Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 908

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Chapter 908: 908

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“Dugu Jin is human, but working for the demon race!" 

The entire battlefield was in an uproar.

“What’s he planning? To become one of them?” 

“Is he crazy? He’s human, but he wants to become a specter?!” 

“Stop him!” 

“Jiang Wuxin is dead, but now the Hexapath Swordfiend isn’t around to stop Dugu Jin." 

They all stared in disbelief as Dugu Jin and his two enormous blooddragons rushed into the formation. Although they wanted to stop him, almost all the third-origin tribulation elders had entered Xuanyuan Lake and their presence would only cause greater chaos in such a limited space. 

The two ghoul kings could be said to have dealt a fatal blow. Many people chased Dugu Jin but couldn’t catch up to his explosive speed. The moment he entered the formation, the two blooddragons turned and spewed a surging ocean of bloody flames that turned into a barrier, temporarily blocking the powerhouses from all sides. 

"Oh no!” 

In an instant, Dugu Jin stepped onto the battlefield.

If his goal was to destroy all the powerhouses of the four sects, he would certainly have a hard time. However, assisting the two ghoul kings in snatching the keys, as well as killing Xuanyuan Dao and Ouyang Jianwang, would be much easier. 

"Dugu Jin, give me a hand first!" shouted Po Suo. 

Di Zang had the help of his hell soulbeast, which was hidden in the ground. Its countless barbed tentacles drilled their way out of the ground, easily piercing its opponents if they weren’t paying attention. 

Even with the support of the formation, Xuanyuan Dao and Li Caiwei were struggling to resist Di Zang, and were faced with numerous lethal attacks. Di Zang didn’t completely fall into the illusion of the Dreamheart World, either. 


Dugu Jin and his dragons joined the battle, reducing the pressure on Po Suo.

"Dugu Jin, you made the right choice." Po Suo smiled with satisfaction. 

"I’m ready to risk life and limb for the specter race!" 

With the Godbane in hand, Dugu Jin and the two dragons resisted the joint attacks of multiple lifebound beasts, fully demonstrating the lethality of a twelfth-level death phase samsaran. He even seemed more powerful than Po Suo. 

"Very well, hold on for a while. I’ll kill Li Tianming first, break out of their encirclement and chase Ouyang Jianwang!” 

The three-meter-tall Po Suo laughed malevolently as she held up the Amnestic River Voidbanner and locked onto Tianming.

“No problem!” Dugu Jin shouted.

His strength and treachery made the powerhouses despair. In this formation, Dugu Jin seemed more terrifying than the barbaric Jiang Wuxin. He alone was withstanding the pressure of hundreds of third-origin tribulation elders. 

No one could stop Po Suo, who had turned into a white shadow and was flickering toward Tianming.

"Die, thief! You can be the damn imperial son in hell!" Her gloomy laughter echoed throughout the battlefield.

Tianming was in an extremely dangerous situation; it was yet another race between life and death. Tianming could already smell the cold stench of death. 

At this moment, something most unexpected happened! Just as Po Suo shot toward Tianming, Dugu Jin gave up all resistance. As a result, the blooddragons were injured by the tribulation elders’ attacks. Dugu Jin turned his attention to Po Suo instead. 

The two blooddragons suddenly spewed blood-red fireballs, blasting toward Po Suo and sandwiching her in the explosion. The flames condensed into chains, trapping her. 

At the same time, Dugu Jin appeared behind the ghoul king, the Godbane in his hand suddenly expanding. 

"Remnant of the specter race, die!" 

Dugu Jin's weapon slammed into the back of Po Suo’s head.

In that instant, her head almost burst apart. Dugu Jin immediately caught up the moment she hit the ground. The Godbane erupted with devastating power. 

The third eye between his eyebrows burst with a bloody light that pierced Po Suo’s back, boring through her spine and heart. Her limbs were shattered by the Godbane. 

Po Suo’s screams resounded in the sky. 

All of her attention had been focused on Tianming. The Amnestic River Voidbanner had just flown out of her hand and turned into a spear that was hurtling toward Tianming. 

In her most unsuspecting moment, Dugu Jin had launched a fatal attack, employing a most frightening approach. The back of her head exploded, her internal organs shattered, and her limbs were smashed into pulp. Even if she wasn’t dead, she was a hair’s breadth away from death. 

Such a scene drove the crowd into deathly silence. The people who had originally resented Dugu Jin stopped everything at that moment. They all looked at him in shock, even Tianming. The Amnestic River Voidbanner embedded itself in the ground right in front of Tianming, still buzzing and shaking. If it weren't for Dugu Jin, Tianming wouldn’t have had any means to fight Po Suo, except for the Prime Tower. 

"Dugu Jin killed Ghoul King Po Suo...."

