Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 963

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Chapter 963: 963

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Up in the sky, Huiyue Du stared at the defeated specter race and smiled coldly. 

"These idiots who have been imprisoned for two hundred thousand years think they still possess the strength of the past? How dare this useless bunch kill my son? They must’ve grown stupid after their imprisonment. After finally escaping, they ended up throwing their lives away!" 

“Yes." Liu Yizhao nodded. "It's a pity Huiyue Yin encountered these ignorant outlaws.” 

“He was unlucky, and there’s nothing we can do about that. He was far too untamed. He suffered when he encountered a desperate one. It’s my fault for not teaching him well.” Huiyue Du sighed. 

“Don't mention it anymore, Father. We have our revenge, now let’s return and bury him," Huiye Shi sobbed. 

“These bastards! We killed all their experts, Yinyin can rest in peace,” said a red-eyed Yusheng Luo. 

“We missed a few. Shishi, tell the people of the Flameyellow Continent to use this opportunity to completely wipe out these monsters. When we return, we’ll enjoy a good reputation for relieving the Welkin plane of its troubles," said Huiyue Du. 


After conveying Huiyue Du’s message, Huiye Shi immediately returned.

“Let’s go home, Yinyin.” 

From start to end, the couple hadn’t even looked at Tianming; they didn't care about the humans of the Flameyellow Continent. They returned to the continent through the bottomless pit. Once they returned to the Divine Moon Realm, there was little possibility of the truth being exposed. In the end, it completely slipped their minds. 

Just as they were about to leave, Liu Yizhao smiled at Huiye Shi.

“Shishi, when we get back, don't forget to visit the Glowmoon Compound. You should put in some effort and make a breakthrough to Ascension," said Liu Yizhao. 

“Alright, Moon Guide,” she replied.

“This time, I’ll be sure to teach you well.” Liu Yizhao smiled as he stroked the slap mark on his cheek.


Eyes narrowed, Tianming looked up at the demonic sun in the distant sky. It was a black sun above the Ninefold Hell that swallowed all the light, plunging the Abyssal Battlefield into darkness. 

“The sun is Orderia, the nova source that emits light rays. Is the demonic sun just as vast as Orderia? Is it also a nova source?” 

This thought flashed in his mind. What Tianming was really concerned about was the Ninefold Hell. After the people of the Divine Moon Realm left, he crossed the bloody sea of corpses. 

“The royals were all killed, and the specters are almost all dead. There are only few of them at tenth-level samsara remaining.” Looking at the bloody battlefield, Tianming felt like he was dreaming.

“Would Di Zang and Jiang Wuxin collapse if they knew that the specter race they exhausted all their strength to free were slaughtered in this manner? Sure enough, the tide has turned!" 

Having lost their peak powerhouses, the specter race was now leaderless. They sorted out the corpses, which were piled up in a mess. 

Tianming leisurely walked around. No one dared to approach him. Finally, he stood in front of the Dark Palace after passing Yi Jun's body. He stared at the beautiful woman hanging from the palace gates. Except for the dim stars in her eyes, she looked almost indistinguishable from a human. 

“I’ll take charge of the human race. Although I can’t slaughter all the specters that’re spread out in the Flameyellow Continent, I can suppress them. I can draw up rules to seal them in the Abyssal Battlefield. The two races will coexist on the Flameyellow continent with this new system." 

There were at least a billion specters in the Abyssal Battlefield, and he couldn't kill them all.

“They suffered for two hundred thousand years. It’s time to stop fighting. Only when the human race becomes stronger can we truly protect ourselves. Even if the specter race didn’t exist, there’s others who can easily crush us like the divine moonrace. A flourishing world is the basis of everything.” 

How would he create the golden age of the Flameyellow Continent? Beyond the shadow of a doubt, he would rely on himself. 

“The gods’ caeli, tribulation manna, and tribulation artifacts will all make us stronger.” 

This would be a long road to walk. Only a strong man who defies the heavens could use his own resources to benefit the world. 

“Next up, I’ll unify the human race, establish new rules and laws, and suppress the specter race!" 

There was still much to do. However, his biggest concern was the fact that Bodhi’s corpse was nowhere to be found among the dead specters. 

“He has yet to appear, so perhaps he isn’t anywhere nearby. So, where did he go?" Tianming looked up. “If he’s planning on regaining his strength, he may have gone to the Divine Moon Realm!” 

Tianming still possessed a transmission stone. If Bodhi appeared, he could notify the Divine Moon Realm. 

“Even if Bodhi returns, the three people from the Divine Moon Realm will be the ones he hates! Therefore, I can't just kill all the specters. Ling’er and I have to stay under the radar and protect ourselves for the time being. Bodhi is still alive. We mustn’t direct his attention to the Flameyellow Continent. Let the specters and the divine moonrace fight each other!” 

Tianming knew that weakness was humanity’s biggest advantage. No one paid attention to the weak. This was their way of surviving in the cracks. 

“I can only show my strength after Bodhi dies. In any case, although this crazy move came with great risks, we’ve gained so much!" 

He thought of Li Wudi. “Godfather, you said that ruthlessness is the mark of a great man. Have I passed?" 

Tianming showed his first untroubled smile since the battle of Taiji Peak Lake.

“As long as the flames don’t burn my feet, the Flameyellow Continent will be safe and without worry.” 

Leaving the Ninefold Hell, he rushed toward the bottomless pit.

“Let’s go home! This time, we’ve won!” 


In the morning light, the Flameyellow Continent flourished with life. The world was peaceful, and the people prospered. Chasing endless peace was Tianming's dream. He wasn’t in a hurry to leave; he wanted to transform this world into the one in his vision, to do what Great Emperor Xuanyuan had once done, so all living beings progressed in a better direction. 

“Perhaps this will benefit my imperial dao.” What was an emperor? Naturally, he could conquer, rule and defend the world. 

He rushed toward Taiji Peak Lake. On the edge of the lake, Tianming saw a young woman dressed in blue, sitting on blue stones by the lake. Resting her head on her hands, she was waiting for his return. She sparkled in the morning glow, her bright misty eyes, gently trembling eyebrows, and peach-like cheeks the most beautiful sight in the spring breeze. That image was forever frozen in Tianming's mind. 

“Ling’er!” He flew toward her.

Before Feiling could react, she was wrapped in his arms.

“How is it?” Feiling’s delicate hands clutched her skirt. Upon noticing his gleaming eyes, her anxious heart awaited a favorable answer. 

“Everything happened as we’d hoped. The elites of the specter race are all dead, and the people of the Divine Moon Realm were deceived and have all returned!" said Tianming. 

“That’s great!”

Hands clasped around Tianming's neck, she smiled brightly. This had been the most challenging period of her life, but now she had finally heard good news. Their crazy move had changed the fates of hundreds of millions in the Flameyellow Continent. 

This was a secret that could never be told. 

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