he hadn’t suffered any grave injuries.

Grabbing hold of the figure, Tianming yelled, “Godfather!”

“Holy shit, why are you so loud? Are you trying to destroy my eardrums?” Li Wudi rolled his eyes.

“You’re still alive?”

“Do I look dead to you?” Li Wudi roared.

Tianming was hugging Li Wudi. Seeing how lively his adoptive father was, Tianming finally felt relieved.

“Why aren’t you putting me down? Do you think I’m a princess?” Li Wudi glared.

“Alright.” Tianming released Li Wudi, allowing him to fall to the ground and howl.

“What are you doing? Are you trying to kill me?” Li Wudi raged.

“I can’t?” Tianming went to help him up. Curling his lips, he commented, “Your blood stinks.”

“What? Do you think that you’re powerful because you’re the strongest genius? Are you as smelly as me today?” Li Wudi said proudly.

“No, you’re the stinkiest person in the world today.” Tianming gave in.

“Li Wudi, are you alright?” Ye Yi asked.

“I’m not. I’m freaking covered in wounds, and my lifebound beast is almost dead. Quick, bring out your best medicine,” Li Wudi shouted.

Ye Yi waved his hand and Situ Qinghe, the Life Hall King came over. He was proficient in healing, and had researched spirit herbs. Even the heavenly pattern formation he knew had healing functions.

“I’ll carry you!” Tianming knew that Li Wudi had just escaped death, despite how lively he seemed right then. This time, Li Wudi had saved the Decimo Dao Palace. If he hadn’t lured Autarch Qian away, Weisheng Yunxi wouldn’t have been able to return, and Autarch Qian would have long taken the Evil Suppression Pillar.

“Chen Fang, let me know immediately if the Nineshades Clan dares to come in. I’ll rush over immediately,” said Tianming.

“Roger!” Chen Fang nodded.

Tianming picked up Li Wudi and followed Situ Qinghe into the dao palace. As he carried Li Wudi, his clothes were stained by blood.

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