Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 658

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Chapter 658: 658

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"Who can resist seeking out the strong? When you’re in decline, don't be vindictive, arrogant, or allow your emotions to cloud your judgment. When facing the strong, some people naturally bend over and scrape to curry favor. The smart ones must make good use of their talents and survive between the cracks, waiting for a chance to rise!” 

Now that he had entered the game, he would become a competent player. Tianming was very clear about this in his heart.

"My outstanding performance in the Deepstar Battle completely changed my position in the Archaion Sect and narrowed the distance between me and Her Eminence. We’re no longer so far apart that she’s in heaven while I’m on earth. This way, my resources and capacity to protect myself have increased. After defeating Fang Xingque, my relationship with Her Eminence will soon spread to the entire sect and they’ll know the real me.” 

This was simple logic. If Tianming were a loser from the Human Branch, a sky saint disciple, Feiling wouldn’t be able to give him anything or even show concern for him. Even if he was killed, Feiling couldn’t show any emotion.

But now he was number one in the Deepstar Battle and showed sensational progress, as well as the momentum of an unparalleled genius. From now on, no one would dare complain if Feiling approached him, handed him treasures, or even personally trained him.

From Tianming’s participation in the Deepstar Battle, he had gained a spot in the Deepstar Pool, and more importantly, a partial upgrade. By defeating Fang Xingque, he established a firm foothold in the sect. At the very least, the Archaic House of Xuanyuan seemed to have a steady view of him, judging from Xuanyuan Muxue's performance.

With such a starting point, I should completely devote myself to the Archaic House of Xuanyuan and form a close friendship with the Draconis House of Jian as well as the tribulation elders of Tribulation Peak. As for the Sterling House of Fang, I should avoid them. 

Although he was currently engaged in battle, he was also contemplating. And in that instant, he made up his mind.

However, he still wanted to defeat Xuanyuan Muxue.

Xuanyuan Muxue alone wouldn’t be enough to influence the Archaic House of Xuanyuan, but if Jian Lingchen managed to obtain a spot in the Deepstar Pool, perhaps the Draconis House of Jian could fight for more.

"I'm going to give it my all,” said Tianming.

"Come on then. I won't complain if I lose. After all, this is a fair fight.” Xuanyuan Muxue smiled gently.

"You’re certainly unpretentious! Let’s begin!” 

Tianming wasted no time on thinking any longer. Holding the two Grand-Orient Swords in his hands, he fiercely fought Xuanyuan Muxue amidst the exclamations of the crowd.

One man and one woman soared into the sky, their fight causing cracks in the ground. Tribulation sword ki and death tribulation energy swept the battleground. The strength of the two young disciples excited the watchers in the audience.

"With their strength, they could make it halfway up the Heaven Ranking.” 

"That’s right.” 

"They’re amazing! Muxue’s strength is evident; she’s only seventeen. By the time she’s twenty-five, she’ll probably be at the top of the Heaven Ranking.” 

"She might never be able to achieve that.” 

"What do you mean?” 

"I heard that in just two or three months, Li Tianming advanced from a new empyrean saint to being able to fight samsarans. He possesses an incredible ability to kill those above his level. Although he’s older than Muxue, he’ll be undefeatable in the Heaven Branch if he continues progressing at this speed.” 

"What’s his origins?” 

“Previously, they were saying he’s Jian Wuyi’s illegitimate son, but I think they’re very different. He has rather mysterious origins. But since he’s not afraid to fight Fang Xingque, he obviously has a backer. Perhaps Xuanyuan Dao, Dugu Jin, or other powerful people.”

"I’m guessing information about his backer will spread after the Deepstar Battle ends.” 

The sect disciples, and even Divine Mentors were discussing his identity. In fact, his identity as the disciple Her Eminence brought back had already begun spreading among the tribulation elders. The reason such news was previously concealed was because those who knew of it couldn’t be bothered to spread the word.

"This kid is crazy! A mere empyrean saint fighting one on one against Xuanyuan Muxue, and he hasn’t been defeated!” 

"Is his sword art so mysterious?” 

"I don't know, his sword and sword art are both amazing. I can't seem to comprehend it.” 

"That’s right, who gave him the tribulation manna for his fourth-order tribulation beasts?” 

The fierce battle before them had reached a fever pitch.

"Even without defeating Xuanyuan Muxue, Li Tianming has already shaken the Archaion Sect and made his name known to everyone.” 

