Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 793

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Chapter 793

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With Lan Huang charging ahead, the tribulation elders weren't able to stop them at all. Not to mention, Meow Meow and Ying Huo's slaughter streak had forced most of them and their beasts to flee. Almost instantly, the only ones who could stop Tianming now were a hall lord and Long Yichen.

"Get out of the way!" Tianming cried as he swiped Archfiend toward them. The fifteen-tribulation-patterned weapon contained the power of the Archaionfiend Eye, which was nightmarish as far as most people were concerned. 

Eight Desolation Hell!

The seventh-level death phase hall lord took the brunt of Tianming's full force blow with his axe, but it didn't do any good at all. The whip cracked and broke his leg immediately, sending him flying off. While these elders were much more experienced, they didn't have as many privileges and hadn’t been nurtured with all sorts of precious items, like the likes of Ye Bodhi and Long Yichen, so they were far easier to deal with.

Now, only Long Yichen and his three lifebound beasts stood in his way; he was a triple beastmaster. That mad dog had pursued Tianming without relenting at all, last time, and now he was about to get in his way again. Tianming had never been so annoyed with anyone before.

"If you don't move, you'll die!"

"You're the one who's going to die!" Long Yichen cried. Even though the tribulation elders were afraid, Long Yichen dared to clash with Tianming.

"I only want the head of that vile fiend inside! If you don't make a fool of yourself, I might just spare you," Tianming said. Using his Eyes of Judgment, he could tell that Long Yichen was someone with barely a trace of sin. There didn't seem to be one bit of foul aura on him; he was the purest one in the entire Kilostar Domain.

"If you want to touch him, you'll have to kill me!"

"Is he your dad or something?! Or your master?! Did you come here just so you could wag your tail at him? Why would someone from Quadform protect a sinner from Nonahall with their life?”

"What do you know? The talented and powerful will naturally gain followers! Ye Bodhi is definitely worthy of that!" Long Yichen knew that Ye Bodhi was paying attention to everything that was going on outside. If he did well, he might just get to be Ye Bodhi's friend for real!

"You stubborn fuck!" Tianming couldn't be bothered wasting words with someone like him anymore. No matter how good, anyone that stands in his way of executing divine punishment deserves to die! "Lan Huang!"

Without needing him to say anything further, Lan Huang immediately crashed into Long Yichen's three lifebound beasts. Incidentally, they were rather similar to Lan Huang, being both water and earth types. All three of them had around seven hundred and thirty stars, which put Long Yichen among the top ten on the continent for his age. Each of the mountainsea worldshaker dragons were gigantic dragon-tortoises with mountains on their backs and seas on their bellies, along with the familiar dragon head, claws, and tail. The only difference between them and Lan Huang was Lan Huang's longer body, upon which nine kui mountains stood in a row like the teeth of a saw blade, while the mountainsea worldshaker dragons seemed more oval in shape, making them look shorter in comparison.

Additionally, while Lan Huang also had a 'tortoise shell', it still maintained the length of a dragon and was just as agile and ferocious. While the other three dragons were higher level at the seventh-level death phase, they looked more like Lan Huang's little brothers, allowing it to take on all three of them at once. The initial clash immediately sent the three dragons flying.

All four of them were fond of combat at close range, and they beat up quite a lot of waves as a result. Even though abilities weren't their forte, the three dragons' Thousandfold Drakeaqua Shield ability caused Lan Huang quite a lot of trouble. They were able to form a thousand shields using seawater, making soft and bouncy buffers to mitigate most of the force of Lan Huang's blows. Fortunately, its Kilofold Rings made up for it as they started spinning like a meat grinder. The three dragons weren't able to push against Lan Huang at all, allowing it a chance to fight back and almost flip the three of them on the backs of their shells.

"Are you alright?" Tianming asked with concern.

"That was fun! One more time!" Lan Huang roared with excitement. It was treating the fight as its playtime, but Tianming knew that nobody was more serious about playing than Lan Huang. The moment its motivation was sparked, it would fight even more ferociously.

Right now, the only one that could stop Tianming was Long Yichen. The other tribulation elders were being slaughtered by Ying Huo, Meow Meow, and Xian Xian. Some died and others fled; they were about to be completely wiped out soon.

"How can a single fly like you from the dying Monorigin Divine Realm change anything? Why don't you just submit to your fate? Run as far as you can! The Nonahall Divine Realm is too powerful! There's no chance you’ll survive unless that goddess of yours dies!" Long Yichen advised once more.

"Will the world really be at peace if she dies?!" Tianming asked coldly.

"Of course not." Long Yichen knew that Nonahall had far more plans than that. His father, Long Cangyuan, was banking on getting more benefits in the aftermath.

"If even a naive idiot like you doesn't submit to your fate and tries to climb to the top by becoming someone else's dog, then why should I submit to mine?!" Tianming immediately closed the gap of a hundred meters and went in for a slash. "Long Yichen, it's too early to declare the winner. You're not the one who gets to decide that. If you're lucky enough to survive without being killed by me today, you’d better open your eyes and watch who will be the last ones standing on the continent!"

"I don't need to look! I know it'll be Ye Bodhi! You're just a speck of dust destined to die in the Kilostar Domain! Nobody will remember you a hundred years from now!" Long Yichen brandished his trident as he rode the waves, charging forward with great momentum. Ocean-blue armor appeared on his body, sporting twelve tribulation patterns, even more than his trident!

"Hearing you say that kind of makes me want to spare you," Tianming said as he turned to the white-robed youth within the formation. He didn't know what status he had, but his name definitely stood out.

"Now, begone!" Long Yichen rapidly spun his trident as a dragon roar came from his body. His blue armor was covered in draconian patterns. "Use your Dragonhide!"

As someone from the Quadform Seadragon Clan, he was quite interested in the armor as well.

"I don't need to use it for you!"

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