Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 821

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Chapter 821

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“Stop blabbering nonsense. It happened once," Dugu Jin said in the distance. 

“It doesn't matter. Once is enough to show that we share a predestined affinity," said Xue Yi. 

“No. You’re you and I’m me,” said Dugu Jin. 

“Don’t be a stranger. At least for today, we share the same goal,” added Xue Yi.

Dugu Jin laughed and waved his hand. “Are you really not going to stop me? Then I’ll begin.” 

“Don’t worry. May I take the liberty to ask if Brother Dugu’s clan has something to do with this formation?" Xue Yi smiled. 

“No comment.” 

With that, Dugu Jin swooped down. While they were speaking, the Hexapath Swordfiend had returned the Photondragon to Xue Yi. Then, he stared at Tianming with those sharp eyes. Tianming knew he was thinking about the tribulation manna and artifacts. 

He was considered a top expert in Sixpath, but unfortunately their overall strength wasn’t as good as the Yinyang Divine Realm. Feng Qingyu needed resources like tribulation manna and artifacts to improve their overall strength. In that way, he would have more authority in the future. 

Xue Yi had already described Tianming's power and his blessing from Great Emperor Xuanyuan to him. As an ally, he alone couldn’t stop Dugu Jin, Xue Yi, and You Ying from attacking the formation on the crimson star, especially since they had already spoken about it. 

“Li Tianming, once the sealing formation is destroyed, you’re finished,” Feng Qingyu said indifferently and started attacking. For a while, all four of them attempted to destroy the formation. Such an outcome gave Tianming a headache. 

"This is the source of the sealing formation? If it’s broken, will they regain their strength?!" 

Tianming only had two choices now. First, he could run and try to escape from the Kilostar Domain. It wouldn’t be a problem for him to break out of here. Once he left, there would definitely be many top powerhouses outside. Without the sealing formation, Tianming wouldn’t be able to escape if even one of the ghoul kings was present. The risk was monumental.   

His second option was to kill them before they succeeded in destroying the formation. At the very least, he had to get rid of them and cause some trouble. 

When they first noticed movement here, Xue Yi and the others were ecstatic. They even gave up chasing me. That shows that the benefit of breaking this formation isn’t necessarily as simple as just breaking the sealing formation. Could the real treasure be inside?! Tianming was perplexed. It was difficult to make a decision in such a tense moment. He wasn’t the kind of man who would escape from battles. Instead, he was wondering if he should stake it all this time. 

“Alright then. Let’s see if I’m able to pass through this formation!” 

As his opponents attacked the formation, which was close to shattering, Tianming descended to the surface of the bloody-mist-filled star. He opened a path with his dark arm. 

As soon as he arrived, the surrounding bloody waves roiled. Countless bloodthirsty dragons gathered around him, biting in his direction. Because they were all constructed from heavenly patterns, Tianming's dark arm could break them, to a certain extent. But the key was, the ferocious dragons regarded Tianming as a great enemy and refused to let him in. 

This crimson formation had a completely different tone from the formations he had previously encountered. Tianming managed to remain standing for a while before he was almost swept in and bitten to pieces by the dragons. 

“This isn’t going to work. I can’t enter!” 

Thus, he was forced to escape and ascend into the sky. Together with their lifebound beasts, the other four were attacking the formation from all directions with all their strength. 

This formation might seem tough, but after all, it had existed for quite some time and the attackers had chosen a spot where the formation had begun collapsing already. If this continued, the formation would soon completely disintegrate. Tianming didn’t have much time left.  

“Trying to escape?!” 

As soon as he rushed out of the star, Xue Yi temporarily gave up on trying to break the formation and came for him instead. He didn’t expect Xue Yi to think he was going to flee.

"Acknowledge your fate. Once the source of the sealing formation is destroyed, you’ll be as fragile as an ant in my hands. Li Tianming, if I don’t show you my true power, you’ll actually think you’re standing at the top of the Flameyellow Continent after killing Qing Ming,” Xue Yi said coldly. He was obviously satisfied with their progress on the formation, which was why he could stop Tianming from fleeing. 

“Your words reminded me of something....”

Blood surged in Tianming's chest. His mind was originally chaotic, but Xue Yi’s actions had completely eliminated his opportunity to escape. He understood his thoughts instantly and his heart boiled with rage. There was only one thing left.  

“What did I remind you of?” Xue Yi asked coldly.

“To kill you while you’re weak!” 

As Tianming let out a low roar, his lifebound beasts appeared above the crimson star.

“Don’t you know how weak you really are without the power of the Kilostar Photondragon?" Xue Yi laughed.

“So you think I killed Long Cangyuan relying on the power of the Photondragon alone?” 

Behind him, Ying Huo, Meow Meow, Lan Huang, and Xian Xian were filled with fighting spirit. This time there was no retreat; they could only fight!

Tianming had a strong feeling in his heart. Perhaps it stemmed from the Photondragon and the Great Emperor Xuanyuan. 

“I can’t allow them to destroy the formation! Kill!!” 

Filled with a strong killing intent, Tianming was well aware that every moment was now a battle between life and death.

Xue Yi shook his head and laughed. He felt as if Tianming had underestimated him.

“How many years has it been since I’ve experienced this? This kid probably thinks there’s no difference between a third- and ninth-level samsaran. How could he know that I’m all the way up in the sky, while he’s still crawling on the ground? Not even Fang Taiqing is my match... Brothers, don’t you find this ridiculous?” Xue Yi turned to joke with his two lifebound beasts as Tianming shot towards him.

“Do you need help?” asked You Ying.

“No, continue doing your best to break the Blooddragon Sealing Formation. This kid is always running away. This time, he’s finally dared to face me, so I must play around with him. But there’s more urgent matters at hand. Make sure to pay attention to Dugu Jin’s every move. If there’s any treasure, inform me at once," Xue Yi solemnly said.  

“Alright.” You Ying nodded.

The moment their conversation ended, Tianming had already appeared in front of Xue Yi with the Grand-Orient Sword in hand.

Xue Yi’s lifebound beasts stood in front of Tianming. They were two terrifying behemoths with nine hundred and sixty stars in their eyes. Tianming had yet to come across beasts with as many stars, except for his own lifebound beasts. They were even more powerful than Fang Taiqing’s phoenixes. Xue Yi’s self-righteousness and belief that he was stronger than the entire Archaion realm wasn’t entirely without basis. On this aspect, he and Qing Ming were indeed of a different caliber.

But no matter how strong he was, his powers were currently restricted to the seventh-level death phase. Cultivation strength was the foundation of combat effectiveness. Even if his cultivation level was way above Tianming’s, seventh-level death phase was as far as he could go. 

“There’s no need to fear him. He’s not a ghoul king, just an extremely powerful seventh-level death phase samsaran!" 

Once he put aside Xue Yi’s identity, Tianming was no longer in awe of the man. He knew very well that he had only managed to kill all these powerhouses with the help of the sealing formation. Therefore, he didn’t actually think he was a match for the third-origin tribulation elders, ghoul kings, and sect masters. 

He had to kill Xue Yi while he was weak.

The current state of these experts was equivalent to suffering from a severe injury and losing most of their combat effectiveness. Why wouldn’t he kill them? When would he get such an opportunity again, once he had left the Kilostar Domain? 

Tianming was stark raving mad.


One man and four beasts went up against Xue Yi and his two beasts.

The two gigantic, blood-red beasts were extremely ferocious. Tianming had long known of one of them—the heartscourge fiend. 

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