Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 895

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Chapter 895: 895

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Fortunately, the Yinyang Demon Sect and Hexapath Sword Sect had stopped attacking, so the formation had some breathing room. 


The four sects retreated in all four directions.

“Spread out, don't let them catch us all!" 

Those Samsara powerhouses, as well as hundreds of millions of common folk from Taiji Peak Lake, brushed past one another. Because of their difference in strength and status, the people fled out of the sect while the powerhouses rushed into its depths. They were headed in different directions, but it was all for the purpose of survival. 

Just as Xuanyuan Dao had expected, he and Ouyang Jianwang were the real targets of the Nonahall Ghost Sect. Not even Feiling was as critical a target. Therefore, the common people were basically safe. 

Outside Xuanyuan Lake, Xuanyuan Dao had already opened the Nine Dragon Formation and was currently waiting for everyone to fall back. Different from the Ninefold Formation, the Nine Dragon Formation was a “self-sourced” formation with steady power that didn’t require energy from the masses. Because its formation nucleus could be carried around, Xuanyuan Dao could directly control the entire formation. 

The formation was the crystallization of the wisdom of the Archaic House of Xuanyuan’s ancestors, and was the final defensive shield left to protect their descendants. It could be considered the most complicated third-origin tribulation pattern formation——a rarity in this world.

At that moment, nine dragons were born in nine different directions within the formation, each of them thousands of meters long. Surging upon Xuanyuan Lake, they roared, their vast dragon power shaking the earth as they gradually solidified into being.

The Ninedragon Symbiosis was the formation’s strongest state. The self-powered formation’s energy would certainly be consumed at a certain point, so it couldn’t maintain this state indefinitely. Thus, it wouldn’t be activated until they reached a critical time. If they were going to activate it, it would be operated at its most powerful. 

With the Kilostar Photondragon in hand, Xuanyuan Dao stood inside the formation, accompanied by the ancient regalsoul dragon, the darknight regalsoul dragon, and nine thousand-meter-long dragons.

“Ancestors, Dragon Spirit, follow me in this battle to the death!” 

With a fiery heart, Xuanyuan Dao sensed the vast power of the formation dragons.

The nine dragons were each formed from fifteen different spirit hazards which consisted of the nine divine powers—wind, fire, water, earth, light, darkness, lightning, ice, and wood. The birth of these dragons shook Xuanyuan Lake. The ice completely melted as the roars of the dragons spread throughout the entire sect.

The children of the Xunayuan clan heard the call to go home.

“Come back!” shouted Xuanyuan Dao.

He saw people from the four sects withdrawing from the battlefield within the Ninefold Formation. However, among the crowd were also several Nonahall powerhouses that were hot on their tails. Fortunately, the numbers weren’t enough to intercept their retreat. 

One by one, people rushed into the Nine Dragon Formation.


Xuanyuan Dao guided them in.

Right then, he sensed a deadly stare outside the southern part of the formation. At the same time, the entire formation started shaking, a sign they were facing a huge threat. The nine dragons once again descended beside Xuanyuan Dao, eyeing the man outside the formation. 

Xuanyuan Dao turned around and saw a young man dressed in black standing outside Xuanyuan Lake. He held a bloodstained sword in his hand, and his shoulder was soaked with blood. Lips curling into a smile, he said in a hoarse, mechanical voice, "You have the key, don’t you?" 

“Jiang Wuxin?” 

How did a young man whose lifebound beasts had died in battle come to possess such terrifying power in such a short period of time? He wasn’t Tianming! 

However unbelievable this was, Xuanyuan Dao had to believe it. The young man didn’t even wait for a reply before forcibly breaking into the Nine Dragon Formation. 

The formation had been in its protective state and would be difficult for ordinary people to break into, but had little offensive power. But now, it was in its battle state. Entering was easy. However, the ancestral dragon spirits would lock on to all enemies. The moment Jiang Wuxin stepped in, the dragons let out a thunderous roar and surrounded him. 

“Jian Wuyi’s sword?” Xuanyuan Dao frowned.

“Give me the key!” 

Jiang Wuxin swung the Firmament Godsword, attacking Xuanyuan Dao without any particular technique.

"House King, be careful. This man defeated Fang Taiqing!" the people behind Xuanyuan Dao reminded him. 

“I understand. Get everyone in!" Xuanyuan Dao growled. 

Fortunately, Jiang Wuxin's goal was him so the others were safe. But if Xuanyuan Dao died in battle, there wouldn’t be any hope for the Archaion Sect, or the three sects that had come to support them. Xuanyuan Dao clearly knew that the young man in front of him was strange, powerful, and bloodthirsty. 

However, Xuanyuan Dao and the nine dragons still went head-to-head with Jiang Wuxin. The Photondragon clashed with the Firmament Godsword once more, the impact sending Xuanyuan Dao barreling backward. His arms were numb and his hands bled between the thumb and index finger. 

