Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 846

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Chapter 846

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The sword was only one of the six Hexafirmament Eradicators. Residents of Tianming City below the Saint stage couldn’t even catch a shadow of the attack, but merely felt a chill sweep through their chests before breathing their last. A hundred thousand people wasn’t as many as the enemy had killed in the battle before, but this had all been done by one man.   

Moreover, the ones who died in battle were frenzied invaders. Who said that the short-lived mayfly couldn’t courageously go forward?

No matter how humble their lives were, by combining the will of millions of people, they too had dignity. Under Xuanyuan Xie's guidance, millions of people and their lifebound beasts tightly grabbed the barrier spirit threads as they held back their tears.  

“Avenge them!” 

“Kill this so-called ‘powerhouse’, the Hexapath Swordfiend!” 

“We’ll give everything we’ve got to the Sun-Moon-Star Formation. Let the stars guide us in slaughtering him!!” 

The blood and tears of hatred were enough to make every person there burst with two hundred percent of their power. Their rage ignited the spirit threads like a spark. Although the spark was small, it could start a prairie fire.  

For a while, the entire city was filled with countless sparks that traveled along the spirit threads and poured into the defensive formation above their heads. The formation shone even brighter. 

Seated in the ‘star position’ of the formation, Yi Xingyin couldn’t believe the surging power at first, but soon he was ecstatic.

“The residents of the city can burst with such power!" 

His eyes turned red. In fact, he wasn’t happy, because this came at a cost of a hundred thousand lives. Everyone was overdrawing their strength. Countless hatred-filled gazes burned into Feng Qingyu’s body like a raging fire.    

"Perhaps these people don’t know each other, but now they’re all gathered in one city. If the city falls, they all die. They’re now a family that’s connected by blood, and they all share the same fate....”

Yi Xingyin had specialized in heavenly pattern formations for many years. However, this was the first time he realized that the power of those united could create miracles in the history of formations. 

“We must not let them down. Cangshu, Yuanyi, gather all your strength. We’re going to activate the Sun and Moon” 


Chen Cangshu and Dao Yuanyi, the deputy palace lords of Deepstar Hall, were both top tribulation patternscribes. They had been his assistants throughout the thirty years Yi Xingyin had spent on the Sun-Moon-Star Formation and were very familiar with it. In fact, it could even be said that the three of them had created this defensive formation together. That was why they were in Tianming City.   

When they were first setting up the formation in the city, the enemy they had envisioned was the Nonahall Divine Realm to the south. The Ninefold Formation on Taiji Peak Lake was the work of their ancestors. After numerous enhancements, it was undoubtedly strong. 

But to be honest, none of those ancestors were as familiar with the Ninefold Formation as Yi Xingyin was with the Sun-Moon-Star Formation. That was why the formation was so incredible today.  

The lives of tens of millions, the power of their anger, their dignity and courage were all brilliantly displayed at this moment.

Two consecutive explosions shocked the formation. Rays of light radiated as the stars collided. Above the sky, countless dazzling beams of starlight were drawn to the formation and the light from Tianming City illuminated a five-hundred-mile radius. At that moment, the red-eyed citizens turned the city into the shining jewel of the Flameyellow Continent. Even from above the sky, one would still be able to see the dazzling light.     

“This is the power of the common people...." Tianming was moved when the stars illuminated the entire city. He rarely experienced something so moving. 

“This is the courage of the common people.” This world had a strict hierarchy where the strong preyed on the weak, but the weak would still roar when they were overwhelmed with sorrow and rage. 

“The people are my teachers!” 

One by one, their fiery gazes filled with the will to fight to the end. When the starlight shone the brightest, the people supporting the formation let out a loud roar. 

“The Solunar Blast lights up the mountains and rivers!”  

The lives of these people, who had originally come from different corners of the Archaion Divine Realm, were connected because of the sun, moon, and stars.

Countless starbeams gathered within the formation. Starlight from the sky pierced through, making the shining jewel even brighter. Two enormous stars were birthed by two explosions. 

One of them was a miniature sun—a fiery ball of fire that floated among ten thousand stars, becoming the king of the stars. The other was a miniature moon—a cold, silver star that accompanied the sun. One yin and one yang, one hot and the other cold, but both illuminating the world.  

