Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 553

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Chapter 553: - Dazzling Pavilion’s Pavilion Lord, Meng Yifeng

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The Dazzling Warships were silent. Only heavy breathing could be heard, along with occasional sobbing and whimpering. But the voices were soft and filled with fear.

“No one’s allowed to make a sound. Throw anyone who makes a sound to the bottom of the sea to feed the fish! There’re many wildbeasts in the ocean, and they can easily gobble all of you up,” a rough voice rang out from the tenth warship.

Instantly, the whimpering died down. Amid the darkness, the warships could be seen filled with people. Many people were squeezed together. They didn’t even have any room to move about. With all the stenches combined, the storage cabin was heavily polluted.

Many people had tears rolling down their cheeks, but they had to cover their mouths because they would face death if they made a single noise. To them, the sky saints from the Dazzling Pavilion were like gods who could easily determine their fate.

Their eyes were trembling with despair. All of them had fear written on their faces, not knowing what was awaiting them. They also had no idea who these people were, or why they captured them. The melancholy atmosphere had been growing for the past several days.

Suddenly, a burst of laughter rang out and someone shouted, “Open the cabin!”

“Yes, pavilion lord!” The overhead deck opened and light penetrated the storage cabin. Everyone in the hold had despair on their faces. A middle-aged man stood outside. He wore luxurious clothing decorated with jewels and jades. He was fat, with beady eyes and a wretched expression. At first glance, anyone could tell that he wasn’t a good person.

His name was Meng Yifeng, the elder brother of Meng Tingyu, and he was the new pavilion lord of the Dazzling Pavilion.

“Hello everyone,” Meng Yifeng said, eating a roasted chicken drumstick in his hand.

The cabin was shrouded in dead silence. Everyone was trembling with fear and looking at Meng Yifeng as though he was a demon.

“Relax. I’m bringing you guys to experience life in the Theocracy and broaden your horizons,” Meng Yifeng said with a smile. However, no one answered him.

“Ugh, you guys are boring.” Meng Yifeng flung his drumstick aside. His expression grew cold, and he glanced at everyone. He raised his voice and announced, “Then I’ll say something honest to you guys. My real purpose is to escort you to His Majesty. They’ll be cooking you to reward the whole army. So you guys will all be cooked in the capital.”

His words had thoroughly frightened everyone. When the first person started crying, everyone else also had their emotions infected.

“Is that true?”

“Why? Where is the Divine Capital? Are these people gods?”

“Any one of them could kill the king of our Northern Kingdom….”

“Stew us? Are they cannibal monsters?”

Everyone started crying.

“I’ll count to three. If I still hear a noise coming from you after I reach three, I’ll throw them into the sea.” Meng Yifeng smiled. His voice then echoed through the hold, “One! Two! Three!”

After he counted to three, there was dead silence. “Haha!” Meng Yifeng laughed. “Listen well. If you know any core figures of the Grand-Orient or Southsky Sect, report them immediately. Not only will I release you, but you’ll also be rewarded. I promise that you’ll enjoy a lifetime of riches. How is it? Is it tempting? This is your only chance not to be stewed!”

For a while, everyone was looking around, trying to find an opportunity. In front of death and fear, this might only be their opportunity. So who wouldn’t try and grab it?

Suddenly, an ecstatic voice sounded out, “Lord! I know! I’m here!”

“Make way,” said Meng Yifeng. When he stepped into the cabin, the crowd immediately made way for him. Everyone looked at Meng Yifeng in a panic with fear in their eyes.

Meng Yifeng noticed a woman with messy hair and ragged clothes in a corner. He walked forth and brushed her hair aside. “Not bad. With your appearance, you can be a whore in Romance Street. What’s your name?”

“Reporting to the lord, my name is Su Wuyou.” The woman’s voice trembled.

“Not bad. You were able to reach the Heavenly Will stage in the Grand-Orient Realm at such a young age. In the future, after I pamper you, you might even become a sky saint. Not bad. Not bad. I never expected to find a gem like you here.”

The woman looked at Meng Yifeng’s plump body and felt disgusted.

“Come, stand up.” Meng Yifeng grabbed her arm and lifted her. Rubbing the dirt off her face, he was even more satisfied with her appearance and smiled. “Not bad. You’re truly a gem with that figure of yours. If you manage to grasp this opportunity and point out the Grand-Orient Sect’s core figures, I’ll take you as my concubine.

The woman trembled and blankly looked at the person before her. Her heart sank into the abyss when she heard what he said.

“May I ask about your status in the Divine Capital and your cultivation…” she lowered her head and asked in a trembling voice.