“What terrifying physical power! He’s no man, he’s more like a giant beast thousands of meters wide!" 

Xuanyuan Dao’s ancient regalsoul dragon was three hundred meters long, but its power was obviously less than a tenth of Jiang Wuxin’s strength. That was why Jiang Wuxin was so powerful, despite only being a fifth- or sixth-level samsaran 

His physical strength had surpassed the limit of the human race! Thus, he couldn’t be human. 

Although Xuanyuan Dao retreated, they still had the nine ancestral dragon spirits, which were the fundamental power of the formation. The huge dragons burst forth, entangling and biting. In no time at all, Jiang Wuxin was covered in blood and could no longer proceed. Only the Nine Dragon Formation could stop such a monster. 

“He’s strong!” 

Despite the shock, Xuanyuan Dao shot out once more, attacking with the formation.

With a history of tens of thousands of years, the Nine Dragon Formation was much stronger than Yi Xingyin's Sun-Moon-Star Formation. Because the ancestral dragon spirits far surpassed the power of the Solunar Blast, they were able to stop Jiang Wuxin. In fact, there was a similar formation in the Specter Mountains. However, it couldn’t be moved. If they wanted to conquer other territories, they must have the power to subdue their opponents and kill in their defensive formation to seize their lands. 

The confrontation was earth-shattering. Xuanyuan Dao fought so the four sects could retreat to Xuanyuan Lake. The dragons roared and the spirit hazards raged. Their power surged into the sky. 

“Hurry up!” 

Every moment was a race against death.


Yi Xingyin had left for Xuanyuan Lake. Only Ouyang Jianwang remained in the Heaven Cauldron on Heaven Sacred Mountain. Before leaving, Yi Xingyin asked him why he wouldn’t go. 

Ouyang Jianwang smiled and said, "Brother, I can only be considered a top warrior when I’m next to this thing. Now that the sect is fighting a life and death battle, I’ll stay here and accompany it. You’ve been a hero. I’d like to give it a go." 

“Is it worth it?” asked Yi Xingyin.

“Of course. Without the Archaion Sect, there would be no me, Ouyang Xiaoyu!" Ouyang Jianwang chortled. 

Yi Xingyin laughed as well. 

Such a strong man, yet such a delicate name—Ouyang Xiaoyu. With such an embarrassing name, Ouyang Jianwang would jump every time it was mentioned. He forced everyone to call him Ouyang Jianwang, but today, he used his real name. 

“It’s true. If I hadn’t come here, I’d still be farming in my hometown, or perhaps already dead. Don’t you think I should repay this grace?” 

“Stay alive, Ouyang Xiaoyu.” Yi Xingyin gave him a thumbs up.

“Fuck off!" Ouyang Jianwang raised his middle finger in reply. 

Eyes glittering like stars, Yi Xingyin stared fixedly at him. “I’ll be waiting for you at Xuanyuan Lake.” 

With that, he turned and left. Back facing Ouyang Jianwang, Yi Xingyin grit his teeth and his eyes turned red.

“See you again.” 

Ouyang Jianwang sat on the Heaven Cauldron, shaking his legs.

Half an hour later, his enemies finally appeared. He looked up and saw a man in purple robes and more than a dozen third-origin tribulation elders. 

“A weakling like you dares to show up with a bunch of losers?!” Ouyang Jianwang laughed.

“Where are those old ghouls, Di Zang and Po Suo? Are their bones too old to move?” he added.

Of course he knew that the two ghoul kings were the most threatening. Jiang Wuxin was already at the Tribulation Tower, and naturally the two ghost kings were sealed off with all their strength.

Glancing at Ouyang Jianwang, Ghoul King Zi Xiao ordered, “Kill him. Find that key, even if it’s hidden in his internal organs!” 


More than a dozen third-origin tribulation elders, five of them at the same cultivation level as Ouyang Jianwang, charged to kill. Naturally, Zi Xiao was at the forefront. 


Tianming sat atop Meow Meow, galloping through the sky above Taiji Peak Lake at the fastest speed. 

“What’s this?” He shook the specter crown prince’s head in his hand. Its pale eyes had turned liquid and trickled down, finally condensing into a white sphere. 

Tianming held it up and studied it with his Plundering Eye.

“Why is this similar to caelum?” 

There seemed to be numerous caeli within.

“Never mind for now.” 

Putting away the bead, Tianming stood on Meow Meow’s back.

"We’re not too late. The Ninefold Formation hasn't broken yet!" 

A huge formation appeared before them, enveloping the sky above Taiji Peak Lake. For the time being, it was unclear how many layers the formation consisted of. 

Just as the words were spoken, the formation exploded. An undefended Taiji Peak Lake emerged on the vast land. 

They were too shocked for words.

“How could it be broken? The enemy has no army or corpse puppets!” 

Disbelief was pointless. Tianming had returned with the most critical information. After sending Meow Meow back to his lifebound space, Tianming spread his Celestial Wings and swooped down. 

“Wait for me!” 

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