This was the Solunar Blast, the ultimate power of the Sun-Moon-Star Formation. When Yi Xingyin was constructing the formation, he never imagined that he would be able to use its power. 

In the Kilostar Domain, he had once suffered all kinds of torture and repeated failures in seeking salvation. He hadn’t told another soul about the fear he had experienced. But he had returned alive. 

“Look clearly. I’m Yi Xingyin, not some nameless man!” 

History would bear witness to his talents outside of combat power. Those present would experience the destiny-defying power of a top tribulation patternscribe! 

At that moment, the sun and moon within the formation drew tens of thousands of stars crashing down. The sun slammed into Feng Qingyu, while the cold silver moon collided into the sacredflame qilin. This was the swordbeast that had been forced out of the Hexafirmament Eradicator by Tianming. It had a total of nine hundred and eighty-nine stars and was a twelfth-order tribulation beast. 

In truth, Feng Qingyu alone could defeat the entire city if the formation didn’t exist. But now he was being forced to the edge of life and death by this group of ants. It was something he never could have imagined. 

If word of this got out, no one would believe it. The world's top three powerhouses had the power to face a hundred million on their own. 

The formation’s sun was like a giant, fiery beast that engulfed Feng Qingyu, who was currently trapped in the Infinite Starnet.


He fused the power of the six swords into one that was thousands of meters long and slashed it repeatedly at the formation. 

Despite shaking more than a dozen times, the formation remained strong and came crashing down once more. The moment it exploded, the blazing flame swept the entire battlefield, burning almost all of the corpse puppets and dead warriors into ashes. 

Flames soared into the sky as Feng Qingyu struggled to withstand the power of the explosion. After all, he was also being affected by the Infinite Starnet.  

Then there was yet another earth-shattering blast. A raging flame came to life and rose up to the clouds right before everyone’s eyes.  

Upon looking closer, Xuanyuan Xie soon found a scorched figure. Feng Qingyu was no longer recognizable, his body almost completely burned. The terrifying power of the formation had ripped through his flesh and exposed his bones. But he was still alive! He immediately rushed out from the flames. Although his injuries were severe, he would be able to completely heal one day. 

Even so, it was a miracle that they were able to beat the Hexapath Swordfiend into such a miserable state. With such injuries, there was no way he could continue fighting in Tianming City. This outcome was completely unbelievable to Xuanyuan Xie.  

But the point was, this was half the power of Solunar Blast. The formation’s moon hammered down on the sacredflame qilin. 

When the bright sun exploded, the cold moon had blasted into the qilin that was also trapped in the Infinite Starnet.

Before that, the sword that had slaughtered a hundred thousand people immediately whizzed through the air. The swordbeast shot from the side, breaking the dense web of stars as it endeavored to split the formation moon. It’d had the same thoughts as Feng Qingyu. 

But since Feng Qingyu had failed, how could it succeed? In an instant, the intact moon fell from the sky like a meteorite. 

The sacredflame qilin was shocked. While retreating, it consecutively spat ten huge fireballs, each the size of the formation moon and violently burning.  

But in front of the power of tens of millions, the fireballs immediately froze the moment hot and cold collided. Although the moon’s powers were weakened, it still came crashing down on the qilin’s head. Facing the moon with the Infinite Starnet tightening around its body and tearing at its wounds, something incredible happened!  

A cold explosion detonated in less than three seconds after the sun exploded. The qilin was the first to bear the brunt. 

The way the cold moonlight exploded was completely different from the sun. But for the qilin, a top twelfth-order tribulation beast, it was unexpectedly terrifying. 

In truth, it never dreamed that the power of a group of mortals below the Saint stage could actually pose a fatal threat to itself. Due to its arrogance, it was completely unprepared in the face of death. It had made a miscalculation the moment it was injured by the Prime Tower and trapped within the Infinite Starnet. Feng Qingyu was in over his head and had no way to save the qilin. 

A dazzling cold light permeated the world as the qilin’s flesh and blood splattered all over the sky. Hot and cold rushed into its body, the power of tens of thousands of fearless residents coursing through its veins and rupturing its internal organs. 

A tragic roar shook the earth, but the roar soon turned into a bloodcurdling screech, then finally, a cry of despair. The dignified sacredflame qilin was blown into two pieces!   

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