Meng Yifeng laughed. “Did you guys hear that? This beauty is pretty smart. She’s even asking about my identity before following me. It looks like she’s pretty prideful.” Meng Yifeng laughed, then continued, “However, I like clever little vixens like you!”

He grabbed her chin and said, “You’re looking at Meng Yifeng, the pavilion lord of the Dazzling Pavilion, one of the three major powers under the Ancient Theocrats. My cultivation is in the sixth level of the sky saint stage. How is it? Am I worthy of you now?”

Meng Yifeng didn’t care about the dirt on her and wrapped his arm around her waist. When the woman heard what he said, she completely relaxed. With a smile, she made up her mind. This person was two levels higher than Jun Shenxiao, not to mention that he even had such a high position in the Divine Capital—so what if he was ugly?

From facing death to sudden prosperity, it wasn’t an opportunity that everyone would have. When she was young, she loved a youth deeply, but he had already died. She had also long forgotten those matters. The world was a mire, where the strong prey on the weak.

“My lord, I used to be a disciple of the Grand-Orient Sect, and my clan was also from the Grand-Orient Sect. I know everyone around Li Wudi and Li Tianming. Before Li Wudi left for the Divine Capital, he dismissed the Grand-Orient Sect. His relatives and I headed in the same direction, and when I was captured, I saw them coming aboard the same warship as me. That means they’re here! I know them, and can point them out to you!” Su Wuyou said while gnashing her teeth. Her gaze gradually turned fanatical.

“Such a coincidence? Who are they?”

“Li Wudi’s mother and Li Tianming’s grandfather,” said Su Wuyou.

“Li Wudi’s mother?!” Meng Yifeng hadn’t expected to find such a big fish. He was already satisfied with finding such a beauty, so he wasn’t expecting someone like Li Wudi’s mother to be there, too!

“Quick, find those two for me right away! You’re really my lucky star! I like you even more now!” Meng Yifeng laughed so hard the fat on his chin jiggled.

“Okay.” Su Wuyou narrowed her eyes.

“Let’s start immediately! Men, come and assist her!” Meng Yifeng said. There were a hundred thousand people here, and it wouldn’t be easy to find two people among the crowd. However, Meng Yifeng had plenty of time.

“My lord, this here is the elder sister of Li Tianming’s woman, Jiang Qingluan,” Su Wuyou said with an indifferent voice.

“Bring her out.”

In the end, a woman was brought out. When she came out, Su Wuyou slapped her.

“You bitch!” Jiang Qingluan glared at her, trembling with anger.

“Go to hell!” Su Wuyou sneered and continued identifying others.

“My lord, this is Li Tianming’s father-in-law…. This is Li Jingyu, Li Wudi’s mother…. This old man is Li Tianming’s grandfather. Their entire family is here too! This is his uncle, younger brother, and sister.” Su Wuyou didn’t let any of them off.

“My lord, this is my younger sister, Su Yiran.” Su Wuyou then brought out an even more bewitching woman.

“Your sister?” Meng Yifeng’s eyes lit up instantly. “Very well. Your younger sister doesn’t have to die. I’ll take both of you with me!”

He then glanced at the crowd Su Wuyou had identified before his eyes fixed on Li Jingyu. The old woman was looking at him and Su Wuyou furiously.

“The cheapskate of the Su Clan hasn’t disappointed us indeed...” Li Jingyu said with bloodshot eyes.

“Cheapskate? I get to live, but you’re going to die. Who’ll know what I’ve done after you die?” Su Wuyou smiled.

“You dirty whore. You know it yourself. Do you still need others to know about it?” Jiang Qingluan asked. When she was following Ye Yuxi, she had encountered Su Wuyou several times.

“I’m dirty?” Su Wuyou smiled coldly. “My lord, she has no place in Li Tianming’s eyes. Do you want to keep her for yourself?”

“Presumptuous! Do you think that I’ll accept any woman?” Meng Yifeng said solemnly.

Walking forward, he looked at Jiang Qingluan and smiled. “But this one is alright. Men, bring the three of them to my room!”

“You?!” Jiang Qingluan said with despair on her face.

“Do you understand now? Don’t pretend to be noble before me. Since I’m in this state, how can I possibly let you live comfortably?” Su Wuyou bit her tongue, stimulating herself with the taste of blood in her mouth. Under her triumphant gaze, Jiang Qingluan was forcibly escorted away. Not even Li Jingyu could do anything about it.

“Wash yourself clean. I’ll come see you after I send them to the fifteenth prince.” Meng Yifeng smiled.

“Okay.” Su Wuyou left. She didn’t feel anything anymore, as this was simply her life now.

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