It had taken no time at all for Dugu Jin to go from joining the battlefield to slaying Po Suo. The situation had reversed itself twice in a row, thanks to this man. Everyone gasped in amazement. Di Zang screamed mournfully when he laid his eyes upon this scene. 

"Dugu Jin, you deserve a miserable death!" 

He finally realized that he had tricked, thoroughly played with. 


When Dugu Jin turned Po Suo over, she turned ashen, white blood spilling everywhere. There was despair in her eyes as she directed her final question to Dugu Jin. 


Dugu Jin leaned in and laughed faintly. "What you want to ask is this: why did I lie and pretend I wanted to be a specter?” 

He patted her face and said, "Old Ghoul, your clan has been hiding for two hundred thousand years. Do you still have the superiority of a specter? Must I, Dugu Jin, act like my ancestors and betray my race in order to become one of you? It's different now! Back then, Great Emperor Xuanyuan ruled over everyone. Even if the Blood Progenitors had reached the Ascension stage, we were still forced to be his subordinates. We ended up losing even our family name. But I’m different! Feng Qingyu is dead. You’ve been exposed, and will die sooner or later. With the help of a hundred thousand ancestors, I have an eighty percent chance of becoming a god! I can be the sole god in the Flameyellow Continent and rule the world. Everyone will revere me. There’ll be no one to stop me. So why should I release your clan and become a subordinate? Don’t you understand such simple logic? This world is perfect. There’s beauty, there’s wine, and there’s no one left that can suppress me. I’d be crazy if I ever yearned to become an ugly monster like you. I’ll destroy the Archaic House of Xuanyuan to avenge my ancestors. But why should I repeat their mistakes? Just to extend my lifespan by two or three hundred years? If I become a god, I’ll live even longer. Do you understand now? I want to be my own god! The Flameyellow Continent will be mine! I want to rule the world! This is best way to repay my ancestors!"

Dugu Jin repeatedly slapped Po Suo as he spoke. 

Po Suo bared her teeth, trying to curse but failing to speak. In her current state, it was a miracle she had managed to last till the end of his speech. 

With Dugu Jin’s final slap, Po Suo breathed her last. 

“Another one of the specter race is dead!” 

“I understand now. Dugu Jin must’ve pretended to be on their side so he could find an opportunity to sneak an attack on Ghoul King Po Suo and kill her with one blow!" 

"Having killed Ghoul King Po Suo, his contributions are immeasurable." 

How could the specter race accomplish anything with only Di Zang remaining?

"It seems the human race will win!" 

"Dugu Jin has done a great job. He played her like a fiddle. Ghoul King Po Suo was in such disbelief!" 

Hearing these words, Dugu Jin grinned from ear to ear.

Di Zang didn’t have them wrapped around his finger like they thought. The specters had a strong sense of superiority and were used to being obeyed. The other seven ghoul kings that had all dreamed of becoming specters were good examples. Po Suo had never imagined Dugu Jin would have such confidence in becoming a god. All along, he had only been patiently waiting for the best time to act. 

After Jiang Wuxin and Fen Qingyu had died in battle, it was his chance to shine. Before that, he was inconspicuous, but now he had amazed the world with his amazing feat. His name echoed throughout the battlefield. 

"Dugu Jin, help Xuanyuan Dao kill Ghoul King Di Zang," Many urged. 

Once Di Zang was dead, the terrible disaster would be completely resolved. There was no need to fear the reemergence of the specter race. However, Dugu Jin wouldn’t heed their urging. 

Raising Po Suo’s corpse, he swept his gaze across the crowd and said, "Nonahall, Hexapath, Heptastar, and Quadform, please leave Xuanyuan Lake with me. I have something important to announce." 

They all looked at one another

"What about Ghoul King Di Zang?" they asked. 

“They can deal with him on their own.” Laughing coldly, Dugu Jin soared into the sky with his dragons.


"Keep up with him.” 

The Heptastar powerhouses turned to look at Changsun Shenqiong, who frowned before following Dugu Jin.

In the end, only Hexapath remained. Jiang Wuxin and Feng Qingyu’s tragic duel had shocked them to the core. It was a tragedy that had completely torn Hexapath apart. Aside from the third-origin tribulation elders, most of the Draconis House of Jian stood still. Feng Qingyu’s swordbeasts were still outside. They looked at one another and chose to leave Di Zang to the four sects in Xuanyuan Lake. 

Tianming and the others were all forced to join forces to attack Di Zang and the hell soulbeast, as well as protect Xuanyuan Dao. At that moment, Dugu Jin had already left the formation with Po Suo’s corpse. 

He tossed the corpse before the crowd. For a moment, all the Samsara powerhouses of the five divine realms looked at him with fiery gazes. 

"Dugu Jin!" 

His name resounded.

"Everyone, the remnants of the specter race are bound to die. We don’t have to worry about their return. Please give me half an hour to analyze the situation with all of you. Our lives entirely depend on what we do next!” 

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