Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 931

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Chapter 931: 931

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Once Jiang Wuxin got the two keys, he didn't say another word and charged toward the Heaven Cauldron. With the Archaionfiend taking the brunt of some of the attacks for him, he was having an easier and easier time escaping. In a flash, he vanished from the eyes of everyone there.

Apart from Tianming, the strongest person there was Li Caiwei. However, she was mainly reliant on her Dreamheart World and couldn't quite chase down Jiang Wuxin to stop him. While Di Zang had died, it seemed he had succeeded in his goal. Jiang Wuxin was mainly able to break out of the formation because Xuanyuan Dao's saint palace had been ruined, causing the formation’s dragon spirits to be severely weakened. The fact that he had the element of surprise after faking his death following the fight with Feng Qingyu had no doubt played a huge role as well.

Tianming had come to understand that everyone had desires that they would never give up on. For instance, Di Zang was willing to sacrifice his life to keep him bound, the Archaionfiend was fighting to regain its prominence, and Jiang Wuxin was acting for revenge. Their determination and wills were able to cause trouble for him time and again. He wasn't the only one in this world fighting for his desires.

Di Zang's sacrificial move was indeed really powerful. Thankfully, Tianming and his beasts had managed to hide in the Prime Tower in time to avoid being killed. While the vortex was at its strongest, the Prime Tower was trapped within. Though Tianming tried his best to break through with the tower, he had no choice but to wait for the vortex to lose power first. By the time he broke out, he saw Jiang Wuxin with both keys in hand.

"Tianming, chase him down, quick!" Li Caiwei hurriedly cried out.

Without another word, Tianming flapped his wings and sped on, using all of his power to catch up. "Di Zang's already dead, so it’ll all be over after killing Jiang Wuxin!"

The fact that both keys were lost meant that Ouyang Jianwang's saint palace was also ruined. Even if they managed to obtain victory in the end, it wasn't something worth celebrating. Now, only Tianming could possibly stop Jiang Wuxin. As he didn't have a visual on him, all he could do was hurry as fast as he could to the Heaven Cauldron. They were racing against time, and Feiling used Temporal Field to speed him up as much as possible.


When Jiang Wuxin broke out of the Nine Dragon Formation, the ancestral dragon spirits were no longer as effective. The Archaionfiend was still causing chaos within Soulburn Hall. It stomped on Lin Xiaoxiao and smirked. The lightning bolts that struck caused the hall to shake and eventually collapse.

"Where is that so-called goddess of yours?" It pushed the dragon spirits away and sprayed lightning into the inner parts of Soulburn Hall, causing the building to collapse. "Oh, so it’s here."

The fiend broke through the roof of one of the wings and saw the divine body within. "Ah, a divine body, reborn after a hundred thousand years, huh? I had long wanted to see what makes it so special. Not to mention, I should be able to use you to force Li Tianming to beg me for forgiveness, right?"

Soulburn Hall used to be the safest place in the Archaion Sect, thanks to the inner formation. That was the only place Tianming could think of to leave the innate godchild body. The body wasn't a mere husk or corpse; it had signs of life. Its blood flowed and its heart still pumped. All it lacked was a soul.

Perhaps thanks to the relation it had with Perpetia, Tianming wanted to try storing the body in a spatial ring like he would the carcass of a wildbeast, but that didn't work out. Back then when Ye Lingfeng had projected his spirit out of his body, his body was no different from a corpse and could be stored in a ring. But once Tianming had left the Qilin Clan, he took the body out immediately.

However, the innate godchild body didn't work the same or he would have kept it beside him at all times. But now that Jiang Wuxin had both keys, Feiling’s body was the last thing on Tianming's mind. The Archaionfiend immediately leapt toward it the first chance it got.


Tianming flapped his wings time and again, hearing the wind whoosh past him. At that moment, the wings suddenly seemed to lose effect. The effects of Spiritual Attachment also seemed to be wearing off. In other words, Feiling was leaving his body.

"What's going on?!" he asked.

"I don't know. I think someone touched the innate godchild body!" Feiling said, before she immediately flew toward Soulburn Hall in her spirit form. This was something they had never expected. Who knew that the innate godchild body would cause the acquired godchild to be forcefully pulled away? Feiling wasn't able to control it at all and was immediately swept away.

"It must be the Archaionfiend!" With the dragon spirits losing their power and Xuanyuan Dao barely holding on, there was a good chance that the Archaionfiend was engaging in a slaughter at Xuanyuan Lake. With Feiling now gone, he could no longer ensure his safety.

What was more troubling was the fact that Jiang Wuxin was about to undo the Skysource Hellshaker Formation. Given the circumstances, Tianming had Meow Meow follow Feiling's spiritual body back to face the Archaionfiend. He also let Lan Huang and Xian Xian follow suit. Meow Meow could control the situation long enough for those two to arrive. He only hoped they would be able to do it in time.

"Without Spiritual Attachment, I'm quite a bit weaker. However, Jiang Wuxin isn't a twelfth-level death samsaran, either!"

He no longer had the luxury of hesitation. He would keep charging toward the Heaven Cauldron with Ying Huo by his side. But needless to say, he was moving at a slower speed than before, which made things even more dire. As much as he worried about the Heaven Cauldron, he was also worried for Feiling's safety. "Ling'er, you must survive until I get back!"

The flames in his heart continued burning. "Archaionfiend, Jiang Wuxin, you two are dead!"


"Everyone, cease!" The Archaionfiend laughed as it emerged from a pile of rubble. In its huge claw were the two dainty arms of Feiling's innate godchild body. The Archaionfiend held the body by the hands in front of it and stomped Lin Xiaoxiao, who was trying to get back up, back into the mud. Almost a million people stood before the Archaionfiend.

"Is this soulless person your goddess?" it asked mockingly. The descendants of the Archaic House of Xuanyuan watched with pale looks of shock. "Isn't she a little too pathetic? She's as good as dead, yet you're using her to scare others! What a joke."

If the Archaionfiend had a third arm, it would surely be clutching its belly as it hollered with laughter.

"Let Her Eminence go!" many cried, though none acted. For all they knew, their goddess could be torn to shreds at any moment.

"Stop making a fuss over your catatonic goddess. The specter race will soon return, and you humans will be in a living nightmare that lasts at least a million years. Given how quickly you humans propagate, I'll be in for a great feast. The days to come are sure to be pleasant indeed. Weak lifeforms like you are meant to be slaves to the powerful, after all. As for your so-called goddess, I’ll keep her as my toy. I need her to trade for Tianming's life, after all."

It raised Feiling's body to its snout and sniffed curiously. "She truly is a beauty by your human standards. Though... the limbs are getting in the way. I doubt she'll die just because I pluck them off, right?"

The nightmarish laughter of the Archaionfiend immediately enraged everyone.

"Shut up and don't move, or I'll crush her immediately! Should that happen, all of you will be just as guilty of killing your so-called goddess!"

The Archaionfiend had everyone dancing in the palm of its hands.

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