Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 590

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Chapter 590: 590

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"Finally, something new!” Ying Huo jumped onto Li Tianming’s head and peeked.

“Where’s Meow Meow?”

“It discovered a new method of sleeping underwater. It’s in the pond now.”

“Lan Huang?”

“Next door waiting for its friend to come out. By the way, it seems that Lin girl is preparing to break through to the empyrean saint stage.”

“Alright, then just the two of us will train first!”

Meow Meow and Lan Huang both had claws, so both could train in this technique too. However, one was lazy and the other playful, so they couldn’t be counted on. Ying Huo and Tianming began tackling the Ninenether Fiendgod Claw together.

“It says here this is a death phase samsara battle art. What does that mean?” Ying Huo asked curiously. 

“There are two types of samsara battle arts. One is for the life phase, the life phase samsara battle art. The other is for the death phase, the death phase samsara battle art. Life phase samsara battle arts exhibit the vigor and liveliness of the life phase. They’re usually a consecutive series of attacks. Death phase samsara battle arts exhibit the deathly and extermination aspects of the death phase, and are usually single killing strikes.”

Tianming continued, “We’re just sky saints now. Even if we grasp this technique, without samsara power, we won’t be able to bring out its full potential. Still, it’ll be stronger than empyrean battle arts.”

“Are death phase samsara battle arts stronger than life phase samsara battle arts?” Ying Huo asked.

“Not necessarily. They’re just two categories. In terms of killing power, death phase samsara battle arts do have an edge. This is the only death phase samsara battle art here. The rest are all for the life phase,” Tianming said.

“I don’t have a jade license like you do, so can I still use it?”

“Beastmasters and their beasts are counted as one, so it’s fine. Besides, most battle arts at this level are too complex for beasts, other than you.”

Ying Huo puffed its chest out.

“The Ninenether Fiendgod Claw only has one move to practice. This is the best battle art we can get here. I’ll look for a sword art in the future and see if we can push the Invincible Sword Body even further.”

“Can it still be trained even past the ten thousand mark?”


“It’s not an empyrean battle art, is it?”

“Probably not. I’ll ask some seniors.”

“By the way, why do you think so highly of this Ninenether Fiendgod Claw?”

“That’s because it suits me. It’s a claw art with a lot of versatility, and it also has a lot of power, as it’s a death phase samsara battle art. Most importantly, it’s complicated, fierce, and carries the effect of confusing the soul. The soul servant is in my left arm now. It can rush into my enemies’ weapons and carry out a soul attack. It’ll be a great combination to use with saint ki and Invincible Sword Ki when attacking. So, this is perfect for me.”

“This is like having Little Feng by your side?” Ying Huo asked.

“Yes. When I’ve stabilized my place here, I’ll bring him over.”

“I just knew you couldn’t forget your Little Feng.” Ying Huo sniggered.

“Silence! Take this claw of mine!”

“Yes, master it and use it on that Lin girl!”

Tianming snapped, “Don’t say anything weird when you see Ling’er.”

Tianming had a bad feeling.

“Seems I have to treat Lin Xiaoxiao worse. I’ll beat her up for no reason now and then, so this chicken doesn’t have something to hold over me.”

Next door, Lin Xiaoxiao shivered.


In the end, it wasn’t easy to master the claw art. Tianming would take some time every day to cultivate in the Deepstar Path, then immediately return to training the claw.

“The core of death phase samsara battle arts is the will to transcend the life and death tribulations. That can only be grasped at the edge of life and death.” Generally, the comfortable saint stage wasn’t somewhere that could be picked up.

But coincidentally, Tianming’s Aeonic Grandbane aged him at ten times speed! He already felt like he had been experiencing the tribulation for years. Hence, he had a lot of experience that helped in mastering the battle art.

“Transcend life and death to become a god. You need the courage to face death for a death phase battle art. Only those who are unafraid of death can become undying.” Tianming was already feeling that eventual path, even as a seventh level sky saint.

Now, there were only the basic mysteries of the claw art to grasp. “It seems all of the geniuses of the Archaion Sect can’t match up to my Aeonic Grandbane even with all their advantages. People like me and Little Feng are the real geniuses. So… how did Lin Xiaoxiao rise from insignificance like me?”


“Wahhh, Second Brother, your baby sister’s been beaten up by someone!” Xuanyuan Xixi crawled into a house on Oldwind Street. Her face was swollen like a pig, and all her teeth had fallen out.

She didn’t even reach the house before the door opened. A young man in yellow robes hugged her, but that didn’t hide his long and narrow eyes filled with coldness.He was obviously a ruthless character.

“All my teeth are gone!” Xuanyuan Xixi was crying, her voice so loud that half the street could likely hear.

“I know, I met Fu Yonghuan just now.”

“What did he say? He was pathetic today! He ran away even though his son was killed.”

“Xixi, you’re already twenty-one. Please think. If Fu Yonghuan wasn’t willing to avenge his son, there’s obviously a backing he doesn’t dare offend.”

“He doesn’t dare? Is that what he said?”

“He told me not to find trouble with Lin Feng, and especially not to drag him in. He refused to explain further.” The young man frowned.

“Why is he acting mysterious? What identity can’t be said? What, he’s the sect master’s illegitimate son?”

“How could that be possible? However, the faction battles are about to start. So, let’s not cause problems now. We’ll look at it again after the battles.”

“So what, I got beat up in public for nothing? How will I go out after this?” Xuanyuan Xixi was stunned.

“Can’t you endure for a while?”

“Second Brother, we’re from the Xuanyuan Clan! This is our sect! The faction lord is even our younger cousin. Why is it so hard for you to get some disciple dead?”

“Quiet. Use your head a little. I still have a dozen factions to deal with, so don’t add more things to my plate.”

“But!” Xuanyuan Xixi was furious. “If you don’t help me, I’ll talk about how you violated your own cousin! I know where her corpse is. If it gets out, see if uncle and grandpa don’t kill you!”

“Xixi!” The young man’s expression suddenly turned fierce.

The girl froze, but she said hurriedly, “Don’t be angry. I’m just too miserable. How will I be with my friends in the future?”

“Fine fine. I’ll think of something,” the young man said helplessly.

“Don’t mention this again.”



The next day, Tianming was cultivating when he heard a disturbance. He looked next door and saw a large amount of energy gathering. Lin Xiaoxiao’s area was like a giant mouth with an insatiable appetite that gobbled it all up.

“She’s become an empyrean saint?”

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