"I hope his rapid growth isn’t a short-term thing, but lasting talent that can be maintained in the future!”  

"That would make him a god!” In the audience, the pandemonium never ceased.

"Xueyi, I’m going to be upset if you don't introduce this little brother to me. Why, I don’t think I can continue being friends with you!” 


In the crowd, Jian Xueyi seemed like she was dreaming as she was surrounded by dozens of female disciples. The girls kept asking her about Tianming. Cursing him inside, she covered her head, shivering among the crowd of crazy girls.

At that moment—

"It’s over!” Many shouted. 

"Jian Lingchen is too weak! Even with Li Tianming helping him resist Xuanyuan Muxue, he was still beaten out of the Astral Formation by the oceansoul fatedragon!” 

"If he could hold on, they might have a chance of winning.” 

"I wouldn’t say he’s weak. After all, the oceansoul fatedragon is a whole level above him. Xuanyuan Muxue is stronger than Jian Lingchen to begin with.” 

"Everyone’s happy with this ending. They all tried their best. To be honest, it was a good show!” 


On the Deepstar Battlefield, Tianming paused and turned around in a daze. Jian Lingchen’s Astral Formation had appeared, trapping him within.

"Damn it. This is so embarrassing!” said Jian Lingchen as he covered his face.

Despite expending a fair bit of effort, Tianming had yet to defeat Xuanyuan Muxue.

In fact, he believed she wasn’t even fighting with all her strength.

"Tianming, I failed to live up to expectations. But it's okay, I can admit to this loss. Anyway, I had a good time.” After a moment of embarrassment, Jian Lingchen raised his head in a smile.

Now that he had lost to the oceansoul fatedragon, there wasn’t much Tianming could do. Because of that, Jian Lingchen's points were given to Xuanyuan Muxue. However, with more than ten thousand points, Tianming was still first on the scoreboard. 

"Sure, we’ll get together after this, buddy.” Tianming waved his hand.

"Alright! Since you’re new here, I’ll show you the great rivers and mountains of the sect,” said Jian Lingchen.

Despite having failed, he didn't seem to be in a bad mood. Tianming was relieved to see that. When he looked around, he found only a dozen people left. They didn’t have the strength to challenge him or Xuanyuan Muxue and had already given up. Thus, they walked up to him to convey their congratulations.

"You both deserve the spots for the Deepstar Pool. It’s only fair,” said a Heaven Branch disciple.

"Thank you, brother,” Tianming replied.

"Brother Tianming, you’re good, but I’d like to remind you that the Fangs are a great clan. I recommend that you immediately seek an exceptional master to shelter you as soon as you leave,” said the man.

"That won’t be necessary. Our entire Archaic House of Xuanyuan will protect him.” Xuanyuan Muxue said while deactivating her Frostsnow Draconian state.

"Huh? Weren’t you just aggressively fighting?” The man was stunned.

Laughing cryptically, Tianming glanced at Xuanyuan Muxue. 

 Yes, the Deepstar Battle was over.

"Li Tianming, I’ll see you in the Deepstar Pool,” said Xuanyuan Muxue.

"Alright, see you then.” Tianming waved.


Outside the Deepstar Formation, the Deepstar Hall palace lord Yi Xingyin announced, "The Deepstar Battle has come to an end and the spots for the Deepstar Pool are awarded to Li Tianming and Xuanyuan Muxue. Congratulations to these two outstanding disciples!”

His voice passed through the Deepstar Formation to the Starlord Formation.

The dust settled. In the conflict between Li Tianming and Fang Xingque, the latter had gone against the rules. Thus, Tianming's act of killing his opponent’s lifebound beasts wasn’t in violation of the rules.

However, Fang Xingque had also paid the price. Hence, Palace Lord Yi Xingyin wouldn’t announce his punishment here. After all, he was the Heaven Branch sect master’s son. Unfortunately, the matter would be forgotten as if it had never happened.

What the masses were curious about was how the elders and disciples of the Sterling House of Fang would retaliate against Tianming if he had a humble status.

"Can he survive?” 

"Someone should take him as their disciple at once!” 

"Who would have the courage except for the top few powerhouses?” 

Tianming wasn’t concerned about this.

What he cared about was being able to go to the Deepstar Pool and cultivate the Ancient Deepstar Godbody.

Then he would challenge the tribulation spirit hazards in the Heaven Cauldron so his fourth lifebound beast could be born!

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