Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 740

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Chapter 740

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Armed with the Infernal Armor. Ying Huo had managed to block most of the Blackblood Venombeams. Seeing that Lan Huang and Xian Xian were being attacked, it flew into a rage and shot toward the myriadeyes bloodbat, smashing right into the bat’s Blackblood Venombeam.

"You dare lay a finger on my younger siblings? I’ll poke you blind!” 

Ying Huo unleashed Skyscorch Featherblast, exploding in countless sword-shaped feathers. Although becoming a hairless chicken was rather unsightly, it didn’t care at the moment.

Its Skyscorch Featherblast was made from Skypiercing Diablos Feathers, containing its own Skypiercer Ki as well as a hundred strands of tribulation sword ki. The feathers covered the sky; it was Ying Huo’s ultimate move.

The myriadeyes bloodbat looked down at the tiny fellow in front of him. Unexpectedly, Ying Huo displayed a terrifying lethality.

The sharp feathers had at least five hundred targets: the bat’s eyes on its wings. Coincidentally, the wings weren’t particularly thick. With the addition of tribulation sword ki and Skypiercer Ki, the feathers pierced almost five hundred of its eyes. What was even more uncomfortable was Ying Huo’s Infernal Blaze, which burned the bat’s wings.

Using Chaosdeath Wail, the bat let out a terrifying scream, trying to scare Ying Huo away.

"Do you think I’m afraid?!” 

Retrieving the feathers that failed to hit the target, Ying Huo immediately attacked with the Hexapath Samsara Sword. Although Xian Xian had been poisoned, it wrapped its Radiant Vines around the bat, tightly entangling it.

"Break!” the bat shouted as it struggled.

A poisonous blood-red flame enveloped its body and Xian Xian was forced to let go. At that moment, Ying Huo swooped in with a stab to the bat’s bony wing.

"Keep crying, you ugly bastard!” Ying Huo flew away.

With Xian Xian’s assistance, Ying Huo was rather relaxed. This time, it would definitely deal a heavy blow to the myriadeyes bloodbat. It had already condensed the power of its Infernal Blaze and punctured the bat’s bones, which were the support for its wings. 

The bat’s left wing suddenly exploded, causing a thunderous sound that shook the heavens as countless flames erupted. Its wounds were clearly visible as the shattering of its bones had resulted in a mangled and mutilated wing. At least five thousand of its eyes had been blinded.

The bat screamed in pain, its shrieks assaulting Tianming’s ears and causing a headache.

"Shut up!” 

With Infernal Haze, Ying Huo ascended into the sky, blasting a mouthful of Sixpath Infernal Lotus directly into the bat’s mouth. The lotus-like flame exploded, turning its flesh into bloody, rotten pieces. Its cries no longer had their previous effect.

"Have you learned to shut up yet?” Ying Huo raged.

As a Primordial Chaos Beast, it was indeed terribly strong, and was especially skilled with the Hexapath Samsara Sword. For other lifebound beasts, such a move was completely unavoidable.

After learning many battle arts, Ying Huo was proficient in various combat moves and techniques. Those were its combat advantages. Compared to its younger siblings, Ying Huo was more like the perfect warrior, perhaps even more perfect than Tianming. After all, Tianming didn’t have abilities. 

In this close combat, Ying Huo and Xian Xian cooperated to find an opening and inflict severe injuries upon the bat. That way, it became easier on Lan Huang, who continued fighting the eight-armed rakshasa in the venom sea.

On the other side, Tianming and Meow Meow blocked Hei An, forcibly separating him from his lifebound beasts. Man and beast attacked together. In its usual form, Meow Meow was simply an untouchable streak of black lightning. Chaos Disaster rained down, then, using Misty Hellthunder, Meow Meow sealed the battlefield and trapped Hei An with its Soulchasing Hellthunder and Myriad Thundernet.

Although Hei An could hold up against this frenzied bombardment and protect himself with his life tribulation energy, he still had to deal with Tianming. Under siege, Hei An only hoped that his lifebound beasts could gain the upper hand with their venom and abilities. However, he had underestimated Ying Huo’s lethality. Right now, not only had the myriadeyes bloodbat failed to poison its opponents, it had even lost a wing to Ying Huo!

"Hei An, you’re finished!” 

Sword ki surged within the two Grand-Orient Swords. Under the cover of Meow Meow’s thunder, Tianming broke through wind and snow.

Mortal Dao Sword! The two swords synchronized, erupting almost at the same time.

Hei An’s expression turned gloomy. Without a word, he held the Mourning Soul in his hand, unleashing the second-origin samsara battle art, the Stygian Club. Anyone below the age of thirty who could master a second-origin samsara battle art was a peerless genius. Hei An seemed as if he had risen from the clutches of death—a difficult man to deal with.

The Stygian Club, Stygian Skyfall! Tianming's guess was right. The Mourning Soul was a weapon to suppress the soul, but it was completely ineffective against him. For him, the Mourning Soul that had lost its superimposed effect was no better than a tribulation artifact with seven tribulation patterns.

Sword and club collided.


The moment the sword bore into its target, the power of the black sword overwhelmed Hei An. Currently entangled by Meow Meow’s Myriad Thundernet, he had received lightning strike after lightning strike. Expression turning ugly, Hei An shoved the black sword with the Mourning Soul, but he failed to achieve the desired result.

The sword pierced his shoulder blade. Tianming was just about to channel the Imperial Sword Prison into his body, but Hei An reacted too quickly.

Even though it meant tearing his flesh, Hei An slammed the Mourning Soul into Tianming, hoping to force him aside. The Imperial Sword Prison had a minimal effect on Hei An, sealing only ten percent of his strength.

"What power is this?” 

Eyes widening, Hei An expressed disbelief.

"The power to kill you!” 

For Tianming, it didn't matter if his target couldn’t be killed with the first attack. As long as the balance was broken, as long as he was stronger than Hei An, he could continue attacking. Hei An suddenly retreated, running in the direction of the myriadeyes bloodbat. Tianming mercilessly chased after him, resembling a demon with white hair.

In this frosty world, under the gaze of all beings, he proved his strength with his own means. Who could deny the goddess’ disciple was the top genius in the Flameyellow continent, considering his age?

"Hei An!” 

As Tianming's sword approached, Hei An danced dangerously on the edge of death.

"Let me tell you this! Whether it's you, Bai Rao, or Yama, you’ll all die here today! This is the Archaion Sect. This is our territory. Even the Nonahall Ghost Sect will have to die for your wayward behavior here. The entire Nonahall Divine Realm will have to pay with their lives in return for threatening Her Eminence!!” 

Ever since the Skyorigin Battle, Tianming had long been fed up with their oppression. From their domineering behavior alone, everyone knew exactly what they were planning. Tianming had spared no effort to catch up to them, all so he would be qualified to fight them here. Although he might not be able to contribute in the war between the divine realms, he would kill their strongest disciples in the Number One Summit.

This intimidation wasn’t merely meant for them, but also for the Archaion Sect. He would use the boldness of a young genius to teach the elders what the courage to fight to the death was.

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